Cancer Cancer Weekly Horoscope

For the Week of: January 21 - January 27

Jan 21, 2019 - This is a wonderful week for you to work on some new chapters, Cancer! It's all about endings and beginnings for you now. And you may be feeling very ready for these changes by now. Monday is the best time of week for you to begin those new chapters and new cycles, but the Full Moon in Leo coming early in the week is also going to bring a big change for you.

It's a great time to start a new chapter, start a new project with work, or even look for a new job. Focus both on bringing things to completion and fulfillment while also thinking about those next steps.

On Monday, the Full Moon in Leo eclipse is in your second house of earned income and finances. This will close the chapter on an income stream, and could even end an income stream for you, but that won't be a terrible thing for you. After the Full Moon in Leo energy dissipates by Thursday, you will be putting a money matter to bed for good, and this will feel really good.

Remember that this Full Moon comes with a lunar eclipse, so information that you need is not yet in the picture. But it will be in good time!

You may not see these changes right away, but these issues are beginning to come to fulfillment this week. Information about money is very powerful to you now.

Also on Monday you have Mars and Saturn squaring in your tenth house of career destiny. This is sending some heated energy your way on a work matter, but one also related to your public image. So keep that temper calm because you don't want to be seen or viewed the wrong way.

Come Tuesday, your work house is going to see some lucky strikes shine your way when Venus forms a lucky transit with Jupiter. Keep your karma in check this week, Cancer, to be sure that all these lucky strikes come right to you.

On Wednesday, you have some interesting activity happening in your partnership house. Some exciting and unexpected events are coming your way with a square transit between Mercury and Uranus in your romance house. Secrets or information may make you feel good, but they are definitely coming out of the blue.
By Thursday, Mercury joins the Sun and enters Aquarius and your eighth house of shared resources, launching a time where information matters are intense and carry powerful change energy.

The remainder of the week is all calm and quiet from Universe, giving you ample energy to tie up some loose ends and unfinished eclipse business. Make those Full Moon wishes count this week, Cancer. Have a blessed week, Cancer!

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