capricorn Money Horoscope:

May 16, 2022 - Happy Full Moon, Capricorn!

It's important to go inwards today and shut away from the outside world for a while. We sometimes underestimate the importance of this quiet downtime. The more you go inwards today, the greater sense of peace and balance you will find.

Having a heart-to-heart with your loved ones about finances can be very beneficial and help you see things in a clearer light. Be sure to take time to connect with yourself today, Capricorn, as positive outcomes are on the horizon as a result of this transformative energy.

May 17, 2022 - Some intense conversations in your relationships are likely today, Capricorn, and the subject of money may come up more than once.

There may be a few a couple of misunderstandings if you are not all on the same page so be sure to be crystal clear about what you say today.

The crystal blue jasper is wonderful in helping you to express yourself clearly and fluently. Carrying a piece around with you or meditating with it for a few minutes can help you to speak from the heart, Capricorn.

May 18, 2022 - This is a time of powerful changes and you have the opportunity to change things for the coming future in a way that you may not have expected previously, Capricorn.

Taking time to understand yourself at a deeper level is important under this energy. Some unexpected encounters are likely. Go with the flow, Capricorn, and see where the winds of change take you.

New times mean there are new things to explore, including the way you view your finances. It all starts from within.

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