aquarius Sex Horoscope:

Jan 16, 2021 - This is going to be a very productive day, Aquarius. Yes, I said productive, not passionate. I’m sorry if you were in the mood to play 50 Shades, but you’re probably going to find yourself confined to the boardroom rather than any Red Room.

The guiding Moon is moving through Pisces and your 2nd House of earned income and material possessions, currently in the midst of her monthly two-and-a-half day visit to this financial sector of your chart. Obviously this isn’t exactly the sexiest transit in all of astrology, and these hardworking vibrations are only going to be amplified by a very supportive angle from bountiful Venus in Capricorn and your inspired 12th House of the subconscious.

Fortunately, this means work should be a breeze and you’ll be pleased with whatever you accomplish, it just means sexual pleasure will have to wait a few days for your attention; don’t worry, sexier times are waiting ahead for you.

Jan 17, 2021 - Your mind is like an antenna today, Aquarius, and you’re downloading all kinds of different messages from the universe; thankfully it appears that you’ll like everything you receive.

These energetic vibrations are thanks to an expansive alignment between the primal Sun in your dreamy 12th House of the subconscious and the intuitive Moon currently touring your luxury-loving 2nd House of material goods and security. With el Sol occupying this ‘hidden’ part of your chart you can read people like a book, even when they’re trying to keep their agenda on the DL, so if there’s someone you’ve been looking to take home try and be more receptive to their vibrations.

Chances are you’ll be able to decipher their hints much more easily today, and you’ll be ready and willing to meet their needs before they even have time to voice them. Who could possibly say no to you now, Aquarius?

Jan 18, 2021 - You’d love to get together with that special someone today, Aquarius; after all, few people know how to enjoy themselves quite like you do. Unfortunately today you might find yourself so busy than any pleasurable activities have to be put on the backburner and that during the day not only will you be busy, but that there might be a few misfires from the people around you, sending pock shots at your courage.

The Moon is spending the in Aries and your buzzy 3rd House, so you’ll be bouncing all over the place literally and figuratively with ideas. That’s all well and good until la Luna receives a checking beam from wounded warrior Chiron, currently in this same sector of your chart for an extended stay.

As much fun as it would be to disappear behind bedroom doors and work out your aggression, you’re more likely to lock horns in the boardroom today, Aquarius.

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