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Jan 15, 2022 - This is a time to focus on your creative spirit, Pisces. Do you feel that money is taking away some of your creativity or do you have a good relationship with your finances?

Recognize when your relationship with money is having a detrimental effect on you. The Moon is in Cancer and this is a good time to go inwards and have an honest conversation with yourself.

What is your inner voice telling you today? Meditating and spending time among nature are good ways to drown out the chatter and listen to the voice within, Pisces.

Jan 16, 2022 - Today it is important to go inwards and face aspects of yourself which are causing you anxiety, Pisces.

You may have some concerns about finances that are causing you trouble. Today is about finding inner balance and also reaching out for advice when necessary.

It’s a positive day for communication so don’t hold back from sharing your thoughts. This Cancer Moon enhances your creativity too so this is a good time to concentrate on ideas that could produce some real, tangible results.

How can you merge your creative world and material world, Pisces? Think about this question today.

Jan 17, 2022 - Happy Full Moon, Pisces!

There is excellent focus going on for you today – you just have to watch out for your feelings today as this Full Moon is in Cancer and bringing all kinds of emotions to the surface.

Maintaining calm is important so you can find balance with meditation and crystals such as moonstone and selenite which help to calm your emotions and balance you from within.

Focus on your career today as there are important realizations making their way to you. Your money situation is in your hands, Pisces. Look to the universe for guidance as to how you can wield it to the best of your ability and be prepared for any messages that come your way, however unexpected they may be.

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