Your May 2021 Energy Forecast

Posted on April 29, 2021
Updated on May 13, 2021

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Fasten your seat belts and hold on tight because we are moving full speed ahead into the number “5” vibrations of May.

2021 is such a multidimensional year of divine expansion, as we open our hearts to love and our channels to the sacred melody of the Universe. The number 5 represents the perfected individual in human form—the magic of balance and harmony and divine will.

Since we are in a number 5 year, May’s energy will feel more intense, generating rapid currents of transformation.

The previous months packed one heck of a punch, but the exhaustion is finally lifting, we are getting up, and our purpose is taking root. We are beginning to feel more confident, empowered, and ready to walk in our divine truth. May will be moving fast, but it’s important to know that your test is balanced and the driving force of love you wish to see in the world.

Don’t rush the process because so much is unfolding.

Even if you are unsure what’s around the corner this month, the best thing you can do is breathe and hope for the best. When you experience doubt, that energy in motion triggers unconscious fears and patterns that dismantle your manifestation. We are experiencing a historic shift in consciousness, and the key focus is to root in the higher consciousness of unconditional love.

So, what can we expect this month? Well, the energy will be busy, busy, busy, that’s for sure.

Mercury is up to his tricks in Gemini, with Venus repairing the distortion in our mind/heart connection. The Taurus New Moon opens the summer eclipse gateway, showing us how to really bring down the spiritual into material form. The Sun moves into Gemini, along with social planets, Jupiter moving into his traditional ruling sign of Pisces, and Saturn stationing retrograde in Aquarius.

Another revolutionary shift for the collective.

The Sagittarius eclipse restores our ultimate physical power, taking us on a journey of a lifetime. While the Sun, Mercury, Venus, and the North Node, usher us closer toward the soul’s promise, our divine truth.

Let’s check out this month’s planetary conversations.

Your May 2021 Energy Forecast

May 3, 2021: Mercury Enters Gemini

Multidimensional Expansion

After manifesting with Pluto while in a stressful square to Jupiter, the illuminated messenger moves into its ruling zodiac and activates a new cycle that expands our multidimensional channels.

Mercury feels right at home in Gemini, the sign of interplay whose energy moves faster than the speed of light. Our words create our reality, and Gemini shows us the duality we see in our reality due to our thoughts and words. Especially the duality between the mind and the heart. Your heart feels its purpose, but the mind continues to cause limitations.

At its highest frequency, Gemini is loving conscious wisdom in action. When paired with Mercury, we attract the opportunity to detach from habitual fear-based reactions and thought patterns. Exposing the truth of the lower mind and the perception that was based on duality.

Once the realization is achieved, the lower mind becomes the multifaceted diamond, the higher divine mind!

What makes this transit even better is that it kicks off the second Mercury retrograde of 2021. Our favorite season of the year. Mercury’s pre-retrograde shadow starts 5/14, retrograde begins 5/29 through 6/22, with post shadow ending July 7th.


Since Mercury is right at home in Gemini, expect a boost in communication, intuition, curiosity, and social connections.

The downside of Gemini energy can create gossip and know it all’s. Be receptive and create space for others to speak. The inner operating system is learning how to create and imagine a world of love through the power of the higher mind and integrate that into our current reality.

We are shifting our actions, responses, and thoughts to a new station. Allow yourself to surrender and change the station.

May 8, 2021: Venus Enters Gemini

Relational Duality

Venus enters Gemini just after manifesting with Pluto and in a tight square Jupiter. If we speak to the heart, the mind will follow. The multidimensional energy of Gemini elevates the heart to new territories, infusing it with the crystalline consciousness of the source.

The mind/heart duality limits us from reaching our true potential and living a life aligned with the soul. When we are willing to see the truth in duality, regardless of whether it is pretty, we amplify our power and access the portal to limitless possibilities.

This energy boosts communication, social, and romantic connections.

Remember, when you speak, do it with love, do it with dignity, honor, truth, and passion. Venus is extra flirtatious in Gemini, and the heart wants to explore and have fun. The downside is the energy may cause miscommunications in relationships.

Take a step back and breathe!

May 11, 2021: Taurus New Moon

Sacred Geometry of the Heart

Today is one of the most fertile New Moons of the year.

The grounding force of May’s New Moon in Taurus comes to light the way towards material abundance and soul manifestation.

Taurus is the light of material creation, the sign of conscious obedience, and the tree of life. The stabilizing force of Taurus grounds us in the higher vision of the heart and awakens the sacred geometry of the soul. If we continue to remain stuck in our belief system, attitudes, attachments, and ego limitations, we miss the chance to evolve and shift our story.

You limit yourself by clinging to what you think you know or allowing the mind to override your soul’s blueprint. It’s time to move out of the head and into the power of the body.

Mercury conjunct the North Node underneath the New Moon, Mars square Chiron, and sextile Uranus, all conversations occurring 11 degrees. We will be forced to confront those deep core wounds and the imbalances in our emotional bodies.

Your emotional body needs to be healed from past pain and trauma to fuel your desires from a clearer, higher channel of consciousness for your manifestation to unfold successfully.

