libra Money Horoscope:

Sep 26, 2021 - The Moon is in Gemini today and in your ninth house of wisdom and spirituality, Libra. Today is about thinking of how your spiritual and material worlds merge as one. Is there an imbalance between the two?

Think about how you can thrive in the coming future. Moon magic is on the horizon and it will be the perfect time for manifestation.

Do not underestimate the power of the lunar energies. The reality you want can be brought into this world, so be sure to think long and hard at this time about what you want, Libra. Take time to plan today and prepare for the coming future.

Sep 27, 2021 - Now is the time to reach out and network with others, Libra! The Moon is in Gemini and encouraging you to concentrate on your connections with others as this is a positive time of communication.

New financial ideas can be generated from discussions today so keep yourself occupied with the long-term goals.

It is possible you may talk to like-minded individuals who you can work with in the coming future to help you achieve your plans. Don’t keep yourself to yourself today. Reach out and let your voice be your guide.

Sep 28, 2021 - This is a positive day for work and communication, Libra, and you may receive some good news regarding your long-term financial plans.

The more you focus right now, the more you will attract good fortune. So don’t let procrastination stand in your way and don’t be disheartened by minor setbacks.

There is a lot to look forward to and collaboration is on the way for you. Think about your long-term plans and be adaptable when necessary. The future is yours, Libra – reach out and grab it!

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