pisces Health Horoscope:

Sep 20, 2021 - The Full Moon is in your sign today, Pisces, enhancing your creativity, emotional depth, and imagination. You may feel like spending the day in your head with your fantasies. This is an excellent day for a Full Moon ritual to clear the body and mind of negativity. 

Moonstone connects to lunar energies and amplifies your intuition. Keep a piece of moonstone in your left pocket while creating to deal with big emotions.

For breakfast, try making yourself a smoothie or a protein shake, Pisces. It’s best to start the day with something light and filling today, and these drinks will give you plenty of energy.

Sep 21, 2021 - Your passion is heightened today, Pisces, helping you focus on and connect to your projects more deeply. This is a fantastic day for any creative work that challenges you mentally. Start the day with physical exercise for more energy, drive, and focus.

Carnelian is a stone that provides motivation and energy, and it also boosts feelings of self-love and self-assurance. Carry a piece of carnelian in your bag or purse to keep yourself energized and ambitious.

Oats are loaded with fibers and beta-glucans, and they’re packed with nutrients. Start your day with sweet or savory oatmeal for a filling breakfast that will help you stay focused today, Pisces.

Sep 22, 2021 - You feel more confident and charming than usual today, Pisces. This is a great day to put yourself out there and share your affection and appreciation for the people you love. Don’t hold your feelings back today, but rather try to express them in a healthy way.

Golden calcite is a stone that lifts the spirits and helps you feel more joyful today. Hold a piece of golden calcite in your left hand and breathe deeply if you need a boost of energy and optimism.

Quinoa is a popular grain that is rich in nutrients like fiber and magnesium. Make yourself a Buddha bowl with quinoa, avocado, cucumber, chickpeas, and tahini sauce for health and energy today, Pisces.

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