New Moon in Cancer: Owning Your Emotions

Posted on July 19, 2020
Updated on October 28, 2020

A New Moon above the ocean.

Do you feel the winds of change flowing through the air? Can you sense the fresh energy and new beginnings brought on by the changing lunar cycles? There is a New Moon in Cancer approaching, which can bring a certain kind of energy into your sphere, and today we’re going to explore what this New Moon means for you.

The New Moon occurs once every lunar cycle, and marks the beginning of each new cycle. It brings feelings of transformation and a desire to turn over a new leaf.

This is a time to recognize and clear your emotions, making room for new, exciting experiences.

What Does It Mean When the New Moon Is in Cancer?

The New Moon marks the beginning of the 28-day lunar cycle that we experience each month.

This lunar phase represents the beginning of the cycle, transformation, change, and flowing into the next period of change. In fact, the New Moon and the Full Moon are the most crucial phases of each lunar cycle!

When combined with the energy of Cancer, this can represent a period of change when it comes to your feelings and how you relate to the world emotionally. Cancer is ruled by Water, the astrological element that represents emotions and intuition.

When we experience a New Moon in Cancer, you can expect a surge of intuitive energy to enter your psychic field. Cancer asks us to evaluate our emotional responses to the world around us, while the New Moon encourages us to try new approaches to challenges and situations that need our attention.

In fact, when a New Moon is in any Water sign – Cancer, Scorpio, or Pisces – we can expect the focus of this influence to shine on our emotional center, especially as the Moon rules over our emotions.

When the Moon and the element of Water come together, you can bet money that your emotional responses are going to be challenged in some way. However, these challenges work to help you grow and find new ways to approach your feelings.

The Good, the Bad, and the Crabby of New Moon in Cancer

Along with being ruled by the emotional Moon, Cancer is symbolized by the crab. The benefit of the Cancer zodiac sign is that we have loving and emotional energy centering us. But, there is also a downside. If we get too emotional, the crabby pinchers are going to come out.

The good: You can plant some exciting new beginnings with this Moon. All you need to do is follow your heart. The heart wants what the heart wants, and the New Moon in Cancer is going to help you figure out exactly what that is.

With Cancer being a cardinal sign, the good is also found in the leadership skills that Cancer can bring. You are calling the shots now. You are in charge of your destiny.

The bad: It’s very easy to fall into the trap of being “bossy” under Cancer energy. Being a leader in your life is admirable to all of those around you. Although, steamrolling over whoever to get what you want, isn’t.

So lead, but lead with love when you are planting those seeds of new beginnings.

The ugly: Arguments and confrontations will break out if you are attempting to be too controlling. Remember, Cancer is about tending to the needs of the whole family. Sometimes it is very easy for Cancer to make the decisions, and then inform everyone in their world what they are doing, before asking for feedback.

It’s very easy to fall into this trap under Cancer energy, but don’t! There are so many beautiful things about this transit you are better served embracing.

How Does the New Moon in Cancer Affect Each Sign?

A person standing on a mountain surrounded by the stars.

While the New Moon in Cancer may have an overall effect on our emotions as a global community, it may challenge each sign in unique ways.


This New Moon makes you feel cozier and more domestic than usual, Aries. This is an excellent time to relax at home with your favorite notebook or journal and a glass of wine.

Allow yourself to explore your feelings during this time, and try not to hold yourself or your emotions back.


The New Moon in Cancer encourages you to try to follow your intuition and do what comes naturally, Taurus. You may have been hiding your feelings from those around you, but Cancer asks you to share them with your loved ones.

Don’t bottle your emotions up and ignore them; let them flow.


It can be difficult for you to deal with the increase of emotions that this New Moon brings, Gemini. Try to find new outlets for your emotions during this time, like painting, writing, drawing, singing, or dancing.

Don’t shy away from trying new things right now.


With the New Moon in your sign, you may feel more intuitive and creative than ever, Cancer. This is the perfect time to focus on the things you want to manifest. Try making a colorful vision board of everything you want in your life.

Try not to let doubt interfere; simply share your desires with the Universe.

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You may feel more concerned with your career and success during this transit, Leo. But you are going to reach your goals soon if you continue to trust the Universe.

Practice gratitude for how far you’ve come, and try not to be hard on yourself right now.


This is an excellent time to rediscover your talents and abilities, Virgo. You feel more creative and inspired right now, so take advantage of the visions and ideas that come to you now.

Let your muse speak through you right now, and don’t let yourself avoid the emotions you may feel.


Your focus may rest on your home life now, Libra, especially as a sign that deeply desires peace in the home. This is a great time to work through any emotional issues that you may have had with those in your own home right now.

Avoiding the issues could make them even worse.


This may be an emotionally powerful time for you, Scorpio. You desire clear, precise communication during this time, but your emotions may stand between yourself and others.

Practice healing exercises like yoga and meditation to promote patience and help you avoid conflict.


