Aquarius Sex Horoscope Aquarius

Nov 15, 2019 - The work week is wrapping up but you’re still taking the time to start today off on a positive note thanks to the fact that the Moon is spending the morning in Gemini and your passionate 5th House of romance and creativity.

This is always a wonderful time to enjoy yourself with someone special so please, be my guest, but try and get it in before the afternoon because la Luna will shift out of this exciting sector of your chart and move into Cancer and your grounded 6th House of work, routine, and efficiency, which just so happens to be about the least sexiest part of your chart.

The stars are still in a rather confusing pattern regardless, thanks to the fact that the Moon will be connecting with Uranus in your career sector, so don’t be surprised if the day passes you by without anything scintillating happening in the bedroom, be it morning, noon, or night.

Aquarius Sex Horoscope Aquarius

Nov 16, 2019 - Today isn’t really about romance for you, Aquarius, so if you were coming here hoping for me to tell you that was the case, well, I’m very sorry to disappoint.

The intuitive Moon is moving through Cancer and your 6th House of work and routine, so the day’s basic energy is all about streamlining your life and getting more efficient structures in place. A number of planets will be coming out of the woodwork to support this energy so it won’t feel like a major trial when everyone else is out partying but you’d rather stay in and organize your bookcase or hit the gym.

A snafu with Saturn might make you feel a little more vulnerable than usual, so instead of pushing yourself to be anything or meet anyone’s expectations that doesn’t line up with your self-image, just focus on meeting your own needs.

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