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January 21 - January 27

Jan 21, 2019 - There are not any transits in your health houses this week, Libra, but you are in a timeframe where endings and beginnings are a theme for you. With a Full Moon eclipse in the picture this week, you have an opportunity to put behind you things in your life or healthy lifestyle that are no longer working for you, or are just plain bad for you. Groups and networks can help you do this as well, if you are struggling with an area of your health right now.

The Full Moon eclipse on Monday is working your eleventh house of groups and friendships. This suggests that you will see a change or an ending in a group scenario this week, or in the coming days or weeks after the eclipse. This is your opportunity to put an unhealthy group situation behind you, and close this chapter for good. At the same time, with every ending there is a beginning that follows.

With this energy happening in your house of groups and friendships, a new beginning regarding personal networks is possible this week. If you're looking to improve a health situation in your life, networking or researching groups or forums online could be very helpful to you.

Over Wednesday and Thursday you have the Moon in Virgo working your twelfth house of endings. Virgo is the zodiac sign that is obsessed with health, and with this Moon occurring in your house of endings, you have an opportunity this week to continue to put unhealthy things behind you. This could be just cutting something unhealthy out of your diet, or trying to break a bad habit like smoking.

It's also not a bad time to think about cutting out unhealthy relationships, as this affects your overall health as well. When you are feeding a toxic situation, you are depleting your own personal and physical resources, Libra. With the Virgo Moon in your house of endings over Thursday and Friday, you have an opportunity for some alone time and some personal reflection.

Your twelfth house angel will be by your side during this process, sending you all of the clues and tidbits of information that you need to make the concrete decisions on cutting things out of your life that are no longer working, or are just plain bad for you. These clues from your angels will come in the form of ideas, inspirations, or actual signs that you see when you are out and about.

By Friday and Saturday, you are feeling invigorated and rebooted and recharged, and this is the impact of the Moon in your sign. You are so ready for that fresh page and fresh chapter. When you go into this week with the truest intentions, your star will really rise.

But you cannot be the star that you are destined to be if you are not healthy. Your health includes your mind/body/soul connections. So make the decisions that you need to make this week to optimize those connections, so that you can optimize your success! To your health this week, Libra!

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