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Oct 20, 2021 - Happy Full Moon, Aquarius!

This Full Moon in Aries energy brings powerful manifestation potential and a desire to go inwards. This is a time when you are able to connect with your nearest and dearest and have heart-to-heart conversations about finances.

But be sure to keep things calm and balanced, as this energy can be volatile!

You may be surprised at what occurs today but remember that everything happens for a reason. Realizations are a given under this Full Moon.

Take time to balance yourself with meditation exercises and spend time among nature as this connects you to your higher self. What messages are you receiving from the universe today, Aquarius?

Oct 21, 2021 - Today brings the chance for some grounding, as well as a bit of networking, Aquarius!

In other words, it’s a good time to get your thinking cap on and consider ways you can improve your finances in the coming future.

It ought to be a day of relaxation for you, but at the same time talking to others about your financial situation can be very helpful. Just be sure to talk to those you trust, Aquarius!

Use your intuition and listen to the power of your inner wisdom under this Taurus Moon because big decisions are coming.

Oct 22, 2021 - There’s quite a few hidden things rising to the surface for you at this time, Aquarius. You may have a few realizations about money that hadn’t occurred to you before but there might also be some realizations of the unpleasant kind!

Have you paid all your bills and double-checked your expenses? You don’t want to find an unwanted message reaching you which reminds you of something that simply and innocently slipped your mind!

Today is the day to get organized under this Taurus Moon, so get your head down today, Aquarius, and get working on a plan for the rest of the week. Setting your budget is very much on the agenda today.

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