Love & Loss: How the Upcoming Mercury Retrograde Will Affect Your Relationships

Posted on February 19, 2019

If you’re wondering why people freak out about Mercury retrograde and what it means for your daily love horoscope, you’ve come to the right place.

Each zodiac sign communicates in a unique way and because Mercury is the planet of communication, we want to show you how each zodiac sign‘s communication will be affected during Mercury retrograde so you can take extra care. Mercury retrograde often creates misunderstandings or brings up old love wounds. We might have a harder time accurately perceiving what others are saying, and vice versa.

Today, we’re going to walk you through the upcoming Mercury retrograde so you can be prepared for the speed bumps when you hit them and handle them with grace. And when it comes to your love life, you always want to know what’s coming. Retrograde periods are a great time to reflect and learn from the past so you can move forward in all areas of your life. So let’s get started!

Mercury in Retrograde

During Mercury retrograde, we tend to spend more time going over things that happened in the past. This often leads to projecting our past fears into our present relationships. Keeping up with your daily love horoscope is a great way to anticipate and manage your Mercury retrograde-induced symptoms, but first, let’s get an understanding of exactly how Mercury retrograde can affect our relationships.

How Daily Love Horoscopes are Affected By Mercury In Retrograde

While it’s common for plans to go awry or your phone or email to malfunction, Mercury retrograde (and any retrograde for that matter) is also a great time for reflection and rejuvenation. Think about how we often rush things in our relationships when we haven’t dealt with the subconscious wounds we are carrying with us from our past.

Slowing down is actually one of the most valuable things we can do for our love lives. Big decisions can be postponed so that we can take time to understand within ourselves what is truly best for us.

The Positives

Have you ever looked back and breathed a sigh of relief that you didn’t marry someone you dated? Well, Mercury retrograde can help you reflect on your values, your dreams in life, and see if our partner is right for us. It can also (if we don’t have a partner) help us get clear with the type of person we would like to date.

Additionally, it can help us see our own behaviours and attitudes from a different perspective. It’s essential to know exactly what we are bringing into our relationships to understand how we can do better to be more loving and positive as a partner. During retrogrades, we may find it’s better to prioritize activities that allow us to reflect honestly upon ourselves, such as hanging out in a coffee shop with a journal, doing daily meditation, or reading some good ol’ self-help articles and books.

The Negatives

There are definitely certain activities that will be frustrating during Mercury retrograde - including trying to start new relationships.

It’s possible that we don’t clearly perceive a new person’s true self during Mercury retrograde, so really keep your ears and eyes open if you’ve just met someone new and interesting. If your daily love horoscope also bodes tension, pull back and take some ‘me time.’ Instead of dating, try focusing on getting your budget organized, reorganizing your home, and getting rid of clutter. Set yourself up for success when the retrograde period ends, but right now, it might be best not to focus quite so much on romance.

Planning for Changes in Your Daily Love Horoscope Based on Your Zodiac Sign

Each zodiac sign deals with setbacks/stress differently, so we’re going to show you how each sign is uniquely affected by Mercury retrograde. Planning for Mercury retrograde allows you to use the energy that brings up your past so you can become a better version of yourself. For example, if you’ve often given into what your partner wants and not spoken up for what you like, now is a time to realize it and set your intention to change. It’s a time to take responsibility for what you’ve done and allowed into your life.

Check out what we recommend for your zodiac sign specifically during Mercury retrograde - and don’t forget to check in on your daily love horoscope for specific guidance.


An Aries is one that can quickly jump to assumptions because they do everything quickly. During a retrograde, if you feel offended by something someone does or says, take a deep breath and ask them what they meant before blowing up. Famous for impulsivity, retrogrades will be especially tough for the rams of the zodiac. Also, it’s especially easy for family to trigger us during retrogrades, so do family time in small doses. Work on one trigger at a time instead of swimming in all of your childhood issues by being around them all the time. Plan on things not going as planned and know your buttons are likely to be pushed now. Set a calming intention so you can laugh at these Mercurian mishaps. Reflect on what makes you react the strongest each day and journal about how you’d like to respond next time each night.


A Taurus often forms an opinion and stubbornly holds it for a long time. If someone does something or says something that rubs you the wrong way during a Mercury retrograde, try not to be too hard on them because it’s easy to think ill of someone when we don’t see the whole picture. Perhaps you don’t know why they had to cancel or why they didn’t call when they said they would. Additionally, it’s important to spend time getting clear with what you want and making sure you’re being loyal to people who deserve you, dear Taurus. As an Earth sign, you’re very caring, but it’s important for your self-esteem to make sure you’re also treated with the respect you so freely offer to others. Use the time for journaling, self-love activities like bubble baths, healing teas, and even watching shows or movies that stir your emotions.


