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For the Month of: September 2021

The first significant astrological occurrence in September is the New Moon in Virgo on the 6th. New Moons occur when the Sun and Moon are at close degrees of one another, so both will also be in the same sign. Virgo is a very analytical sign and can like to do things perfectly, but sometimes to a fault. Be aware, around this New Moon, that you are mindful of any self-criticism. There is nothing wrong with wanting to do a job or project well, but when the anxiety of making it perfect creeps in, it can prevent you from the actual enjoyment of creating. Let the New Moon bring focus, but also, an appreciation for the process, not just the result.

Venus enters Scorpio on the 10th of September. This transit will be felt throughout the collective and could bring an intensity and focus on relationships. Venus is the planet of love and pleasure, and Scorpio is a sign that’s full of passion and depth. When both come together, you can expect deep conversation and intimacy. This doesn’t necessarily have to happen in areas of love, but it can also occur in areas of interest. You may discover, during the transit, that you become immersed in certain projects more or find that you are deeply engaged in some recent creative undertaking. Whatever Venus in Scorpio may bring for you, try to maintain balance and not completely shut out all other things in your life.

On the 17th, this Venus in Scorpio will square Saturn. Saturn is a co-ruler of Aquarius, so those with the sign of Aquarius will feel the effects of Saturn transits slightly more than others. What will the transit mean for you? Well, squares can sometimes bring conflict, but the discomfort of such conflict is temporary and leads to growth through the change it brings. Saturn is in Aquarius, where it rules, so Saturn has the upper hand in the transit. You might be tempted around this date to give in to your pleasures and desires. It may also persuade you to think you can take a shortcut. Such indulgences are not bad all the time, but often, not enough restraint can result in regret. Doing the work the correct way, the right time is always more advantageous than slacking, thinking you’ll be able to get away with it. With Saturn, the planet of structure and stability, being strengthened in Aquarius, it will bolster you from giving too much to your vices. Saturn will protect you and motivate you to stay the course. 

Lastly on the 27th, is the third, and last, Mercury Retrograde of 2021. Mercury Retrograde can affect your electronics, technology, short distant travels, and communication. The best defense against such energies is to be aware and prepared. Before the 27th, making sure your files are backed up, is a great place to start. Also, during Mercury Retrograde, give yourself more time to get from one location to the other. Another way to prepare is simply by bringing your debit card or cash with you in case a store doesn’t accept credit cards or their machines are down. Your future self will thank you.

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