cancer Money Horoscope:

Oct 19, 2021 - Today is worth considering your finances, Cancer, as this is a positive time for assessing your personal relationship with money and how it has affected you so far.

If your relationship with money is one that has caused you stress lately, then it is time to look within and see how you can improve it.

You may not always be able to control what happens, Cancer, but you can control the reaction you have to it. Think about this today and reach out to discuss it with someone you trust if possible.

Sharing your thoughts is beneficial for you and helps you in the long-term. It is good for you to release your feelings and thoughts whenever you can by discussing them with those you trust.

Oct 20, 2021 - Happy Full Moon, Cancer!

This is a positive time for financial aspirations and this Aries Full Moon gets your enthusiasm vibe pumping! You may hit upon a new idea or feel a new boost of motivation which can be incredibly inspiring for you.

Take time today to focus on what you want to happen and harnessing the energy of the Full Moon today.

Remember, the Moon is your ruler and the Full Moon is always a time of great magic for you. How can you manifest the reality you want? Spend some time reconnecting with yourself today – and use the moonstone crystal if you have one, as it enhances your natural abilities of manifestation.

Oct 21, 2021 - There is a lot to think about today, Cancer, and the truth is, the more willing you are to reach out to others and seek advice for finances when necessary, the more you will be able to expand your horizons.

You can display a reluctance to do this sometimes. You don’t like to burden others! But reaching out for assistance does not make you a burden, Cancer. It gives others the chance to help you, just as you help them.

Take time today to earth yourself because this helps replenish you and balance your internal energies when necessary. Where are your thoughts guiding you on this reflective day?

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