aquarius Sex Horoscope:

Oct 01, 2022 - This could be a very stimulating day for you, Aquarius, but don’t be surprised if you find yourself pulled in so many directions you have a rather hard time figuring out where, exactly, to focus your energy. Sex god Mars has spent the last month touring Gemini and your 5th House of romance and passion, hopefully giving your love life a nice dose of heat.

Today, however, that transit gets an interesting beam from the Moon in Sagittarius and your outgoing 11th House of social groups and global communication. This energy is very powerful so don’t be surprised if things happen with a force you’re not used to. Groups might call your name today for big hangouts, but would you rather just spend that time with someone special?

Then again, if you don’t have anyone specific in mind definitely do pursue any invitations as you could meet more than one potential contender for, well, whatever you want them to be.

Oct 02, 2022 - Oh my. Look at you go, Aquarius! Things might have felt a little bit off lately with regards to your most, ahem, intimate desires, but I’m happy to tell you that energy is about to get turned on its head and the world come crashing back to…exactly where you want it.

Messenger Mercury has been retrograde in your sensual 8th House of sex and intimacy for the last few weeks, so if it’s been difficult to get a proper read on your desires, find the time to quench your urges, or just get on the same page as a special someone, know that things are about to open up to you and the world will offer more chances at fulfilling pleasure than you’ve gotten over the last month.

He’s waking up today and doing some yoga poses, drinking a cup or five of coffee, and getting back to his old self, but Mercury always takes a couple days to fully resume his speed so if you don’t notice the change today know that it is absolutely coming and you will love it.

Oct 03, 2022 - Where do daydreams take you? And, for that matter, what do they get you? Is all that time you spend with your head in the clouds worth it or do you need to come back down to earth? If you’re fine operating on your own, flitting about from place to place, then I suppose it doesn’t really matter where you let the wind take you. You can fly free without worry.

But if you want to come back down to earth and hang out with the people here, and perhaps do a little more than just hang out, then you really do need to try and cut through the foggy daydreams and see the forest for the trees.

Stressful interactions might leave you wanting to run away, but sometimes what might look like a problem is simply an opportunity, and if you pursue this opportunity you might find it leads you somewhere far more exciting, and steamier, than you ever could have imagined.

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