Pisces Sex Horoscope Pisces

May 27, 2019 - It might be a little difficult to get a read on your feelings today, Pisces, but chances are you’ll be more interested in cuddles rather than marathon sex sessions with today’s planetary alignments overhead.

The intuitive Moon is currently moving through your sign on her monthly tour, and during this time she’s giving you the blessings of her insightful gifts, something other people are sure to notice. Today, however, she’ll line up in the sky at the exact same degree at dreamy Neptune, making it difficult to feel like your words are hitting their intended aim.

If you’ve got someone you’re trying to woo then take a step back because the more direct you try to be the more you’ll confuse your message; why not lean into the poetic nature of Neptune and try and craft a more creative way of exhibiting your feelings? Good old-fashioned romance is far from dead.

Pisces Sex Horoscope Pisces

May 28, 2019 - The Moon is spending the day in Aries and your efficient 2nd House of earned income and financial security, Pisces. While this might be exciting in certain earthy ways, it doesn’t exactly sound like the most stimulating transit to experience in all of astrology, and frankly you would be right about that. This two-and-a-half day transit is much better for getting your ducks in a row than getting… well, something else.

Your basic values might take a bit of a hit early this morning, however, when the Moon receives a checking beam from wounded warrior Chiron, recently arrived in this same sector of your chart. This morning could witness a flare up with a romantic partner (or one who is purely sexual); perhaps you realize you’re not entirely on the same page with more mundane matters and it signals a red flag waving further down the line.

If you do see crimson don’t charge it like a bull; this is a quick transit and the second half of the day promises a chance for healing and reconciliation.

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