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Jan 21, 2019 - Whats your relationship to your finances and personal resources? The Full Moon in Leo occurs in your 2nd house today and is highlighting this topic for you. Do you have the ability to manage your money in such a way where you’re not spending more than you’re making? If not, contemplate on what are the things that you can afford to cut down on. This is a relevant time to reflect on whether your work is able to support you financially, while maintaining the balance of making sure that money isn’t the sole reason that you do what you do. Because if that becomes your reality, you risk losing touch with the beauty of what you love about your job. Also, do your investments and finical partnerships provide you with as much rewards and everything you put into them?

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Ace of Pentacles

Ace of Pentacles

When the Ace of Pentacles arrives in your day, the message is that some good news on the money front is possible. This card often signifies a new job, a bonus at work, or maybe some influx of money that you had forgotten about or perhaps weren't even expecting. If you ask the Tarot a money question… Read More »

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Amazonite is a crystal that can help us when we feel like we are losing our compassion or feeling like we are strguggling to communicate effectively. This crystal is especially helpful for the sign of Virgo, as they rule the nervous system, and as a result, it is common for them to have trouble with anxiety and issues with their stomach. "I am in tune with my senses and surroundings," is the affir… Read More »

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