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November 19 - November 25

Nov 19, 2018 - You don't have many transits touching your sex houses this week, Pisces, but as the Mutable Sign of the Water Signs, you're still certainly going to be thinking of sex a lot. As usual. This week your sex life and emotional centers are going to start aligning, as a Full Moon week brings emotional chapters to a close, and dreamy Neptune turns direct in your house of Self. It's time to bring some fantasies to the table in love! When you do, Neptune's forward motion in your house of new beginnings is going to bring some dreams alive.

Use feeling words in your sex life over Wednesday and Thursday when the Taurus Moon is connecting in your communication sector. Friday's Full Moon brings a home matter to fulfillment, and this brings some relief into your love matters. Saturday is the big day for you when Neptune turns direct in your sign. You are ready to start something new. Start with sharing some fantasies and dreams with a lover, and see what new beginnings Universe has in store. We predict there will be many. Have a very saucy week, Pisces!

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