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For the Week of: April 19 - April 25

Apr 19, 2021 - This week isn’t a simple week by any means, Aquarius; there’s a number of major changes happening in the stars above and you’re sure to notice these shifts. From the look of things, you’ve been on something of a social whirlwind for the last month while the Sun has been touring Aries and your buzzy 3rd House of local community and communications, but there is a huge shift in the energy overhead as the Sun waves goodbye to this busy part of your chart on the 19th and slips into Taurus and your 4th House of feelings and foundations. The next month is really about nesting and tending to matters on the home front, as opposed to spending all your time focused on working your way up the career ladder or chasing after someone who gets a fire burning in you. That being said, romance doesn’t have to be completely kaput either; how about you do a few things to add some flare to Chez Aquarius? A few nice candles and some silk sheets can go a long way to making you feel more in touch with your sensual side during these rather difficult times.

The Sun isn’t the only planet making moves on the 19th, as messenger Mercury will also be making moves into Taurus and your deep-feeling 4th House. For the last few weeks the cosmic communicator has been flying through Aries and your 3rd House, so to say you’ve been busy would be an understatement. This transit was likely all the more wired thanks to the fact that Mercury made more than a few tough angles during his time here, but now it’s time to take a step back from the social whirlwind and hang up the ‘do not disturb’ sign as Mercury waves goodbye to this sector and slips into the very base of your chart. For the next few weeks you’ll be operating at your home base more so than you might have already, but with the vibrations overhead you’ll feel right at home, pun not intended.

Get ready to roll up your sleeve and get to work on the 23rd. Mars has spent the last eight weeks rotating through Gemini and your 5th House of romance and passion, heating up your cosmic calendar even if the rest of the world has been sitting on ice, but on Friday that phase comes to an end as the red planet dives into Cancer and your orderly 6th House of daily work and routine until mid-June. This transit is all about streamlining your life to make sure you’re going about it as efficiently as possible and maximizing your time to the best of your ability. If you’ve been cutting corners or letting yourself get more than a little lazy during all your time at home, well, enough of that! By the time Mars moves on again you could be in the shape of your life, so get to it.

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