libra Health Horoscope:

Jul 03, 2022 - Your words may come across as aggressive today, Libra, especially if you feel frustrated or tense. Try to focus on releasing your negativity to make sure that you don’t start unnecessary arguments with colleagues or loved ones. Physical exercise can help you release this tension. 

Chrysocolla is relaxing and peaceful, and this stone will alleviate any stress that you’re carrying today. Hold a piece of chrysocolla in your left hand and breathe deeply to promote peace and harmony. 

Chia seeds are healthy and filling, as they absorb water and help to keep your stomach feeling full. Sprinkle chia seeds on your morning yogurt, in a smoothie, or even on a salad today.

Jul 04, 2022 - As a sign that appreciates the finer things in life, you may be a little prone to snacking on delicious but unhealthy things today, Libra!

Goji berries are excellent for you as they maintain healthy blood sugar levels; having a handle of Goji berries and brazil nuts to snack on would be highly beneficial for you. Try to avoid chocolate or anything with refined sugar in it. 

Meditation is important today. Spending some time among some himalayan salt lamps can help soothe an overactive mind and help you get rid of any unwanted negative thoughts, particularly ones that become repetitive. 

Jul 05, 2022 - Your curiosity is amplified today, Libra, and you want to know everything you can find out about the world around you. This is a great day for any kind of research, studying, or learning about new topics. Balancing the Crown chakra will help your mind find clarity and focus. 

Fluorite is a stone that promotes intuition, compassion, and concentration. Place a piece of fluorite on your altar and focus on its healing energy flowing over and throughout your body.

Asparagus is low in carbs and rich in vitamin K, making it an excellent addition to any meal. Try eating your asparagus raw with Dijon mustard or garlic hummus for a unique, refreshing treat today, Libra.

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The Devil

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