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For the Month of: May 2022

May - Aquarius, your May 2022 horoscope predicts an active and busy time, along with changes at home and work. As a result, you'll feel an intense urge to come out of hibernation and burst out onto the scene in your full glory.

The month starts with Venus, the goddess of beauty and relationships, enhancing your communication sector in playful Aries. Under this energy, you'll feel a shift in your day-to-day thinking and an increase in social activities. As a result, your love language becomes deeply personal, and you'll tend to show your passion through speech.

Venus subtly urges you to engage in writing, blogging, music, or poems. Your mind is active now, and you'll find it easy to develop new ideas. In addition, you'll appreciate a good conversation, so don't waste your time with endless chatter.

The Sun tightly conjuncts your planetary ruler Uranus on the 5th, and you'll crave more freedom that will force you to take a well-needed self-care trip. 

Around the 10th, you may feel a slight withdrawal of creative energy when Mercury stations retrograde in Gemini. So be prepared for delays in your daily commute, whether car trouble, road construction, or travel delays. But, don't cast doom and gloom. Go with the flow. 

At the same time, Jupiter moves into Aries, directing attention toward the bigger picture of creativity and projects. Jupiter tugs on your endless curiosity, and you'll find yourself going to new places and meeting new people. It's also an excellent time to learn new things and accept everyday change as a part of life.

By May 15th, a Blood Moon Lunar eclipse in your career sector will encourage you to let go of unfulfilling jobs and projects and go after your dreams. Lunar eclipses provide glimpses into your shadow self and offer the opportunity to embrace your wholeness and grow in a new direction. Since the Moon is in mysterious Scorpio, there is a ton of drama circulating, challenging you to learn how to let things go by simply honoring emotions.

Aquarius Sun, Moon, and Rising placements will want to deal with bad feelings instead of pushing them to the side. Ditch the emotional intensity and the nasty actions and responses that go along with them. Power issues come into play as the Full Moon triggers transformation and growth in your life path.

Creative energy peaks when the Sun moves into curious Gemini on the 20th, and Mars moves into Aries on the 24th. Remember, creativity is your spirit, and emotional balance is the force where your spirit thrives. So don't suppress impulses; learn how to channel and deal with them in a balanced manner.

Venus comes home in Taurus on the 28th, and this energy is all about creating a loving and nurturing environment for your family. During this time, relations with family and loved ones can be positive through affirming, gentle, and loving communication.

Finally, the New Moon in Gemini on the 30th is an important wake-up call for you to seize the day with your creative gifts and talents. New Moons are lovely times to plant seeds, and Gemini is all about setting bases to cultivate a path that uses your skills for the greater good. It's time to make a name for yourself.

This New Moon will also cause ups and downs in friendships, changes in romantic partnerships, changes with children, or possible news of pregnancy.

May energy tip, release connections in 
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