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For the Week of: January 27 - February 02

Jan 27, 2020 - It's a softer and much quieter week for you, Cancer, and you are going to be experiencing a lot of endings and beginnings this week. Or at least the energy is there for you to really focus on closing some old chapters that are no longer working for you, and launching some fresh new ones that will.

All of this energy from endings and beginnings is a result of Moon transits, your ruling luminary, so this is an exciting week for you.

On Monday, Venus and Neptune link up in a dreamy way in your ninth house of foreign affairs. Love feels positively dreamy now. Follow your creative impulses on this day.

The last of the New Moon energy is working its way out, so you really want to be careful about the changes you make this week. They still have the potential to be big ones! Most of those changes have already transpired, but you have some additional Moon power this week to take more changes to the next level.

On Saturday, the Moon enters Taurus and your eleventh house of groups and networks. You are following some big passions when it comes to feeding life on the social scene. Success of all kinds can be found here, in work or in love, and you have this energy for almost two months. Go out and mingle on the social scene and see this energy in action for yourself.

That is Universe's way of saying you are on the right track. Don't fret if the energy feels too slow this week, Cancer. You need it. Have a blessed week, Cancer!

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