5 Things for All Zodiac Signs to Expect During Neptune Retrograde

Posted on June 19, 2019

​Neptune is the planet linked to our dreams, imagination, and intuition. This planet, which can induce fantasy and escapism, is going retrograde on June 20th until November 26th, 2019. What’s interesting about this retrograde is that it occurs in the actual sign ruled by Neptune, which is Pisces.

Because of this escapism tenet, Neptune gets a bad rap sometimes. Neptune is seen as elusive, which many confuse with deceptive.

But Neptune isn’t deceptive. It can’t be. It’s a planet. It is humans that take advantage of Neptune’s illusive creativity to cast a web or mask of deception when Neptune is retrograde. That’s a dangerous position when Neptune is in karmic Pisces which rules the twelfth house of spirituality and endings.

So today we are going to tackle a simple 5-point checklist to help keep your creativity flowing and success plan growing, while Neptune is retrograde. Learn how to spot the deceptions and illusions before they happen, AND, use those cloudy periods to create something amazing in your life. Are you ready?

What is Neptune Retrograde?

Neptune is about our vision and creativity, and it’s the planet that helps us set a beacon of possibility in our minds. It is absolutely one of the most influential planets in our lives because it is directly tied to our spiritual connection and universal love. Neptune retrograde occurs yearly for 160 days (approximately 5 months).

Neptune stays in one sign for 14 entire years, which makes it, in many ways, the color of each generation. It takes 164 years to go through all 12 zodiac signs, compared to the 30 days it takes the Moon, or the 365 days it takes the Sun. The good news for all of us is that a Neptune retrograde is actually looked at favorably compared to the mainstream dread associated with Mercury retrograde.

What does Neptune retrograde mean for you? Here’s what to expect and how to prepare yourself to use this time to your benefit!

Neptune Retrograde 5-Point Checklist

We all want to know our dreams and the meaning of them. Neptune is the planet on call for that. Neptune rules Pisces, the Mutable sign of the Water signs. Neptune is a planet of feminine energy, and may often be referred to as “she”, as you may have seen me refer to Venus on occasion.

Neptune embodies our hopes and dreams, our ideal scenarios. We may want a lover for example, and then we find one, and pin all of our dreams on that one person under Neptunian influence.

You may have heard someone be called “Neptunian,” and that means they are a creator, an imaginer, and a very spiritual person with ethereal connections to another dimension. Neptune unifies and sympathizes. So when Neptune is retrograde, we are feeling these things at a deeper level. Here are the only 5 things you need to know during this time. Embrace it. To thine own Neptunian self be true.

1. Dream Big, But Be Realistic.

We have a tendency to fantasize more when Neptune is retrograde. It’s wonderful energy for writers. But you can bring this energy into your own life. Dream big, but don’t stay up in those clouds. Come down to reality and find a way to make some practical dents into those hopes and dreams of yours.

It’s great to wish for something. But what have you done to actually get it in your life?

2. Create a Spiritual Ritual.

You are going to be feeling things under a deeper emotional influence during this transit.

Spiritual development will be heightened during this retrograde, as well as your own ability to set a plan for your future based on your creative talents.

That’s pretty exciting, isn’t it?

It’s not that you’re going to be able to just sit back and let everything come to you, you’re going to have to work at it; however, the energy is ripe for you to get out there and really go after what you want. You’re well set up to see unprecedented gains.

You don’t have to go all Gandhi to create a spiritual ritual. Like you plan your meals, plan time in your day to love yourself through spiritual activity such as meditation. Even sitting in a park for half an hour doing nothing can be spiritually invigorating. You do you. You’ll know what to put in your ritual when the time comes.

3. Be a Lover, Not a Fighter.

During this time your intuition will be heightened as well, bringing a new level of awareness. Working with others in a creative way will be easier under this influence. Your dreams will be more intense during this period and you can use them to heal your subconscious by writing them down to understand what they are revealing to you.

If you are confused about someone, love them. No matter what. It’s easy to love the world when things are great. Keep that flowing under Neptune retrograde.

You aren’t the only one feeling stuff right now. We are all under this influence. That means that when you love someone under this influence, miracles happen. Especially if there is tension.

Don’t fight back. Love.

4. Be Careful What You Wish For.

Being psychic can be very scary, especially if you don’t know what is going on. And sometimes we don’t want the answers or clarity that we think we want.

You may feel more empathic at this time. Just accept and embrace that, but that doesn’t mean you need to be nice to everyone and everything. Being more open puts you in a draining position. You may be primed to meet the guy of your dreams, but when you do meet someone, you get an instant ick factor. This may be what you wished for, but it may not appear as you like. So treat this situation with kindness, remember tip number 3 above. But, don’t be afraid to back away from this dude or the situation you are experiencing.

You don’t have to be nice to people or give your all to situations that aren’t nice to you. Just back away with kindness.

You can finally find some clarity in this period and the promise it holds. If you didn’t feel psychic for the last few months, watch as your precognition kicks in.

To prepare yourself to use the very positive energy you will have at your disposal in the realm of socializing and creativity, start to think about projects you’d like to undertake and who you’d like to work with, and start planting those seeds. Maybe schedule some networking events, map out your ideas, or create a vision board to get the ball rolling.

Create. Use every ounce of positive energy and clarity to keep rolling on your success plan.

5. Self-Care is Health Care.

If you feel extra sensitive emotionally, don’t be surprised. Healthy ways to deal with this are to take classes on spiritual topics, get spiritual assistance in your process by a respected healer that other people trust, or spend time digging deeper into your own soul’s truth through meditation, journaling, and intuition development steps like eating a very clean diet.

Your internal feelings may be amplified, so take time to process them and don’t let your emotions rule your life. Make sure you still take care of the basics like eating well, getting enough sleep, and exercising. If you feel extra heightened in your awareness, stick to a routine that keeps you grounded so you don’t make any rash decisions on a whim.

Self-care is health care! If you aren’t rested or feel like garbage, you can’t knock your wealth plan out of the park, and you’ll make a terrible first date impression, or suck the life out of your lover at your anniversary dinner.

Take care of you no matter your situation.

Since you will be able to develop spiritually, this is not a time to bury your feelings with substances or to ignore your feelings in any way. Allow yourself to self-reflect so you can uncover deeper aspects of your consciousness. Your gut will be telling you things and if you ignore it, your body could make you sick until you start to listen. It’s a strong feedback mechanism that is actually there to help you grow and heal.

Concluding Thoughts…

In Neptune retrograde, you may be very social, very focused on the future, and see clear lines between previously unconnected dots. Each Neptune retrograde has its own color, depending on what the other planets are doing. This retrograde is particularly helpful and will give us a strong sense of optimism and connection to the creativity and soul energy in others so we can really band together and make magic happen.

Be open, but not deceived or weighed down by what you are feeling from others. Take care of you. Love unconditionally as the Law of Attraction and compassionate Pisces dictate. Be idealistic, but realistic. Trust, but verify all information that comes in at this time. And then create an action plan to achieve those ideals.

You may decide it’s more important to probe deeper into the unknown instead of going with the flow during this time.

What visions or dreams do you want to manifest under Neptune retrograde?

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