sagittarius Money Horoscope:

Oct 01, 2022 - Trusting yourself is important, Sag. This could potentially be a great day for you but a lot of it boils down to whether you believe in yourself or not.

Your self-confidence in believing that you can sort through your financial affairs is important. It can be easy to let negative thoughts get on top of you, but your natural determination can get you through any challenges.

Always remember this, especially if negative thoughts start to get the better of you. Don't let the voice of doubt win, Sag.

Oct 02, 2022 - The more you notice where you tend to stay stuck in the past, the more you can break free of the negative chains that bind you to financial situations when you feel you are unable to make progress, Sag.

Look forward. Look into the future. Stop looking at the past. The future is bright and there is a big change on the way for you - embrace what is to come.

A surprise conversation may leave you with many options so look forward with a positive mindset and remember that everything is a learning curve, Sag.

Oct 03, 2022 - Only by letting go of negative thought patterns surrounding finances can you move into the future, Sag.

Allow the lessons you have learned to lead you where you need to be. Good things are coming to you, but first it's time to let go of any thought patterns that keep you stuck in one place.

This lunar energy rises to the surface and brings a huge breath of fresh air with it.  Remember, trust yourself, Sag. Trusting yourself is essential to your own success.

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