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For the Week of: November 11 - November 17

Nov 11, 2019 - It's a powerful period of new beginnings for you this week, Aquarius, and you are feeling excited. This week we have a Full Moon week, and there's a lot of refreshing energy in the air. This week is going to be all about you starting some new chapters as well as tying up some loose ends and putting some issues behind you for good. But you aren't going to be so focused on the past this week, you are going to be all about starting new cycles and getting down to business.

The week starts on a lucky or generous note for you when Mercury and the Sun form a happy conjunction in your tenth house of work on Monday. You are using high energy to pursue some big work matters. Sharing is caring for you, and spreading some generosity is what you want to do in your money matters on Monday.

You also have the Taurus Moon in your fourth house of family over Monday and Tuesday, and on Tuesday this becomes the Full Moon in Taurus in your fourth house of foundations. Home is where the heart is as the week continues. You are feeling grounded and excited at just tending to matters at home, and it may be a good distraction for you.

On Wednesday, Mercury retrograde is flirting with Pluto and Neptune in your tenth house of career and public image. You are the shining star and are experiencing some wonderful moments along the way! All eyes are on you so don't be afraid to throw out those big ideas.

The Moon in fellow Air sign Gemini arrives on Thursday and works through Friday, and this works your fifth house of pleasures and true love. A change in love or on a matter related to children in your life is just around the bend. You may not have all of the information you need at this stage to make a decision on love, as the Full Moon energy has kept some of that in the dark. But this information is arriving in due time. As one chapter comes to a close, a new chapter begins, and you are invigorated by this energy.

Over Saturday and Sunday, your health and every day matters will begin to get some attention for a little while, when the Moon enters Cancer and your sixth house of health and every day details. This will have your mind and your thoughts on health matters, and it will be the little things that you will be focusing on. Don't think big, think details, and the Moon brings and emotional tone that will help you get whatever jobs done that you need to get done. It's a nurturing way to end the week. Make those Full Moon wishes count, Aquarius! Have a blessed week, Aquarius!

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