This New Moon may encourage you to spend your money on luxury items, Sagittarius. Make sure that you’re taking ample time to think about your purchases, and determine whether they’re necessary.

Try not to overindulge during this period, as this can cause you to avoid your emotions.


You feel the need to re-evaluate your life circumstances and relationships, Capricorn. This New Moon calls attention to any situation that is no longer serving you.

Be willing to let go of these things right now, and try to avoid holding onto harmful behaviors or relationships due to comfort.


This is an excellent time for you to experience emotions and feelings that you may otherwise avoid, Aquarius. The New Moon in Cancer helps you face these feelings head-on and release them, making room for inspiration and energy.

Don’t avoid these emotions right now.


With the New Moon in a Water sign such as yours, you may feel more emotionally sensitive than usual, Pisces. It’s crucial that you work on activities and practices that raise your confidence during this transit, like meditation and crystal healing.

Try not to be too hard on yourself or others right now.

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How Do Different Moon Signs Interact with This New Moon?

Moon Sign in Fire (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius)

You feel your emotions more passionately right now, which can cause conflict if you aren’t gentle with yourself and others. Physical exercise acts as a wonderful release for overwhelming emotions; but don’t forget your creative side.

Creative self-expression will help you face these emotions in a safe manner.

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Moon Sign in Earth (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn)

You’re not used to feeling this emotional, which can be quite frustrating for you – especially if you avoid dealing with emotions and prefer focusing on work. This is the time to sink deep into whatever feelings are flowing through you right now.

Writing these feelings down can help you deal with them with poise and grace.

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Moon Sign in Air (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius)

Air signs aren’t well-known for their ability to handle their emotions, as they typically prefer to think things through rather than follow your heart. This influence asks you to do just that, however, and you may find it difficult to connect to your emotions.

Meditation and crystal healing can release any emotional blocks that may be holding you back.

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Moon Sign in Water (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces)

You’re deep in your feelings during this transit, and you may feel emotionally overwhelmed. However, this is an excellent time to work through any issues that have been weighing on your heart.

You can see clearly to the other side right now, making it easier for you to detach yourself from any situations or relationships that are no longer serving you.

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How Does the New Moon in Cancer Affect Your Dreams?

The New Moon occurs on the darkest nights, because the Moon is merely a sliver during this transit. These dark nights can lead to new dreams, especially as the New Moon represents transformation.

When the New Moon is in Cancer, you may experience dreams that touch on your deepest emotions and insecurities. This would be a great time to keep a notebook and pen by your bedside so you can write your dreams down as soon as you wake up. This can give you more insight into hidden emotions within yourself.

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What If You Were Born During A New Moon in Cancer?

People born during a New Moon are typically big fans of trying new things and going on spontaneous adventures. These folks love to change things up, and focus on unique aspects of life that others might overlook.

If you were born while the New Moon is in Cancer, you might focus this desire for new things on your emotional life – you want to find new outlets and try different manners of self-expression.

A New Moon in Cancer Ritual

A person lights sage over their New Moon altar.

The New Moon is the perfect time for manifestation, and when it’s in Cancer, it’s the perfect time to manifest the emotional state of being that you want to attract for yourself.

That’s why this manifestation ritual is so perfect!

For this ritual, you’ll need:

  • Moonstone
  • Sage or incense for smudging
  • Notebook
  • Pen or pencil
  • Candle
  • Your favorite music

Step 1

Start by finding a sacred space in your home or outside that feels comfortable.

Step 2

Light your candle, and then your incense or sage. Let the cleansing, healing smoke wash over your body and flow throughout the room.

Step 3

Press play on your playlist or album.

Step 4

Sit down in a comfortable position, hold your moonstone in your left hand, and close your eyes.

Breathe deeply and visualize everything you want to manifest into your emotional life – do you want to feel happy? Do you want to feel more emotionally stable? Do you desire a close friend with which you can share your emotions? Do you wish to sink into your feelings more deeply?

Spend a few minutes imagining your favorite scenarios.

Step 5

When you feel ready, open your eyes and grab your notebook. Make a list of the things you visualized, the things you want to attract – and be as specific as possible. When you feel satisfied with your list, go outside and bury it in the dirt.

When the things you wrote down begin appearing, make sure to practice gratitude towards the Universe.

When Is the Next New Moon in Cancer?

The next New Moon in Cancer will occur on July 20th, 2020. Celebrate this emotional journey!

Celebrate the New Moon in Cancer

Big change awaits you when you embrace all of these things we talked about. Remember, don’t take life so personally. Just live it, and do it from the heart. If it doesn’t work out, that is the Universe’s way of saying, “You hit the wrong nail this time. Try again.”

Lead with love, even if you make a mistake or two along the way. The formula is simple. Listen to your heart, plant seeds with love, and watch it grow into something beautiful.

What are your New Moon in Cancer wishes?

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