libra Health Horoscope:

May 06, 2021 - Dreamy energy helps you connect to your fantasies today, Libra. This is an excellent day for manifestation work, as it’s easier for you to connect your imagination, allowing you to visualize. Try meditating in the morning to clear your mind and help you focus.

Green aventurine is a stone that attracts abundance and opportunities, making it the perfect stone to work with today. Keep a piece of green aventurine in your wallet, purse, or left pocket for more abundance.

Spinach is a superfood with vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. Make yourself a spinach salad with blue cheese dressing, bacon, and avocado for a rich, nutritious lunch, Libra.

May 07, 2021 - You may feel more restless or irritable than usual today, Libra. It’s crucial that you create an outlet for this frustration, or you may end up taking it out on the people you love and care for. Try turning to creative expression, like painting or drawing, to release tension and negativity.

Sunstone is a warm, friendly crystal that will help you express yourself more today. Carry sunstone in your pocket or purse or place it near any projects you work on today to feel more inspired.

Hard boiled eggs are a convenient snack that provide protein and vitamins K2 and B12. Try slicing hard boiled eggs and serving them over a yummy spinach salad today, Libra.

May 08, 2021 - You want to try new things and turn over a new leaf today, Libra. A sense of momentum propels you toward action, helping you get things done and move towards your goals. Try starting the day with a self-care ritual to cleanse your spirit and focus on a new perspective.

Tibetan quartz is one of the most powerful crystals available, absorbing negativity and healing the nervous system. Incorporate a piece of Tibetan quartz into your meditation by holding it or placing it near the left side of your body.

For breakfast, try making yourself a smoothie or a protein shake, Libra. It’s best to start the day with something light and filling today, and these drinks will give you plenty of energy.

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7 of Cups

7 of Cups

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Red Goldstone

Red Goldstone

"I sparkle and shine in the Universe," is an affirmation that represents Red Goldstone best. This uplifting crystal can be used to find your positivity, become more confident, seek higher levels of calm, and can encourage us to be more ambitious and driven. Its primary chakra is the Root Chakra, which connects to our sense of security and our basic needs. Especially helpful for those under the… Get Your Reading »

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