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Apr 09, 2021 - Are you skilled at communicating your ideas to others in a way that they clearly understand what it is you are sharing? Is the way you speak and express yourself reflective of who you are and what you are capable of? 

The Moon is in Pisces today and in your 3rd house and these are some themes to ponder. So often people don't succeed not because they lack intelligence, but simply because they don't know how to bring their thoughts across to others. So make sure that you practice and hone these skills of yours. 

The Moon is also sextile Pluto in your 1st house. This is emphasizing the importance of being centered in your being and confident in yourself, as when you do that people are more likely to view you as charismatic and be more interested in hearing out what you have to say. 

Apr 10, 2021 - How much do you allow yourself to rest? Do you permit yourself time to just be, relax and rejuvenate? The Moon is in Aries and in your 4th house, and is asking you to reflect on those things. 

If you're the kind of person who gets caught up in the mode of working non-stop, forgetting to take a break every now and then, practice doing things differently. 

We forget that in order to keep working at an efficient and productive level, it is necessary that we take downtime to refill our energy reserves in order to keep going. 

Apr 11, 2021 - What is your relationship to downtime? Do you allow yourself the necessary amount of time to just be, rest and take things easy? The New Moon is in Aries today and in your 4th house and you are being urged to take things a little slower than usual. 

Learn how to appreciate and value the importance of taking a break every now and then, as that is what allows you to keep going. The Moon is also sextile Jupiter in your 2nd house of finances and personal resources. 

This is highlighting that when you feel safe and stable within your financial world, that permits you to feel that you can take it easy at your work, knowing that you have something to fall back on when needed. 

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