Transformation requires active change, love, patience, and trust. We charge like the bull when the time is right, patiently waiting for the signal from the Universe.

This New Moon is about us taking root. It’s a new beginning to material manifestation and a life of luxury aligned with your soul’s purpose—such a potent opportunity to open your eyes, surrender, and align with the abundance you deserve. Just like a seed planted, we have to creep, crawl, and grow into the magnificent garden of abundance.

The New Moon is in a sextile with Neptune, heightening our intuition and providing us with clarity.

Use this energy to ground and get practical about your goals.

Happy New Moon!

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May 13, 2021: Jupiter Enters Pisces

Spiritual Expansion

Jupiter moves into the cosmic ocean of Pisces, taking us on a journey beyond our physical boundaries and into the unconditional ocean of cosmic love.

Jupiter is the traditional ruler of Pisces before Neptune was discovered. This transit provides us an opportunity to develop our intuition, compassion, wisdom, and emotional support. Jupiter enjoys abundantly expanding in the limitless ocean of Pisces, dissolving all boundaries of physical manifestation and uniting with our soul’s power.

This energy is just a preview of what’s to come. Jupiter will begin retrograde on June 20th, re-enters Aquarius on July 29th, and back into Pisces on December 28th, 2021.

Now, of course, Jupiter’s expansive and overindulgent energy may cause some problems when in Pisces. Boundaries are dissolved, and you may lack direction. It’s important to focus and ground. Many spiritual truths and realizations flood to the surface under this energy. It is time to realize that despite all the religions, groups, etc., we are all connected to an inner spirit, and our experiences and views can help each other.

There are so many paths to enlightenment. That is what makes us unique!

May 14, 2021: Mercury Retrograde Pre-Shadow

Building Tension

The swift messenger Mercury enters pre-Rx shadow in Gemini today.

Retrograde begins on May 29th, ends on June 20th, and finishes post-shadow on July 7th. Another massive retrograde for the books. During this time, there’s uncertainty in the air. Minor miscommunications, arguments, and errors are sure to arise. The heart is ready to lead the way, but the mind keeps going back to limiting situations.

This transit activates a major cycle and point of ascension, which will peak during the lunar eclipse season and summer.

may 2021 astrology calendar

May 20, 2021: Sun Enters Gemini

Celebrating Gemini

Happy Birthday, Gemini!

A new season is upon us, with the Sun moving into Gemini, until June 20th. This is a brand-new season of action, movement, and fast-paced energy. Gemini is the light of interplay, the crystalline twins of love in action, one here on earth and one in higher dimensions, similar to our higher and lower selves.

Always caught between the angel and the devil, good and bad, which are really just expressions seeking to need balance.

Ruled by the planet Mercury, there is no doubt that Geminis are known for their zany speech, but they also symbolize the community’s living spirit and higher consciousness. Under this energy, we can expect massive downloads and insights.

Creating the need to make sacred space for conscious self-care, love, and compassion.

Since Mercury retrogrades in this sign, there will be a strong focus on communication, expression, and how we connect with people. Relationship issues with family, friends, or lovers may resurface due to miscommunications and the fear of expressing the truth.

This season takes us full speed into the Pleiades portal, conjunct the fixed star Alcyone until May 24th. An evolutionary journey into our soul’s cosmic blueprint.

So, what can we expect this Gemini season? Learning how to discern and focus on the balancing of the mind and heart, along with the calling of the soul. The winds of change are breezing in, taking us on a new path.

  • Air signs, expect new opportunities and social connections.
  • Fire signs will find ease adjusting to new projects and goals.
  • Water signs, it’s time to swim outside your comfort zone. The world is literally your oyster.
  • Earth signs will be forced to change and release old habits. So much abundance awaits you.

Happy Gemini Season!

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May 21, 2021: Sun Squares Jupiter

Conflicting Views

The Sun and Jupiter clash in a head-on square that is like a double-edged sword.

This energy brings up questions surrounding our belief system, community, and value system. In comparison, you may feel extremely confident and ready to take over the world. It is important not to bite off more than you can chew.

Are you making promises you can’t fulfill? If so, it’s time to confront those issues and find a resolution for change. Patience, self-discipline, and persistence will align you with your soul desires.

May 23, 2021: Saturn Retrograde

Collective Responsibility

Saturn stations retrograde 13° in Aquarius for around five months until October 10th. There is no doubt that Saturn’s trip through Aquarius is an evolutionary shift in our current foundation.

You can count on those good ole’ Saturnian issues to resurface and create a storm.

This retrograde will test you and all your work for yourself since the Grand conjunction back on December 21st, 2020. Any resistance to change will create a lot of stress and frustration. One minute you feel grounded, the next, feelings of instability kick in.

The important thing to learn during this station is trust.

It is time to take responsibility for the structures we create. When we start making the right choices in our own lives, we start revolutionizing a new way. Saturn’s second square to Uranus in June will be a massive wake-up call for the collective to come together.

