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For the Week of: March 18 - March 24

Mar 18, 2019 - Happy Spring, Aquarius! Your mind is on the big picture this week, Aquarius, but you are also still in an active period of communication with so many planets still in Aries. This is an extra super power for you in the coming weeks with Mercury still in retrograde. Where communication feels slow, you have that extra advantage as the planetary energy in Aries is working your communication house. So keep using communication as your super power this week, and the changes ahead will just breeze by you. It's a Full Moon week and also a seasonal change!

You are entering a powerful period of communication, Aquarius, and this starts on Wednesday when Sun enters Aries and in your third house of communication. You will have this energy available to you for a few weeks, and want to enjoy your communication super powers to the fullest. But you also have Mercury still in retrograde this week, and as energized as you are going to be, you are also going to see some communication matters enter the slow lane for a while. Stay patient, all things are happening for a reason.

You are already so focused on the big picture anyway. This is heightened this week under this week’s Full Moon in fellow Air Sign Libra, working your ninth house of big picture visions.

But you’ll be thinking too much of love before then! Over Monday you have the Moon in Leo working your seventh house of relationships and partnerships. It should be a romantic time indeed, and you won’t question who has your back after this time frame has passed.

Come Thursday, the love and money planet Venus links up with Jupiter in a favorable transit in your house of Self. Venus is in your sign right now, so expect some fun love or money luck. This will send some unexpected good times your way. Embrace them!

More Spring energy peaks on Thursday when the Full Moon in Libra arrives, and is working your ninth house of foreign affairs and big picture matters. This closes a chapter on a long distance issue, or a matter that is foreign or global in nature. It could be the end of a relationship, but you are in charge and calling the shots here. It feels good.

The week wraps up on a dreamy note under the intense and emotional Scorpio Moon on Sunday. Also on Sunday you have chatty Mercury and dreamy Neptune linking up in your house of money. Use that creativity or just float on a fantasy cloud.

Enjoy this love from Universe as Spring arrives. It’s a beautiful way to finish a very exciting week for you. Make those Full Moon wishes count, Aquarius! Have a blessed week, Aquarius!

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