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For the Month of: October 2022

October - Behold the power of expansion and hard work, dear Aquarius, as the Sun continues to dance through Libra, illuminating your adventurous ninth house. Last month brought healing and newfound focus, and success. Even though you couldn’t fully see what was ahead, you applied trust that your vision would manifest. As a result, your monthly horoscope predicts you stepping into greater responsibility yet finding free time to enjoy life.

On October 1, a Venus-Jupiter opposition may find you manifesting more plans than you could handle. You may be a tad hung over the next day if you overdo it. So, exercise a little moderation. The temptation may be hard to resist, but Mercury’s station direct on the 2nd will help you exercise restraint.

After having been retrograding through your sector of rest and introspection, Pluto stations direct in Capricorn on October 8. While retrograde, you learned how to control powerful urges towards healthy outlets and successful endeavors rather than selfish goals.

On Sunday, October 9, the Full Moon in Aries manifests a bit of drama, creativity, and the need to escape from boring reality. A Full Moon is an emotionally charged time of culmination, magic, and release. The mid-point in the cycle illuminates sensitive areas of your life. Aquarius Risings, the Full Moon in Aries will boost confidence in your busy third house of communication, trips, and the neighborhood. With the Moon reaching fullness via the brave sign of Aries, you are encouraged to speak your truth and say what is in your heart.

Critical discussions and contracts will peak, providing a new level of commitment. Then, Mercury re-enters Libra the following day, inspiring creativity. Be willing to put in the hard work now to accomplish goals and reap the rewards later. You are in the final steps of securing the path to your dreams.

After a harmonious trine with Venus, Saturn stations direct in your sign on October 22, and you’ll need to stop and examine your current lifestyle and workflow. But, again, don’t push yourself to the limits; prioritize tasks to determine what you need to drop and where to spend your time.

Passion spikes when sexy Scorpio season begins on Sunday, October 23; Venus enters Scorpio the same day to throw intensity into the mix. The Sun in Scorpio highlights your career and reputation sector, and it’s an exciting time to step into the spotlight. If you feel blocked, check to see if you are still holding on to emotional trauma or carrying a dark secret. Also, avoid jealous behavior or pushing people away.

Then, a Scorpio New Moon on October 25 sets the stage for a highly transformational time. If you’ve been hiding your gifts and talents in the dark, it’s time to step out and shine. A New Moon represents the beginning of a new Lunar cycle ripe for intention setting, manifesting, and embracing growth.

Currently, the cosmos encourages you to step into your authentic calling. Scorpio asks you what you genuinely want and if you are ready to move forward confidently to secure your vision.

Finally, the month comes to a dynamic end when Mars, your ruling planet, goes retrograde in lively Gemini, reminding you that there is always gold during the chaos. Creativity, dating, children, romance, gambling, and your inner spirit will be in for an upgrade with Mars in Gemini, so buckle up for an eventful ride.

October affirmation, “My creativity and awareness provide me insights
to work hard to make my dreams come true. I trust divine timing
when I am aligned and tend to my vision.

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