Gemini is ruled by the planet Mercury, making the sign of the Twins a very communicative sign. Being an Air sign, Gemini spends a lot of time talking and moving information from one place to another like a carrier pigeon. But all that talking can be a bit exhausting and you may not have taken time to relax and process in a while. We recommend watching silent films, doing activities that don’t involve talking like a spin class, getting a massage and painting. Mercury retrograde can help you balance your social qualities with some downtime that can help you get in touch with your own emotional needs and clear any thought patterns that may be creating chaos or anxiety in your life. Find some organization tools like a new shopping list for the refrigerator, a chore calendar and even a set of drawers with labels for your closet. In order to keep your word with your partner, think about what you say, before you say yes or say you’re going to do something. Do less and commit to less during Mercury Retrograde dear Geminis and do things that awaken your inner child that are playful and allow you to feel creative.


Cancers must beware that they tend to think like a victim and blame others for their feelings. Look at who you’re blaming and find the thought pattern in your subconscious mind. Shift those patterns to thoughts that empower you and give you positive energy. For example, if you’re angry at men because your ex cheated on you, decide to focus on seeing the good in men and having compassion for the difficulties they have in our society expressing emotion when it’s frowned upon. If you are feeling powerless in any area of life, look at how your parents’ attitudes may have created a belief system in you that you no longer need to believe and write a daily affirmation to empower yourself to live your greatest dreams. This may be a great time to try a reiki healing session, see a spiritual healer, and introduce meditation into your life to heal childhood wounds. Instead of helping others, work on your own subconscious and fill your own cup right now.


Because old behaviours can pop up in a Mercury retrograde, beware of the old ego, dear Leo. If you’ve done some work to keep your arrogance in check, be sure your ego doesn’t start to guide your actions and motivations. If you find yourself bragging, talking about yourself or trying to be the center of attention in conversations, apologize and laugh blaming it on Mercury retrograde and people will appreciate your good attitude towards self-growth and even be inspired by it. Notice if you get sucked into posting too much on social media because you’re craving attention and redirect your attention to doing nice things for others, supporting your friends and family and listening to what is happening in their lives. Use this time to create kind habits that are not focused on yourself and it will enrich your relationships far into the future. Avoid taking on too much at work because you would quickly feel the burn of burnout. You can fall into old relationship patterns, so clarify in your mind what you don’t want to repeat and instead focus on what you want to create to create a new pattern of expectations for your future. And, reference your daily love horoscope for specific daily guidance.


Virgos have a tendency to be a perfectionist and hyper-aware of cleanliness. It can drive other people crazy if they don’t want to keep everything perfectly clean and you nag them. If you are frustrated because people aren’t willing to plan everything out or aren’t picking up after themselves, use that to work on your own relaxation techniques and let it go. Find peace in the artisticness of a mess and do something messy like finger painting and abstract art. Cultivate your appreciate for imperfection by visiting an art gallery and seeing that unfinished work is merely a perspective and perfection is not a real destination. Finally, let go of any attachments to people who don’t value the love you give them. Cut the ties with people who take advantage of your good nature. Give yourself time to not work and just be present by meditating, watching an artistic nature film or something that feeds your soul instead of the logic side of the brain. This can help you find your own creativity which can balance the analytical side you have developed so well. If you find yourself judging your partner or thinking about what could go wrong, go back to your soul food, your relaxation techniques, and find that zen.


Because you have so many friends, you will undoubtedly hear from or run into old flings and friends, Libra. This will give you a chance to find closure and even apologize for things said or done. It may even be a good time to phone a friend you need to resolve something with and put the past in the past. We know you love to debate, but for now, just accept you don’t have to be right or prove a point. This can be very helpful in healing family relationships, relationships with former coworkers and even exes. In your love life, do things that are in a group instead of focused on romance and focus on creating a community instead of passion right now. It’s not the best time to move forward in love, but it is a great time to be there for the ones we love and create an environment that promotes the healing we all need to do during a retrograde. A dinner for friends, a women or men’s circle, or even calling to check in on people you haven’t spoken with to lend an ear is a great way to spend time. Spend time enjoying art, relaxing listening to music, and nurturing yourself with good healthy food and light exercise.


