New Moon in Leo – Time To Let Your Inner Child Roar

Posted on July 18, 2017

We are in a period of astrology where many astrologers consider this to be the most fun time of the year. It′s Leo time! This year′s Leo energy is very powerful and it begins this week! What happens this week, and over the next several weeks, could set an incredible tone for the rest of the year. No pressure! That′s exactly how Leo loves it. The Sun will enter Leo this week, and we are also seeing a potent New Moon in Leo arriving as well. This is a New Moon about embracing the themes of Leo and launching some exciting new beginnings. But there is so much more to this New Moon that is launching a period to set you up for success before next month′s solar eclipse. It′s time to let that inner child roar like the lion that Leo is, and when you do, incredible things are going to happen. Let′s have a look.

What is the New Moon in Leo?

Let′s review New Moons briefly. A New Moon is that tiny sliver of a Moon that you see in the sky at the end of a Moon phase. But it′s not the end, it is actually just the beginning. With this tiny sliver of a Moon hanging in the sky, Universe says, there′s so much in this world to fill up that Moon before it becomes a Full Moon again. That′s why New Moons are always about new beginnings. The Moon is offering you endless possibilities over the next several weeks!

Now when it comes to a New Moon in Leo, you have new beginnings happening that will adopt the themes of the zodiac sign of Leo. Leo as the Fixed Fire Sign is a fiery one, and found in the fifth zodiac sign. The number 5 in numerology is all about fun, pleasures, and entertainment. Leo is also symbolized by the Strength card in Tarot, that symbolizes lion-like courage and is noted by the number 8, for the eighth month of the year – August.

8 is a success number, and 5 is a fun number, and when you put those two qualities together under the New Moon in Leo, guess what you get? A period where you can let your hair down a little and have some good old fashioned fun, while still working courageously towards your success. When you do that under the New Moon in Leo, you are launching a very exciting period of new beginnings.

This year, the New Moon in Leo is working energy right into August. August is a powerful period in Universe. The New Moon in Leo arrives July 23, and will give you the energy to play with right up until August 7, when we see our next lunar eclipse of the year with a Full Moon. This is going to be a big change for many. Two weeks after that is our next solar eclipse of the year on August 21, which will create changes that launch even more new beginnings as you prepare for Fall or Spring, depending on where you are in the world.

So now you can see why the New Moon in Leo happening this week is a very important one. But don′t take your eyes off of the prize of fun. That′s what this New Moon is all about. Not overthinking anything, and just enjoying yourself in fun and pleasurable ways. When you do that with the courage of Leo the lion, you are going to launch some exciting miracles for yourself.

New Moon New Beginnings Are About Planting Seeds

New Moon new beginnings are about planting seeds, not, picking flowers. So, let′s say you want a garden of success this year. You′re not going to wake up one day and find it. You have to tend to this garden and literally, start from scratch. First, you get the Earth ready, then you plant the seeds, then you weed and water as needed, and eventually your blossoms will grow. So make New Moon wishes yes, but don′t expect your miracles to happen overnight.

You won′t have to wait months for that garden to grow, as these are spiritual blossoms you are working on and not physical ones. With the New Moon in Leo, you will only have to wait about two weeks until that Full Moon and lunar eclipse arrives on August 7, signaling the next big change for you. So you can start now by thinking about what new beginnings you want throughout the rest of the Summer months or Winter months in the Southern Hemisphere, and plan that garden of success. How can you do that spiritually?

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