sagittarius Money Horoscope:

Oct 19, 2021 - Now is the time to concentrate on your higher aspirations, Sag, and not get swept away in the imaginary world too much!

Keep a good balance between the real world and your imagination. Doing so paves the way for success and also enables you to view your finances from a more realistic perspective.

There may be an unwillingness to face your financial situation at times, but the universal energies encourage you to do so as this is how you will stabilize and succeed in your goals.

Take time today to meditate and contemplate – you may be surprised at what springs to mind, Sag.

Oct 20, 2021 - Happy Full Moon, Sag!

With this Full Moon falling in Aries, this is a great day to move forward with new plans and projects and work with others to make your dreams a reality.

Furthermore, Moon magic is in the air. How can you improve your finances in the coming future? Remember, you can manifest the reality you want.

Take time to engage in a Moon ritual that can help you manifest your dreams. You can see through obstacles more clearly today and your own enthusiasm is boundless.

Keep believing in yourself, Sag!

Oct 21, 2021 - The Moon is in Taurus today, Sag, and encouraging you to focus on some wind-down time – in other words, don’t overdo it!

You may be tempted to, especially if you have big ventures on the horizon. But it’s important to regenerate, otherwise how will you make the best decisions you possibly can, especially in regard to your finances?

Your health needs your attention, both physical and mental health. Are you exhausted, Sag? Now is the time to pay close attention to your needs and listen to what your body is telling you.

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