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For the Week of: August 03 - August 09

Aug 03, 2020 - You get to put yourself and your desires front and center this week, Aquarius, which is something your giving sign doesn’t do quite as often as it should. You’re very good at telling others how to go about things while you operate from behind the scenes with a headset on, but this time you need to find your place in the spotlight. Things kick off with a bang on Monday, the 3rd, with a powerful Full Moon occurring in YOUR sign. This is one of the most potent times of the year for you, so you have cosmic clearance to go after pretty much anything your heart desires at the moment. Whatever it is, put it out into the universe and I’m sure the universe will answer your call. The only caveat is that messenger Mercury will be forming a tense opposition to Saturn at this time, the same angle the Sun formed at the last major lunation, so you might find certain matters come back into the spotlight for discussion.

Things have probably been more than a little hectic at the office recently–or wherever it is you go to make your money. Over the last couple of months you’ve hosted messenger Mercury in Cancer and your orderly 6th House of work and routine. This transit is normally great for getting down the basics and amplifying your efficiency, but there were a few tough transits and a retrograde phase that might have caused some problems along the way as well. Fortunately there is a huge shift in energy on the 5th as Mercury waves goodbye to this sector of your chart and dives into Leo and your 7th House of one-on-one partnerships and legal contracts. For the next two weeks you’re going to be focused on separating the wheat from the chaff as all kinds of opportunities start to present themselves to you. Try and utilize the recent upgrades Mercury gave you as you sort through all your options and you’ll come out of this phase with a potentially higher net worth.

On the 7th Venus leaves Gemini, where she has been rotating since early April, giving your romantic life a bit of a shake-up due to a confusing retrograde phase. This transit finally shifts as the planet of pleasure moves into Cancer and your 6th House of work and routine, smoothing out your daily life and giving your financial flow some relief. For the rest of the month you’ll find more enjoyment in your work, even if you normally like to avoid it like the plague; this is also a great time to start a new workout routine or healthy eating initiative, so just because 2020 is more than half over doesn’t mean you can’t renew your resolutions.

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