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Jan 16, 2022 - The Moon is in Cancer and in your 10th house, however today it is also squaring Chiron in your 7th house of partnership. You are being asked to realize how when you are able to have a romantic relationship with your partner that is based on mutuality and reciprocity. Your relationship serves to be an example to the world of what a healthy and fulfilling relationship can look like. So instead of wanting to keep up with appearances and worry about how the world views your partnership, practice putting more energy into having your relationship to be a source of inspiration and love that pours onto the rest of us. 

Jan 17, 2022 - The Full Moon is in Cancer and in your 10th house. How can you allow your romantic relationship to be an example for others of what an ideal relationship looks like? 

When I say an ideal relationship, I mean one that is built on honesty, one where both partners feel permission to be themselves totally and completely while constantly challenging one another to grow. 

You might think my relationship isn't something to be "displayed" or showed off to the outside world, but we could all use more examples of successful relationships. Therefore sharing that with the word from a place of positive intention would truly be a gift to everyone. Let that love between you and your lover shine onto everyone. 

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