Cancer Cancer Weekly Horoscope

For the Week of: March 18 - March 24

Mar 18, 2019 - Happy Spring, Cancer! You’ve got some exciting things going on this week, Cancer, with key transits touching many different areas of your life. Work is favored for you this week with some out of the blue moments of excitement coming your way. The Full Moon in Libra this week will favor activities on the home front, and bring a home matter to fulfillment or completion.

At the same time, as Spring arrives, Aries energy is giving you some wonderful spirit to go full throttle on some career issues. So it's time to really put the nose to the grindstone when it comes to your work goals.

The week starts off with you feeling the love in your house of money as the Moon in Leo works your second house of gifts and talents over Monday. Use your creativity and tap into those things that make you a true genius, and you will be pleased with the outcome.

By Tuesday you officially enter the Full Moon zone, opening up some room for some wonderful energy you can use to tie up loose ends or bring any project or matter in your life to completion. You can start making those Full Moon wishes on Tuesday!

By Wednesday, Spring arrives when the Sun enters Aries, and works your tenth house of career destiny for the next few weeks. There are some unexpected surprises that are coming your way, and you can expect to be admired and respected for some work that you put out into the public eye.

Come Thursday, the emotional energy is kicking up steam with the Full Moon in Libra on Saturday. This Moon is closing out some magic on the home front, as the Full Moon in Libra works your fourth house of roots and foundations. A home matter related to your family or your actual home building may be coming to a close. It may not happen on Saturday, but the energy is beginning at this point of the week.

By Sunday, you are feeling good and on top of the world. Dreamy Neptune will form a conjunction with Mercury in your house of foreign affairs. Some news about work could find you, or you may receive work communications that validates everything you’ve been doing about work for the last little while.

You also finish the week off with the Scorpio Moon in your house of true romance. Everything feels good this weekend. Keep up the good work, Cancer, it’s clearly working for you. It’s a wonderful way to wrap up the work week. Make those Full Moon wishes count this week, Cancer! Have a blessed week, Cancer!

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