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Oct 06, 2022 - The Moon enters your dreamy sign today, Pisces, helping you connect to your emotional fantasies and creative center. This is a great day to spend some time exploring your thoughts and emotions. Writing in a journal will help you feel even more connected to the energy of the Universe today. 

Moonstone connects to lunar energies and amplifies your intuition. Keep a piece of moonstone in your left pocket while creating to feel more inspired. 

It’s important that Pisces drink plenty of water to stay hydrated, as hydration helps to balance the emotions. Herbal teas and fruit juices are also beneficial today.

Oct 07, 2022 - The Moon revisits your sign today, Pisces, enhancing your creativity, emotional depth, and imagination. You may feel like spending the day in your head with your fantasies. This is an excellent day for manifestation work because your energy is aligned with the Universe and better able to attract the things you want. 

Citrine is a stone that assists manifestation and attracts abundance. Hold citrine in your left hand while focusing on what you want to manifest to help it become a reality.

For breakfast, try making yourself a smoothie or a protein shake, Pisces. It’s best to start the day with something light and filling today, and these drinks will give you plenty of energy.

Oct 08, 2022 - You feel more social than usual today, Pisces, which is convenient as your charm and witty personality are heightened today. This is not the day to hold yourself back, but rather to share your talent with the world around you. 

Rose quartz is a stone that boosts confidence and promotes unconditional love. Working with rose quartz will help you feel bolder and more self-assured today.

Oats are loaded with fibers and beta-glucans, and they’re packed with nutrients. Start your day with sweet or savory oatmeal for a filling breakfast that will help you stay focused today, Pisces.

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