libra Health Horoscope:

Feb 24, 2021 - This is an excellent day to focus on the situations and relationships that bring you joy, Libra. You desire adventure, freedom of expression, and connection today. Try to focus on the things that bring you joy and help you to feel grateful today.

Selenite is an emotionally soothing stone that will help you release any negativity or tension today. Hold a piece of selenite in your left hand while meditating to set your intentions for a positive day.

Calcium is an important mineral for the body, keeping the skeletal structure healthy and strong. Include cheddar cheese, cottage cheese, or Greek yogurt in your diet for more calcium today, Libra.

Feb 25, 2021 - You feel feisty and more assertive than usual today, Libra, which can create conflict between yourself and others if you aren’t careful. It’s important that you try to find an outlet for your emotions. Try starting the day with physical exercise to release tension and frustration from the body.

Moonstone encourages introspective work and helps you confront the feelings hidden within yourself. Working with moonstone will help you find your truth today.

Strawberries are low in carbs and rich in vitamin C, fiber, and manganese. Try adding sliced strawberries to oatmeal or Greek yogurt for a nutritious, tasty breakfast today, Libra.

Feb 26, 2021 - Your creative center is alive with ideas today, Libra, helping you feel more connected to the energy of the Universe. Try tapping into this connection through artistic activities and mediums that make you feel more expressive. Music, painting, drawing, and writing are healing to the spirit today.

Carnelian is a motivating stone that encourages hard work and increases confidence. Place a piece of carnelian next to your projects to help you focus today.

Tuna is low in calories and fat, high in protein, and it tastes amazing over salad. Try topping a spinach salad with tuna, lemon, pepper, and feta cheese for a zesty, nutritious lunch today, Libra.

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