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Oct 24, 2021 - Venus is in the midst of her annual three-week tour of your analytical 6th House of health, wellness, and routine. This cycle is more about Athleisure than Agent Provocateur, so if you’re not feeling like the minx you know you can be, well, don’t worry, it’s for a reason. This transit encourages you to treat your body like a temple after the hedonism of the 5th House, and that can include a lowered libido.

Today, however, the Moon in your fantastical 12th House sends out a strong beam to Venus, reminding you to not hide your light under a bushel. This realm is very much a dreamland, and with these two planets coming together in the sky the lines between lover and something else could become very blurred for you. Keep an eye on your emotional gage right now, because it’s safe to say it could be all over the place.

Oct 25, 2021 - This could be one of the loveliest days you’ve had in some time, so do your best not to waste the bountiful energy overhead because that would be a real shame. The good times are only beginning for you as the Sun recently entered Scorpio and your 5th House of passion and romance, so work is hardly your number one priority for the time being.

Couple this energy with the fact that throughout the day the Moon will be reaching out across the sky from your sign and your 1st House of self-expression and action to form a harmonious trine with the Sun, linking these fabulous energies together for a day of pleasure and fun.

Call up someone special and see if they’d like to join you for an evening of freewheeling fun at Chez Cancer; chances are they won’t be able to turn you down.

Oct 26, 2021 - Be sure to check in with yourself regularly throughout the day, because things could change on a dime and the thing that changes first will be your opinion and emotions. Messenger Mercury recently winged his way into Libra for an extended cycle, and while he’s here he’ll be illuminating your foundational 4th House of home and family.

This transit is really all about nesting and reviewing your emotional connections, so sexual matter aren’t going to play a huge role in this transit unless you’re already hitched and co-habiting with your chosen mate.

Your desires, however, could push you a tad too far today thanks to the fact that the intuitive Moon is currently moving through your sign and your 1st House of self-expression and action; throughout the day she’ll form a tense square to Mercury, making you feel like you can’t decide exactly what you feel. Just focus on feeling you, and feel others in a few days.

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