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For the Month of: July 2022

July - Last month you found yourself accessing new insights and views on life.  You experienced inner change that poured out into your long-term goals. Libra, your July 2022 horoscope suggests that you are ready to activate your potential and step into your power. Do not doubt your capabilities because you are on the verge of a significant expansion.

On July 1, warrior planet Mars squares off with Pluto, revealing the slight conflict between family, financial security, and partners, whether business or romantic. This energy is often a period of intense power struggles and disagreements. So, remember, despite whatever difficult experiences are present, the goal of this transit is to pursue and achieve your deepest desires.

Around July 5, Mars enters Taurus, stimulating intimacy and sensuality. You’ll have tremendous sex appeal and be easily able to attract abundance into your life. If you aren’t satisfied with something in your life, this is the transit to change it. And with Mercury entering Cancer the same day, you’ll be hit with a dose of spontaneity and creative potential for long-term goals. Business matters will require more communication on your end, and if you’ve been thinking about a promotion, it may be time to have that talk.

When the vibrant Sun in Cancer softly connects with Uranus and the North node on July 10, you’ll feel energized to break free from influences that have hindered your ability to express your truth. Step outside your routine and do something different. Freedom, creativity, and independence call you. 

Come July 13; when the Full Moon activates your home sector, you’ll learn the power of leading your life with intent, vision, and a long-term view. A Full Moon is a potent celestial spotlight that illuminates every area of your life. In Capricorn, fellow Cardinal sign, this Full Moon suggests that you have the power to create any outcome; you are the determining factor. If you want a successful career and relationship, fully commit to that vision. This influence also suggests a new level of maturity with your actions.

Your ruling planet Venus enters intuitive Cancer on the 17, and you are likely to experience lucky breaks in your career and relationships. Venus encourages creativity and commitment while in the nurturing waters of Cancer. Unfortunately, you'll face a few obstacles thanks to the natural square between Cancer and Libra. Yet, the goal of this energy is long-term connections and business goals.

Communication heats up when Mercury enters fiery Leo, redirecting your energy toward group goals and examining your ideas and values. Chiron, the wounded healer, goes retrograde in Aries during this time. Old emotional trauma may surface surrounding relationships. Have your self-care plan in place so you can work through any uncertainty.

Put your party hat on and have some fun. The Sun officially enters Leo on the 22, driving you to break through old traditions and tap into your abilities as a visionary. Whenever the Sun moves through your eleventh house, you feel inspired to change the world.

Finally, the month ends when Jupiter goes retrograde in Aries underneath a New Moon in Leo. Jupiter retrogrades are surprisingly significant periods of growth and new developments. Since this retrograde occurs in your relationship sector, people you meet during this time will have a karmic connection. And with the New Moon giving off some high-powered vibes, you’ll be more than capable enough to take swift, decisive action and turn dreams into reality.

July energy tip, use the power of your imagination to 
increase the potential and emotional frequency of your goal or idea.

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