As a Water sign ruled by the planet Pluto, the subconscious can feel very overwhelming and heavy for a Scorpio - but they aren’t afraid to face it. You’re not a stranger to your darker aspects and you are willing to look at them. This is not a time to turn to drugs and alcohol to handle your emotions, instead, it’s a time to try reiki, meditation, or simply speak to a trusted friend about your struggles. Because you tend to be an all-or-nothing person of extremes, it’s important that you keep one foot on the ground by asking other people for advice on your own lifestyle, health, and relationships. You have no shortage of passion, but you want to make sure where you direct it isn’t hurting you. Spend time doing things that lighten you up like watching funny movies, hanging out with kids, and playing sports that are non-competitive but release endorphins. Finally, work on eating a balanced diet that you enjoy and that has good nutrient levels.


The zodiac sign of the archer loves to explore and try new things like travelling a lot, we think it’s time to do some other things, dear Sagittarius. It’s easier to get stuck in a foreign country, lose your passport, or even say something unintentionally offensive at the wrong time that could put you in a precarious situation when Mercury is retrograde. You can spend time reading about philosophy, writing or editing a book, nurturing relationships with friends and family, and even cooking new recipes that appeal to your exotic taste. You may not want to take on a new partner at this time because they may not be acting themselves, and frankly, neither are you. Put them on your ‘I’m curious’ list, but avoid first dates for three weeks while you do some studying, some soul-searching, and slow your life down just a little to clear any stress that may be harboring in the back of your mind. If you have developed any jaded or negative views, spend time using affirmations to redirect your subconscious so that you can enjoy your adventurous life with more joy and emotional openness.


Capricorn may need to stop and smell the roses a bit during Mercury retrograde. We know you’ve been saving up your money, so it’s not a bad time to use some of it to enjoy life. Book a spa day, get tickets to a game, enjoy a dinner with close friends, or splurge on some new home decor. What you don’t want to do is be all work and no play. Because of your hard work ethic, it’s easy for you to get burnt out and it can be easier for you to have your head so buried in work that you neglect the ones you hold dearest. Cut some wood, build a fire, cuddle with your partner or kids. Listen to what makes their hearts come alive and spend time getting to know the other sides of them. Explore topics that interest you so your brain can still enjoy art and creativity. That means visit a museum, check out a rock concert, or even try a dance class. Doing something that isn’t work will enhance the balance in your life and allow you to reflect on the direction you’ve been going, how efficiently you’re working, and if you may be pushing too hard.


Aquarius is an Air sign that tends to do and think about a lot. With the planet of communication in retrograde, you may find some of the things you say come back and hit you in the face like a boomerang. You’ll find that you may need to smooth things over for times when you’ve spoken harshly or said things without being tactful. But it’s a great time to be humble and see how important it is to watch what we say and even apologize if need be. You may want to spend some time in nature getting some soul connection so you know what projects are going to fuel you. Spend time at a park in meditation or create a natural space at home with the elements of Fire, Air, Earth, and Water to connect to your soul. That way, when your energy is ready to move forward, you’ll have clarity on what tasks to take on and which to leave for later. When reading your daily love horoscope, reflect on the type of relationships you want and how you can best communicate that. Reflect on the state of your love life and come up with affirmations you can use to improve it. Call your family and tell them you love them, listen patiently to what’s going on in their lives, and show them some love. It will fill your heart and fuel your goals.


Remember not to fall into anything that is escapist like drinking as you won’t get the full benefit of the retrograde because substances bury the reality trying to surface for healing. Lean into your emotions and know they are just trapped energy; you can control and release them. Use your Pisces horoscope, incense, and crystals to help clear the old emotions that come up. Avoid soothing your pain by spending too much time with others, and when you do, speak openly and be vulnerable about what you’re working on. Be around people who are kind during this time so you can do some self-healing. Also, use this time to hear your soul about what is best to do with your time and energy while on this planet. If you feel a bit out of it, explain to your partner you’re doing some internal work so they understand. Manage your expectations of yourself and of others.


Now that you’re prepared, informed, and equipped with your daily love horoscope during this year’s Mercury retrograde, you can embrace this time and even look forward to it. Mercury retrograde brings the mind, body, and soul closer together so we can hear the subtle whispers of our intuition. I love using retrogrades to make a vision board after doing a meditation. You can also go through your old stuff and clean it out. Start in one part of your home and make it beautiful and energetically sacred to you so you feel inspired by every part of your environment. Bring in plants, spiritual art and even spiritual music.

You have so much to look forward to this year, and the more you use astrology to understand yourself and the energy that you meet each day, the more easily you can ride the cosmic waves to happiness!

Make sure you have your daily love horoscope bookmarked!

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