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Dec 01, 2020 - I would like to tell you there is an exceptionally sexy day awaiting you, Pisces, but I’m afraid I’ll have to disappoint in that regard as the stars are pointing elsewhere for your personal planetary program. Mercury has spent the last few weeks on tour through Scorpio and your boundless 9th House of foreign cultures and exotic experiences, turning your attention to all the possibilities floating out and about in the great wide yonder.

Today, however, the mood shifts dramatically as the communicator planet wings his way into Sagittarius and your professionally ambitious 10th House of career goals and long-term achievements. As you might imagine this cycle isn’t really about sex, but it will boost your public profile in one way or another so take the opportunity to get in a few new app-worthy photos you can use to impress potential right-swipers. Get to it, Pisces!

Dec 02, 2020 - It's still the middle of the week and yet you’re ready to get your heels in the air and enjoy yourself to the full extent, Pisces. The emotional Moon is sailing through Cancer and your passionate 5th House of romance and glamour, so getting work done or anything else routine is not going to be very high on your list of priorities.

See if you can save your projects for another day and instead link up with someone who gets your heart thumping for a night of painting the town red. There’s no point in fighting this kind of energy, not that you would want to, so why bother? If there are a million things clamoring for your attention try to power through before EOD because come nightfall the last thing you’ll want to focus on is work.

The universe is sending you a cosmic calling card, Pisces; don’t miss it!

Dec 03, 2020 - This could turn out to be a really wonderful day for you, Pisces, provided you don’t let any nay-sayers stand in your way.

The intuitive Moon is moving through emotional Cancer and your outgoing 5th House of passion and romance, so please get out and enjoy yourself. Throughout the day la Luna will form a number of positive angles to other planets in the sky which will boost your mood and have you feeling your best, but there is one jarring angle from Saturn that could send you for a loop if you don’t know to watch out for it.

Saturn is currently moving through your 11th House of social groups, so perhaps your ideas of what constitutes a fun night don’t exactly align with everyone else’s, or you simply would rather do your own thing than fly with the pack tonight. Just maintain your usual good graces and you should be able to get through this day without much pain and quite a bit of pleasure.

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