Libra Money Horoscope Libra

Aug 08, 2020 - Let people lead you today, Libra. You’re normally more prone to calling the shots, but today it looks as though letting someone else lead the pack will lead you to a wonderful place. The primal Sun is currently in Leo and your 11th House of social groups and global communications, which means that this time of your year is going to be all about the people in your life and seeing what new stones they can help you overturn.

Today you might find someone especially interesting who promises long-term potential as one-half of a dynamic duo thanks to the fact that the Moon, currently bounding through Aries and your 7th House of one-on-one partnerships and legal contracts, will reach out across the heavens and form a fabulous trine with el Sol. This kind of alignment is rare yet incredibly positive, so don’t let this transit go to waste!

Libra Money Horoscope Libra

Aug 09, 2020 - Few signs understand the importance and benefit of partnering up like you do, Libra; the fact that you’re the sign of the scales and all certainly underlines that point. It’s not that you’re lazy or don’t want to do your fair share of work, and people who assume that are clearly not thinking things through all the way.

The point of the matter is that you fully understand two heads are better than one and that if the finished product would benefit from more than one pair of eyes, well, why not have as many focused on it as possible? An opportunity will soon come your way to partner up with someone for some sort of project, Libra, and while this might not at first strike you as something you were exactly looking for, don’t write it off because I assure you it is much closer to what you wanted than you’ll realize at first.

Take your time and eye this person and their project carefully, then once you’ve summed everything up it’s time to make your decision.

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