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For the Month of: September 2021

Let the celebrations begin! The month of September brings the start of Libra season, and Happy Birthday to you! Venus, your ruling planet, has been in your sign for a few weeks at the start of the month. These energies might bring close friends and loved ones around. It may also bring blessings in the form of monetary benefits or sensual pleasures. Relish in this joyful time and don’t take it for granted. Allow for Venus in Libra to help you establish a strong gratitude practice that can then become a way of life that you will hold with you throughout the months to come. Take advantage of this time because the next Venus transit comes during the first half of September.

On the 10th, Venus moves into Scorpio. Scorpio is a sign of passion and depth. Scorpios are inquisitive individuals that only have time for authenticity. The relationships and connections you were forming with Venus in Libra now become real. You might find yourself gravitating to one or two close friends rather than groups of acquaintances. This is perfectly normal for this type of transit. Make sure that whoever you do, chose to spend your time with those who appreciate you as much as you do them. Honesty establishes trust, and both parties need to be equally engaged and committed.

Mars entering your sign on the 14th will further highlight this focus on relationships. This doesn’t necessarily mean love relationships either. It can be relationships with family, friends, coworkers, bosses, or neighbors. Be mindful with Mars in the mix that you are not moving too fast and acting in ways you might regret. Mars can bring aggression and even some anger. Pay attention to your feelings, and think before you speak. This type of behavior is important all the time, but especially important with Mars in Libra.

On the 20th, there is a Full Moon in Pisces. Full Moons often bring about a resolution or letting go of whatever doesn’t serve us. The energy of Pisces can be creative, intuitive, and dreamy. Let the Full Moon this September expand your dreams and desires. Limiting beliefs in ourselves is often the biggest hurdle to overcome, so release those self-doubts on or around the 20th. For Libra Rising, this Full Moon is happening in your sixth house of daily work, habits, and health. The stories you are beginning to see close may be occurring in some of these areas of life.

Lastly, as a word of caution, Mercury Retrograde begins on the 27th of September. The more prepared you are for Mercury Retrogrades the better. Regardless of what the energies may bring, plan for extra time to review paperwork and to get to appointments. Save your computer files, and carry with you an extra phone charger. With mindfulness, you will make it through this Mercury Retrograde untouched, so don’t let the talk of others make you question yourself.

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