5 Things for All Zodiac Signs to Expect During Neptune Retrograde

Posted on June 26, 2020
Updated on November 25, 2020

The planet Neptune converging on a star. It is Neptune Retrograde.

When planets go retrograde, they normally get a bad rap. It’s a bit like the Tarot cards in reverse – people are not too happy seeing a reversed Tarot card, and some readers avoid reversals altogether.

Neptune is seen as elusive, which many confuse with being deceptive. However, it is humans that take advantage of Neptune’s illusive creativity to cast a web or mask of deception when Neptune is retrograde.

But just like Mercury Retrograde, Neptune Retrograde is actually a blessing in disguise!

What is Neptune Retrograde?

Neptune is the ruler of Pisces, the last sign of the zodiac and one that encompasses spirituality in all its forms. Pisces is an imaginative, creative and dreamy sign. It is a planet of feminine energy, and may often be referred to as “she.”

When Neptune is in its usual forward-moving state, an abundance of its energy can result in the feeling of being muddled. Thoughts become cloudy, and we may have trouble distinguishing between fantasy and reality. For example, we may think an otherwise platonic friendship is more than what it actually is, or we may be prone to over-fantasizing and convincing ourselves something is real when it isn’t.

Neptune is about our vision and creativity, and it’s the planet that helps us set a beacon of possibility in our minds. It is absolutely one of the most influential planets in our lives because it is directly tied to our spiritual connection and universal love. Neptune retrograde occurs yearly for 160 days (approximately 5 months).

Neptune stays in one sign for 14 entire years, which makes it, in many ways, the color of each generation. It takes 164 years to go through all 12 zodiac signs, compared to the 30 days it takes the Moon, or the 365 days it takes the Sun.

You may have heard someone be called “Neptunian,” and that means they are a creator, and a very spiritual person with ethereal connections to another dimension.

When Neptune goes retrograde, we can actually harness the positive energy of Neptune much more than usual.

This is when feelings, thoughts, intuition and dreams come to us with greater clarity, and this period offers up extraordinary moments of enlightenment. It is a great time for soul-searching, going off on a spiritual retreat, meditation, and reconnecting with yourself. It is also an incredible time for opening up the Third Eye chakra, and working on your psychic abilities.

So, what are the five things all zodiac signs can expect from this Neptune Retrograde?

5 Things All Zodiac Signs Can Expect From Neptune Retrograde

1. Heightened Psychic Ability

For those of you interested in strengthening your Third Eye, exploring your clairvoyant gifts further, or delving into the realm of the spiritually wonderful, can be taken advantage of during Neptune Retrograde because it has a powerful effect on this side of ourselves.

You may naturally feel more intuitive; your “gut feeling” may be on the alert, and you may find it easier to pick up on the feelings of others.

With stronger sensitivity levels, you can channel this into something productive, such as creative projects or researching ways of strengthening your own psychic superpowers. Strong psychic abilities are extremely useful in every day life, helping you to make decisions and assisting you in relationships and your career.

2. Ability to Dream Big

During Neptune Retrograde, your desire to fantasize is stronger than usual. This is wonderful energy for writers and artists, but it’s also super energy for relationships. If your relationship has been drab or dull and you feel the spark has been zapped out of it, use Neptune Retrograde to bring some spice back into your love life!

Creative types will benefit from this energy, and their imaginations will be on fire. But it’s important to be realistic too.

The imagination is only half of the creative project; the other half is about realism, practicality, and implementing it into the real world. That’s the power of creation. Crystals such as black tourmaline and smoky quartz are highly recommended to help you ground this creativity energy, and have a good balance.

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3. Spiritual Rituals

Spiritual development will be in focus during this retrograde, as well as your own ability to set a plan for your future based on your creative talents.

This doesn’t mean you have to take a trip to some far-off remote mountain in the Himalayas. A spiritual ritual can be as simple as engaging in meditative prayer in the evening, or holding your crystals in the morning for ten minutes, closing your eyes and repeating positive affirmations.

All spiritual activity is heightened during Neptune Retrograde. During this period, the more you engage in daily spiritual rituals, the more you are able to tap into your intuitive side and connect with the deepest part of yourself.

From these moments of connection come moments of reflection and, subsequently, greater spiritual enlightenment.

4. Stronger Manifestation Power

The Full and New Moons, which are potent times for manifestation and wishing for the reality you want, are especially powerful under Neptune Retrograde. The planet of dreams is also the planet of manifestation, because manifestation is intrinsically linked to psychic ability.

During this time, you have the ability to shape whatever reality you want. But beware – what you wish for may not always be what you want.

This is a lesson that is taught under the Full and New Moons regardless, but under Neptune Retrograde this ability is even more potent. If you want something, be sure you want it.

For example, you could wish to meet a nice partner for a relationship. You meet them (as you wished) but further down the line you realize they are not what they seemed and next thing you know, you’re scrabbling to get out of it!

If you choose to take advantage of this powerful time of manifestation, just be careful what you wish for.

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5. Deepening Bonds & Relationships

It stands to reason that because Neptune has such a powerful influence on the subconscious, and is the ruler of the twelfth house of hidden things, we are able to tap into our own subconscious with greater ease and also the subconscious of others.

This particular retrograde provides us with the ability to strengthen our relationships with those we care for. If there are blockages which are being dominated by an unruly ego, then we are able to break through these barriers and connect with someone at a soul level.

That being said, it’s a wonderful time for a heart to heart or reconciling. If you’re feeling more sensitive, then so are they.

Neptune Retrograde allows us to put the past behind us, for this is also a forgiving planet which embraces universal love. The strengthening or mending of relationships around this time can forge deeper and long-lasting ones for the future.

Self-Care During Neptune Retrograde

If you feel extra sensitive emotionally, don’t be surprised. Healthy ways to deal with this are:

  • Reading up on a variety of spiritual topics
  • Taking the time to journal
  • Engaging in meditation
  • Talking to a respected healer/mentor

Your internal feelings may be amplified, so take time to process them and don’t let your emotions rule your life. Make sure you still take care of the basics like eating well, getting enough sleep, and exercising. If you feel extra heightened in your awareness, stick to a routine that keeps you grounded so you don’t make any rash decisions on a whim.

Take care of you no matter your situation.

Allow yourself to self-reflect so you can uncover deeper aspects of your consciousness. Your gut will be telling you things and if you ignore it, your body could make you sick until you start to listen. It’s a strong feedback mechanism that is actually there to help you grow and heal.

Concluding Thoughts…

As Neptune Retrograde approaches, prepare yourself using the information above and let Neptune’s magic work for you.

The great thing about understanding the planetary movements is that we realize that we do not have to simply just accept whatever negative or positive influence they have on us. That is the beauty of free will and we can exercise it by understanding the planets and harnessing their energy for our own benefit.

Be open, but not deceived or weighed down by what you are feeling from others. Take care of you. Love unconditionally as the Law of Attraction and compassionate Pisces dictate. Be idealistic, but realistic. Trust, but verify all information that comes in at this time. And then create an action plan to achieve those ideals.

Embrace the energy of Neptune and let your imagination be your guide!

*Editor’s Note: This blog was updated from it’s previous publication date of June 4, 2015 for better astrological accuracy.

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