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Jan 14, 2021 - You might feel more than a little hot under the collar thanks to today’s stars, Pisces. The Moon is in Aquarius and your dreamy 12th House, fine-tuning your focus towards your deepest desires and urges. This intense energy is mirrored by the once-a-year meet up between the primal Sun and powerful Pluto in your 11th House of social groups and connections.

The 11th House is generally considered more of a platonic sector than a romantic one, but with these specific heavenly bodies coming together the limit does not exist. A person you’ve always considered a friend could come forward with a passionate confession–or it could very well be the other way around–but chances are whatever you engage in today is sure to be hot and heavy.

Just make sure you don’t casually go into something and wind up breaking a heart or two in the process.

Jan 15, 2021 - The emotional Moon is spending the day in your sign, Pisces, so don’t be surprised if you’ve got a major case of the feels. That’s not to say you can’t get out and enjoy yourself on a day like this, but that you should make self-case a number one priority rather than turning someone else into your most important endeavor.

The world is getting ready to send you some extremely pleasurable experiences but they aren’t here just yet, so take time to focus on you and worry about other people in a few days when the stars will be helping you along. Trust me, there’s good coming to you, Pisces, so get ready to enjoy–in a few days, that is.

Jan 16, 2021 - Today has five-stars written all over it, Pisces, and while some signs will be enjoying this energy in very romantic ways, for you these heavenly vibrations are going to be more platonic than passionate.

The Moon is in the midst of her monthly two-and-a-half day tour of your sign and your 1st House of self-expression and action, which can always leave you feeling a little more exposed than usual. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but it can be if you don’t like wearing your emotions on your sleeve. Fortunately that shouldn’t cause any problems thanks to the Moon forming sending out a very supportive angle across the heavens to abundant Venus in your outgoing 11th House.

With this energy overhead it’s much more likely that friends will be calling for you to come out and play rather than any lovers inviting you into their bedroom, but you never know; a friend could introduce you to someone who turns out to match all your criteria.


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