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For the Week of: October 25 - October 31

Oct 25, 2021 - This is no small or quiet week, Cancer, but it is one that will have you paying attention to matters, for better or for worse. Your attention gets tapped in early in the week on the 26th when romantic Venus, currently rotating ever so slowly through Sagittarius and your work-a-day 6th House forms a tense square to dreamy Neptune in Pisces and your boundless 9th House of foreign cultures and ideals. There is little rhyme or reason to romance under these stars, but the main takeaway is to not let yourself get taken away; reality has never been less present than it is right now. It’s all well and good to let someone with a sexy accent sweep you off your feet, but if your feet aren’t on solid ground then you really can’t go very far.

Venus will be acting up again just a couple days later on the 28th, but this time, instead of creating confusion, she’ll be setting off some lovely fireworks. On Thursday the Goddess of Love will reach out across the sky to form a beautiful sextile to expansive Jupiter in your 8th House of lump sums and shared resources, so you could experience a potential windfall with lots of goodies with your name written all over it. The 8th House also deals with sex and sensuality, so the day could take a turn for the intimate when you least expect it, jolting you out of any mundane matters. If you want to stir up some exciting things just know you’ve got the option.

The next major shift occurs over the weekend on the 30th; action planet Mars has been rotating through Libra and your 4th House for the last eight weeks, and while the red planet has been in this foundational sector he’s been putting the pressure on, to say the least. This could have left you feeling like your fuse was more than a little short, or that there simply wasn’t enough square footage in Chez Cancer, but that phase comes to a close as Mars moves into Scorpio and your 5th House of passion and play. During this time the Universe is going to start sending more opportunities for excitement and pleasure–both romantic and platonic–your way, so keep an eye out because you certainly won’t want to miss them when they start showing up on your front door.

This isn’t the only angle we’ll witness on the 30th, as the Sun in Scorpio and your fun-loving 5th House will form a tense square to karmic Saturn in Aquarius, currently moving alongside Jupiter in your 8th House. The easy-going vibrations of the 5th House are going to get waylaid by this energy, so don’t be shocked if your weekend seems to be a bit more dramatic than you were hoping.

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