Understanding Tarot Card Meanings for Life’s Big Questions

Posted on April 02, 2018
Updated on October 13, 2020

Tarot card meanings can provide much more insight than most people realize. Doesn’t it always seem like we need an immediate answer to a major question at the most inconvenient time?

Maybe it’s 3 a.m. and you’re tossing and turning over a work matter, or it’s midnight and you’re fretting over a fight you had with your significant other. Or perhaps it’s the middle of the day, but your favorite person is on the other side of the globe with a 12-hour time difference.

Daily horoscopes can be helpful, but during these inopportune moments, the Tarot can provide much more insight. The key is knowing how to decipher Tarot card meanings.

There’s no question that divination tools can′t answer when your own personal in-house psychic is out. Today, we are going to talk about how to get simple, fast, immediate answers to your simplest YES/NO questions, from the divination tool we call the Tarot. Deciphering Tarot card meanings is simpler than you think.

Tools You Will Need:

  1. Life’s burning questions
  2. 1 Tarot Deck

1. Shuffle.

This might be the most important step in the process because it′s never about the shuffle, but all about the Universal energies that are in play during the shuffle. As you shuffle, think about your question and nothing else. Then get ready to ask your question with your draw.

2. Draw one Tarot card.

There are many different kinds of Tarot spreads, but for a quick and easy answer, a one-card draw will work. After you have shuffled and thought about your question, draw one card from wherever you like in the deck, and however you like.

You can cut the deck and take the card from one of those piles, fan them out and pick one, or take one from the top of the deck if you like. Follow your soul. Everybody has their own process. They are your cards and your questions, and only you can determine the Tarot card meanings.

Once you are done shuffling, pick a card, literally, any card. Sometimes while you are touching the cards and thinking of your question a card will pop out. This is not a coincidence. I often say when this happens, it looks like the angels want us to see this today. Read the card!

3. Follow your instinct when determining Tarot card meanings.

Your intuition is your most powerful tool when reading Tarot. Just listen to that little voice to uncover Tarot card meanings. You will know as soon as you see the card what your answer is, or you will at least have an instant intuitive sense of what the message from the card is. The most important part of this process is paying attention to how you feel.

Does your stomach tighten up with fear when you see the card? Chances are the Tarot is telling you NO. Do you feel excited and relieved when you see the card? Chances are, Tarot is giving you a green light or a YES.

No matter what card you pull first, fret not, there are still more ways to understand Tarot card meanings than by your gut reaction. Your gut reaction, however, is always your most important, because that is where the magic of the Tarot lies, in your soul′s knowing. Here are some clues on how to interpret your YES or NO gut feeling.

4. What are the colors on the card?

Every Tarot card is illustrated in every deck. Some of the sadder, more negative cards are symbolized with dark and dreary colours. For example, the 8 of cups, a card of abandonment, shows navy, black, grey, and dismal shades in its illustration in almost every Tarot deck. The Devil card is usually a very dark card as well, for example.

Each card you pull will still have symbols that provide their own meaning to your situation that can clarify for you details beyond your YES or NO. Use colours on the cards when you are learning to validate first hunches on your YES or NO answers from the Tarot.

5. Aces and sunshine mean YES.

Did you pull an ace? Congratulations! That is the universal sign for YES in the Tarot. You should clap with glee if you’re pulling an upright ace as that is your universal YES! Another card that is denoted by the number “1” is the Magician card, also a very likely YES, but with its own meanings, you can explore to validate your answers in more depth and detail.

If images of the Sun appear on the Tarot card that you pulled, even with the Death card, you will get a YES answer. Most importantly is your sense of intuition when it comes to the Tarot. What was your first gut reaction?

Tarot card meanings will be validated by dark or light shades on the card, the presence of an ace, or a beautiful Sun in your day such as with the 10 of Cups or the actual Sun card. It really is that simple.

Concluding thoughts….

That’s pretty much it if you are looking for a very simple way to begin learning your Tarot card meanings, and also getting very quick and simple answers to your YES or NO questions. Stay on top of your Daily and Weekly Horoscopes, so the stars can guide your answers with astrology every day.

For those middle of the night moments of wonder, now you know how to get immediate answers that are accurate every single time.

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