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Jan 14, 2021 - It's time to communicate, Pisces. This is a time to concentrate on your finances through communication with others so it is a good day to get advice about an investment or talk with a financial advisor to help you through any issues you may face.

Furthermore, discussing any concerns you have with trusted friends and family can be healing and therapeutic for you.

Remember, teamwork is the best way forward right now. You don’t have to do everything yourself, Pisces. Think about how you can move forward and take advice from others when it is offered as this can be extremely helpful for you.

Jan 15, 2021 - Now is the time to go inwards and today brings the chance to concentrate on your sense of self, Pisces, as the Moon is in your sign and enhancing your creative energy.

It is a good time to focus on your relationship with money and how it makes you feel. Is it having a negative impact on you or a positive one? Sometimes it is necessary to dig deep in order to find resolutions to troubles you have.

Spend time among nature as this is highly therapeutic for you and can help you find greater clarity within. Shut out the outside noise for a while and listen to your intuition. What is it trying to tell you?

Jan 16, 2021 - It's time to focus on your well-being, Pisces, and not allow financial troubles to get the better of you.

With the Moon in your sign this is a good time to consider how your creativity can generate greater financial well-being for you.

Sometimes it is just about taking a new perspective and not allowing things to weigh on top of you. Practicing mindfulness today and staying positive is highly recommended.

Good things are coming your way so be sure to keep a positive outlook and don’t let any negative thoughts get the better of you.

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