May 26, 2021: Saggitarius Lunar Eclipse

Soulful Adventures

Today activates the summer eclipse season, with the Lunar eclipse occurring 5 degrees in Sagittarius, the seeker of truth and wisdom. This cycle opens up the gate of soul power and stimulates our zest for life. The energy brings some major yet needed challenges to aim our arrow and expand.

Sagittarius is the adventurous and noble archer of physical wisdom and spiritual truth. This Full Moon is the light that destroys, purifies, and reveals a greater pathway. A pathway that expands our worldwide view. Now it’s about really releasing attachments, burning away the old patterns that bind us to 3D limitations, and freeing ourselves from the same tired old conditioning stories.

That is not to discredit what anyone has been through, but it is really time for us to step up and create a new way of acting, thinking, and speaking at this point of the game.

When we release and allow the fire to destroy, our spirit is set free to explore new territories and reign free. Mercury has been opposite the Galactic center, streaming in new levels of light codes. Always remember to connect back with your breath in times of confusion or stress. The power in you knows the truth.


This Lunar eclipse is the ceremonial fire, the purification of your physical limitations, and expansion into your soul’s blueprint. At any given moment, you can set yourself free. Your truth is what will aid in that process, but it comes with the unlearning of what was, to learn what is.

Get ready for a summer full of quantum leaps and expansive change.

Happy Full Moon!

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May 27, 2021: Venus Square Neptune

Blurred Lines

It’s easy to blur the lines between what’s addicting and what’s not, our values, our beliefs, and morals.

When Venus and Neptune intersect, it may cause you to feel frustrated with yourself. You can always count on Neptune to lift the veil of illusions for our highest good. In this case, those illusions include beauty, finances, social connections, relationships, values, and our decision-making process.

To reach the core of our heart, the battery for soul manifestation, we need those reality checks and revelations to shift us in order. Instead of focusing on everything that you are not happy about, focus on what you have.

Focus on the beauty of life and the breath in your body. This transit has great potential to stimulate your artistic and sensual side. The most amazing art is created through some of the most intense challenges. This energy can blur boundaries and cause mixed signals in relationships.

Take a step back and focus on the enlightenment of self.

May 29, 2021: Mercury Retrograde 24 Degrees Gemini

Exploring Truth

The swift messenger of the cosmos stations retrograde today, 24 degrees in the multidimensional consciousness of Gemini. This transit refines our inner operating system to crystalline clarity. As we know, Mercury retrogrades always like to kick up a storm, and there is no doubt that this retrograde will be another one for the books.

So, what can we expect during Mercury retrograde in Gemini?

Themes of creativity, discernment, freedom, gossip, and exploration. This energy will really put the collective in check by showing us different perspectives and ways to take on new opportunities. This is where discernment comes in because you need to be able to tell what is and what is not meant for you.

There is so much freedom when you spread your wings and fly but try not to get caught up in any arguments or heated discussions.

Gemini is known as the chatterbox; be mindful of what conversations you place yourself in. Be prepared for miscommunications, reconnecting with old friends or exes, excess email, text messages, and even misplaced packages.

As previously mentioned, Gemini is Mercury’s home, aligning and rebooting us to the crystalline truth. Expect to channel higher levels of consciousness during this time.

Words create your reality; be mindful of the reality you create.

May 31, 2021: Sun Conjunct North Node, Opposite South Node

Journey to Fulfillment

The axis of adaptability and change is activated as the Sun blends with the North Node and opposes the South.

The nodes are known as our Soul Star and Earth Star chakras, the magnetic poles of our past truth and destiny. As we finish out a dynamic month, today’s aspect gifts us creativity, inner fulfillment, and the necessary skills needed to achieve the soul’s purpose, a path filled with abundance, love, luck, and prosperity.

Insecurities of the past are not allowed on this new journey, so it’s best to leave the fears in May and step into your power. This energy will also help you express yourself more clearly. Learn to trust yourself.

You have everything you need!

Energy Tips for May 2021

May has taken us by storm, a whirlwind of transformational shifts, revelations, and upgrades.

We transformed from the Fool into the Magician. Actualizing our soulful expression and spiritual will to achieve. When your destiny calls, will you be alert and present to answer? Because you do not want to miss what the universe has in store for you. This is the divine alignment of your greatest truth.

This month’s oracle card is “spiritual cleansing” from the Sacred Symbols Deck.

With brand new opportunities and divine alignment unfolding, this would be a great time to cleanse the mind, body, and spirit. A cleansing of energies will shift any stagnant or stuck energy in your space. To move forward, light as a feather. We have to cleanse the 3D junk from our bodies and mind.

Find a practice that works best for you. There is no right or wrong way, as long as you show up for yourself.

We planted the seeds in dark, fertile ground. Now we create sacred space for nourishment so that the seeds may bloom. Don’t rush the process. As we leap into an active season this summer, you will begin to see your dreams manifest in reality.

  • Cleanse your space
  • Clear out any clutter and catch up on correspondence
  • Meditate to find a balance between the extremes
  • Make mental health your top priority
  • Love yourself!

Be the driving force of love this month! Happy May!

may astrology calendar 2021

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