aquarius Money Horoscope:

Mar 06, 2021 - It’s all about collaborating with others today, Aquarius.

This Sagittarius Moon suggests that conversations and brainstorming with others can lead to financial profit in the future. Don’t hold back from sharing your ideas because there are some intriguing thoughts entering your mind and they are not to be ignored.

Your intuitive and creative streak is particularly powerful today and these ventures may be of the artistic kind.

Trust yourself and don’t let any type of insecurity hold you back from expressing yourself. Good things are coming, but baby steps first, Aquarius!

Mar 07, 2021 - Today you may be feeling somewhat detached, Aquarius. Money may not be the primary thing on your mind. However, having a good inner balance today paves the way for intriguing and creative ideas which can lead to something financially beneficial in the future.

This is a day when it is good for you to spend some time alone and be with your thoughts. Shut out the outside world for a while and don’t let distractions stand in your way.

This is a also positive time for communicating your financial plans with those you trust. Some good advice is out there, Aquarius, so don’t be afraid to reach out!

Mar 08, 2021 - This Capricorn Moon brings you incredible focus and determination, Aquarius, and it also shakes your foundations. What areas of your financial world do you need to focus on today to make way for something better in the future?

This is a positive time to get things done around the home, particularly under this Capricorn energy which encourages you to focus on making your environment as pleasant as possible.

Doing so brings you inner harmony and balance, which then helps you to deal with financial issues in a more productive way.

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