How to Actually Prepare for Neptune Retrograde

Posted on June 23, 2021

The planet Neptune converging on a star. It is Neptune Retrograde.

By now, you’ve heard about Mercury retrograde and all of its dreaded or welcomed effects, but it’s now time for Neptune retrograde to take the spotlight. Like with all astrological transits and events, you should, of course, check your own birth chart to see how each transit will particularly affect you and your placements.

However, certain aspects of Neptune retrograde may affect us all, and it’s important to have a general understanding of what it all means so that we can collectively prepare.

Let’s learn more about this mysterious retrograde and see what we can do to roll with the flow of its effects.

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Neptune Retrograde Dates

Neptune retrograde occurs yearly for 160 days (approximately 5 months).

What’s more, Neptune stays in one sign for 14 entire years, making it, in many ways, the color of each generation. It takes 164 years to go through all 12 zodiac signs, compared to the 30 days it takes the Moon, or the 365 days it takes the Sun.

This Neptune retrograde will occur from June 25th, 2021, to December 1st, 2021, sticking in its native sign of Pisces.

What is Neptune Retrograde?

Neptune happens to be the ruler of Pisces, the last sign of the zodiac and one that encompasses spiritual, imaginative, creative, and dreamy energy.

Neptune is about our vision and creativity at its best, and it’s the planet that helps us set a beacon of possibility in our minds.

On the other hand, an abundance of Neptune’s influence can result in the feeling of being muddled. Thoughts become cloudy, and we may have trouble distinguishing between fantasy and reality.

When Neptune goes retrograde, we can sometimes harness Neptune’s positive energy much more than usual. Because retrogrades emphasize the internal versus the external, Neptune’s energy is more accessible if we are willing to embrace it.

This is when feelings, thoughts, intuition, and dreams come to us with greater clarity, and this period offers extraordinary moments of clarity and intuitive insight.

Overall it is a great time for soul-searching, meditation, and reconnecting with yourself.

So, what are the six things we can expect from this Neptune retrograde?

6 Things You Can Expect From Neptune Retrograde

Just because we cannot see Neptune with the naked eye doesn’t mean we can’t harness its power. Read on to find out what the next 160 days have in store for you.

1. Heightened Spiritual Intuition

For those interested in strengthening your intuition, exploring your spiritual gifts further, or overall delving into the realm of the spiritually wonderful, Neptune retrograde is a great time to do so.

With stronger sensitivity levels, you can also channel your intuitive senses into something productive, such as creative projects or researching ways of strengthening your intuitive practice.

Just remember: these abilities may seem less significant than other practical talents, but are actually extremely useful in everyday life, helping you to make decisions and assisting you in relationships, career, and anywhere else you can think of!

2. Focus To Achieve Your Goals & Ideas

During Neptune retrograde, the desire to fantasize is often stronger than usual, especially being in dreamy Pisces.

This is wonderful energy for writers and artists. Creative types will often benefit from this energy with imaginations on fire. Just remember to remain somewhat realistic with these goals and ambitions as well.

The imagination is only half of the creative project; the other half is about realism, practicality, and implementing it into the real world, after all.

3. Deepened Spiritual Rituals

Spiritual development is indeed a fruitful focus during this retrograde.

This doesn’t mean you have to take a trip to some far-off remote mountain. A spiritual ritual can be as simple as engaging in meditative prayer in the evening, holding a crystal in the morning for ten minutes, or closing your eyes and repeating positive affirmations.

All spiritual activity is heightened during Neptune Retrograde. During this period, the more you engage in daily spiritual rituals, the more you can tap into your intuitive side and connect with the deepest part of yourself!

4. Manifestation to Shape Your Reality

The lovely planet of dreams, Neptune, can also help us manifest the reality of our dreams.

During this time, you have the ability to shape whatever reality you want. Just remember that if you want something, be sure you want it. (As the old saying goes: be careful what you wish for).

If you choose to take advantage of this powerful time of manifestation, make sure that your intentions are pure. As our connection with our subconscious is heightened, it’s all the more important that we act with intention and compassion.

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5. Deepened Bonds & Relationships

Because Neptune has such a powerful influence on the subconscious and is the ruler of the 12th house of hidden things, we can tap into our own subconscious with greater ease and intuitively connect with the needs of others.

If done correctly, this retrograde provides us with the ability to strengthen our relationships with those we care for. It’s a wonderful time for a heart-to-heart or reconciliation. If you’re feeling more sensitive, then so are they.

Neptune retrograde allows us to put the past behind us, for this is also a forgiving planet that embraces love. The strengthening or mending of relationships around this time can forge deeper and long-lasting ones for the future.

6. Journaling & Diving Into Dream Symbolism

Neptune retrograde is an excellent time to pay attention to and record our dreams, as Neptune, the planet of dreams, often sends its messages through the dream space.

Or, more literally, we can take the literal meaning of the planet of dreams and dive right into the depths of our sleeping subconscious inner-workings.

Whether it’s through maintaining a dream journal, starting up a lucid dreaming practice, or just keeping a strong memory of what went on in last night’s crazy dream, being aware of your sleeping self can help you dream up big ideas and aspirations for your waking life.

Check out our Dream Dictionary for a breakdown of common symbols.

Self-Care During Neptune Retrograde

If you feel extra sensitive emotionally, don’t be surprised. Healthy ways to deal with this are:

  • Reading up on a variety of spiritual topics
  • Taking the time to journal
  • Engaging in meditation
  • Talking to a respected healer/mentor

Your internal feelings may be amplified, so take time to process them and not let your emotions rule your life. Ensure you still take care of the basics like eating well, getting enough sleep, and exercising regularly.

If you feel extra heightened in your awareness, stick to a routine that keeps you grounded, so you don’t make any rash decisions on a whim.

Take care of yourself no matter your situation.

Harnessing Neptune’s Power For Good

As Neptune retrograde approaches, prepare yourself using the information above and let Neptune’s magic work for you.

The great thing about understanding planetary movements is that we realize that we do not simply accept whatever negative or positive influence they have on us. We can exercise it by understanding the planets and harnessing their energy for our own benefit.

We can be idealistic but realistic. We can trust but verify all information that comes in at this time. And then, we can create an action plan to achieve those ideals.

Embrace the energy of Neptune, and let your imagination be your guide.

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