Mercury in Libra Forecast: Kill ‘em With Kindness and Win…Every Time.

Posted on August 29, 2015
Updated on July 02, 2020

So Summer has been a grand ol’ time, huh? Venus and Leo have been giving us our share of joys. And a Full Moon in Pisces is about to take that up a notch. But many Earthlings are grieving over the Summer’s end. And there’s nothing wrong with that. It’s okay to be sad when saying goodbye to the lazy days of Summer. And Universe has given us a grand one. There has been a LOT of fun for everyone, and enough clarity to go around the world ten times over. Finally you are feeling relieved about some things, no? I hope so. If not, drop us a line and let us know what we can help you out with, because my hunch is that clarity is closer than you think. It should have been an awesome Summer all around, but if the game changing moments you were hoping for didn’t happen, it’s not too late. We have some Virgo and Libra energy entering the playing field as well, don’t let that scare you. Yes, the emphasis is less on the fun but that doesn’t mean more of the dull. Especially when Libra is getting her say in there. We know that Universe is all about balance and that the good times can’t last forever. But, again, that doesn’t mean that life has to get dull. Instead, what the Universe wants you to do moving forward into the seasons is to take all of the lessons you learned while having fun, and put them to the reality test.

Reality. A word that makes us go “Ouch.” Nobody wants that but c’mon. Nobody can survive living in the fun zone for forever either. So let’s take the lessons that Summer taught us and see how much of that fun can hold water. Because if it can, then when life stops being organized and practical then guess what? If you guessed more fun, then you were right. Balance. And if it can’t, then it’s far better to find that out now than when eclipse season comes around. “Balance” is a great word to keep in mind with the transit that has just begun on August 27, the transit of Mercury in Libra.

What is Mercury in Libra?

Mercury spends about 3 weeks in each sign and just came out of Virgo. It seemed to take forever to get responses from people over the past few weeks, right? Thank Mercury in Virgo. Virgo slowed everybody down. That energy picks up as Mercury moves from Virgo and Mercury enters Libra on August 27 where Mercury will stay for a few weeks. So Mercury may not be in fun-loving Leo, but you are going to experience more balance in communications over the next few weeks. It should feel good. And it is the energy that you can use in all areas of your life to smooth out any wrinkles left over from Summer, and to put Summer lessons to the reality test.

Some things happened this Summer that need to stay in the Summer of 2015 and never be spoken of again. You probably know what those are and you don’t need the Mercury in Libra test to make that assessment. But if you don’t know what those are, then put those confusing issues to the test in Mercury in Libra and see what happens. Some will hold up, some won’t, and then you will have the information you need to move forward in that situation. Could be a relationship, could be a job, could be an…anything.

If there is an issue from Summer that you want forward motion on this Fall, the best time to make those moves is when Mercury is in Libra. This is the planet of communication, messages, contracts, paperwork, transportation, and short journeys entering the diplomatic, harmonious, and fair zodiac sign of Libra. It is a harmonious transit that favors partnerships, transactions, communications, justice, legal matters, messages, devices that carry messages, and travel. So any matter in your life that is related to any of those things will be enhanced over the next few weeks if you use Mercury in Libra energy to your advantage. And the best time to do that is before Mercury goes retrograde in Libra, when all communications are going to slow down to even slower than they were when Mercury was in Virgo. How are you going to do that? You’re going to kill them with kindness, and win…every time. You have until September 17 when Mercury goes retrograde so get your chatty and charming self on, and get ready to put key experiences in your life to the Mercury in Libra reality test.

Make Friends and Influence People With Mercury in Libra

This is a very exciting transit to have right after Summer. Here we have the planet of communications in the planet of harmony. If you need to have “The Talk” with someone, it will be very easy to do so now. This is the kind of energy that will allow you to sell ice to the snowman. Everybody’s a winner in all communications, which is why it is so easy to tell now who was “real” from your Summer and who wasn’t. Communications and relationships should seem easy and breezy like Airy Libra, and if they aren’t, they won’t survive the Mercury in Libra reality test. Epic change is in the air, and it’s right before retrograde and eclipse season. Use Mercury in Libra now to create positive change, before the eclipses do that work for you. And if you do, Mercury in Libra will ensure you make friends and influence people and create positive and forward direction….in any area of your life. Follow these 3 very simple tips and prepare to be amazed.

• Kill ‘em With Kindness. Libra is the zodiac diplomat. She’s harsh sometimes and her truth is pretty blunt. But you will rarely catch her lying. She hates it. She is also elegant and graceful, but definitely speaks her mind. Sometimes her words cut like a sword, but she is always kind. The truth may hurt in this period, but if you are kind in the process, you win. Enter every conversation you have with every person in your life as if it is the last time you are ever going to speak to them. Ever. Keep that conscious thought. You don’t need to fall over yourself with love every time you order pizza. Just keep that conscious thought. You never want anger and mean words to be the last thing someone remembers about you, even if you don’t like them very much. When conflict arises, kill them with kindness. It’s an automatic win for you with Mercury in Libra.

• Act fast. You don’t need to believe in Mercury in Libra for the energy to be fast paced. Everyone on Earth is feeling the impetus to make the most of their Summer, or gear up to finish resolutions before year’s end, or, whatever, to accomplish their life goals. It’s a natural feeling in Fall, and Mercury in Libra is airy energy which means quick. Everyone wants to have that big change. What that means for you is, kill them with kindness, but act fast. Don’t hem and haw and wait until the day before retrograde to ask your boss for a promotion or raise, or have “The Talk” with someone you love, because, if you wait, someone else might beat you to the punch. You do need to act fast under this transit, if you want to actually get what you want.

• Don’t be Talk-Blocked. Okay so you want to have a talk with someone and ask for something that you want, or discuss something that would create forward movement on an experience in your life. You’re allowed to want what you want, and ask for what you want. You may get a no. Who cares? At least you asked, and now you know. So don’t self-talk your way out of your Ask, number one. And number two, don’t let anybody else do the same either. Have you ever had one of those conversations where you spent days gearing up for a big Ask, with your boyfriend or your boss or whatever, and they Talk-blocked you? They sensed what you were about to ask them, or something, and then created a scenario that made it impossible for you to present your Ask. That is manipulative and it will happen under this transit. That’s why acting fast is important. Let’s say you want a promotion for example, and spend weeks honing your pitch. Then as soon as you walk into your boss’s office and start talking he shows you pictures of little Johnny that needs braces, or Lucy who is still on her leukemia treatments. Kill them with kindness, yes, but don’t allow your kindness to be used as a weakness and used against you with the Talk block. If you want to have The Talk with your boyfriend or boss, don’t let them stop you. Ask for what you want and then no matter what happens, you sleep well at night knowing you took charge of your destiny. Remember, communication and harmony are favored right now. There really is no better time to ask.

And there you have it. The only 3 things you need to know if you want to see forward movement in some area of your life. If your life needs negotiating over the next few weeks, keep these things in mind and get your feet running. Do so before September 17 when these matters, and anything that needs to be negotiated, hit the slow lane with Mercury Retrograde. And if you do, then you can go into eclipse season feeling refreshed and renewed, instead of drained and depleted. You deserve forward movement in your life. If you ask for it during Mercury in Libra, you can kill them with kindness and win…every time. What is your Big Ask?

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