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For the Month of: June 2021

June - Libra, your ruling planet, Venus, is moving quickly through the sky at this time. Venus will move out of Gemini into Cancer on the 2nd, and then by the 27th, Venus is in the sign of Leo. Each sign’s ruling planet plays a significant role in affecting the individual. You will feel this Venus's transits more than someone whose sign is not ruled by Venus, so it’s best to anticipate what each transit could bring.  

The first one mentioned is Venus in Cancer. Venus has been in inquisitive and communicative Gemini since the beginning of May. With Venus entering Cancer, you will almost automatically feel a bit less talkative and a bit more contemplative. Venus brings up matters of comfort and love. Cancer is a sign that likes to be home more and with those who are closest to them. While Venus is in Cancer, make sure to tell those who play the most significant roles in your life that you appreciate them. Small gestures like this go very far.

Later in the month, when Venus moves into Leo on the 27th, you will be feeling more bold and adventurous by now. It might be fun at this time to try a new cuisine or recipe. Again, Venus appeals to sensual matters, and Leo is all about play and creativity. Have fun experimenting with the transit! You will never know if you like something unless you try.

Another big event in June is a Solar eclipse in the sign of Gemini. Eclipses bring change, and this Solar eclipse may bring something back up that you first began getting curious about in November 2020. Regardless of whether you can think of anything significant from that time or not, if you are a Libra Rising, the Solar eclipse occurs in your ninth house of philosophy, higher learning, and distance travels and cultures. The change may very well affect your current belief system or cause you to engage in further learning. Whatever you want to learn, now would be an excellent time to explore. 

Lastly, there is a Full Moon in Capricorn on June 24th. For Libra Risings, this Full Moon will affect topics of home and family. Full Moons bring completion or a release of what is no longer serving us. If you’ve been working on a project for your home, moving, or just buying new pillow shams, now will be an excellent time to enjoy what you’ve been working on throughout the month. Capricorn is notorious for working hard but often forgets to enjoy the fruits of their labor. The Full Moon being in the sign of Capricorn could also bring a similar vibe. Don’t let the month of June slip by without planning some sort of celebration. It could be at the time of the Full Moon or not, but find it delightful and commit to enjoying every moment of it! 

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