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Jun 13, 2021 - Things could get extremely busy today, but while some signs will be finding themselves getting busy in the bedroom say that isn’t exactly what highlighted in your personal planetary program.

There is a powerful conjunction occurring overhead between the intuitive Moon and energetic Mars in Leo and your efficient 6thHouse of work and wellness, putting a bit of stress on these more mundane matters of your life. Mars is normally the representation of sex in the zodiac, but while he’s moving through this rather unexciting territory he doesn’t quite function at his highest vibration.

Don’t worry; this transit won’t entirely wipe your libido off the map, and with plenty of planets traveling through the top of your chart you’re busy enough as it is. I know life hasn’t been terribly exciting lately but definitely do trust me when I tell you that it is about to get a lot more interesting–just not quite yet.

Jun 14, 2021 - Today isn’t really about sensual romance for you, Pisces, so if you were coming here hoping for me to tell you that was the case, well, I’m very sorry to disappoint. The intuitive Moon is moving through Leo and your 6thHouse of work and routine, so the day’s basic energy is all about streamlining your life and getting more efficient structures in place.

A number of planets will be coming out of the woodwork to support this energy so it won’t feel like a major trial when everyone else is out partying but you’d rather stay in and organize your bookcase or hit the gym.

A snafu with Saturn might make you feel a little more vulnerable than usual, so instead of pushing yourself to be anything or meet anyone’s expectations that doesn’t line up with your self-image, just focus on meeting your own needs.

Jun 15, 2021 - There is a lot going on in the heavens today, Pisces, and while some signs will be putting this energy to positive effect in the bedroom, that isn’t exactly outlined in your daily planetary program.

The primal Sun is spending the day in Gemini and your foundational 4th House of home and family, and while he’s there he’ll be reaching out across the sky to form a positive alignment with the intuitive Moon in Leo and your efficient 6thHouse of work and routine.

This energy is great for getting down to basics and manifesting some serious progress on your personal projects, but that doesn’t really apply to romantic projects right now. Treat this like the work day it is and focus on pursuing your passions in a few days when the stars move on to sexier alignments; trust that they will be here soon.

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