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For the Month of: January 2022

January - While 2021 may have presented you with many challenges and obstacles, 2022 reveals a successful beginning toward achieving your goals. The month starts with heavy Capricorn energy laying the groundwork for your Solar Return.

On Sunday the 2nd, the Sun will conjunct the Moon in Capricorn, symbolizing the beginning of a new 28day lunar cycle. This New Moon happens to close the monumental eclipse portal that opened during Scorpio's 2021 November New Moon. Because New Moon signifies the start of a new lunar phase, it's a highly potent time for magic and intention setting. Aquarius Risings, the New Moon in Capricorn will occupy your 12th house of endings, solitude, and spirituality, making it an excellent time for reflection so that you may gain a clearer vision of future goals. In addition, this energy indicates spiritual learning by bringing more balance, patience, and moderation into your life. If you are considering long-term goals during this time, start with a clear and concrete plan, and set out to achieve them.

Mercury, the quick-witted messenger of communication, logic, and travel, stations retrograde in your sign on the 14th. This 3-week period is a chance to refine your self-expression, personal style, and communication. Use this period to turn your ideas into a realistic plan. Unfortunately, the Sun and Pluto conjunct on the 16th, after the Sun's conjunction with Venus. As a result, you may feel restricted in certain areas. However, do your best not allow any setbacks to dampen your enthusiasm; these are just the final kinks before your birthday.

Full Moons occur when the Sun is opposite the Moon signifying the peak in a lunar cycle. January's Full Moon occurs in the intuitive water sign Cancer on the 17th. Cancer is the Moon's natural habitat, so expect this Full Moon to pull and trigger deep festering emotions. Whether you want to admit it or realize it, emotional fulfillment is essential in both your professional and personal life. Aquarius Risings, the Full Moon in Cancer, will occupy your 6th house of health, daily routine, and service, suggesting that you operate at your best when you are secure in your sense of self and avoid meaningless tasks. Expect health and work-related issues to be themes during this time.

Uranus is considered your modern-day ruling planet, the rebellious planet of innovating change, and Saturn is the traditional ruler. On the 18th, Uranus stations direct in practical Earth sign Taurus. This past year, Uranus' trip throughout Taurus has caused a significant shift in awareness, gradually revealing itself. Uranus awakens external matters by bringing your attention to possessions, contracts, and partnerships. A sudden breakthrough is presented!

The Sun is officially out of Capricorn on the 19th, and Happy birthday Aquarius! This Solar Return spells out transformation and group collaboration. You had time for deep introspection; now it's time to implement new strategies to make your dreams come true.

Mars, the fiery planet of ambition, drive, passion, and willpower, enters ambitious Capricorn on the 24th, and you feel the tenacity to go far. However, if you have a hard time expressing anger or personal desires, you may face challenges. So do your best to sort out emotional baggage.

Venus finally stations direct in Capricorn on the 29th, and you can expect to feel an emotional weight lift. Venus retrogrades tend to direct our attention toward finances, relationships, confidence, self-worth, resources, and values. Now, direct, Venus provides you with a massive dose of artistic creativity and profound inspiration to share with others.

Finally, the Sun will conjunct your ruling planet Saturn on the 30th, and there is a heavy emphasis on duties and responsibilities.
This month's energy tip, adequate preparation, and patience are integral components of achieving great success.

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