Pisces’ New Moon Melody Opens Your Heart

Posted on February 17, 2020

Get excited because February 23 brings us a New Moon! This next New Moon is in the loving and highly intuitive Water sign of Pisces.

The Pisces New Moon of 2020 is bringing you all the good vibes that can help you raise your spirits and hear the voice of your soul. Pisces is a loving and open-hearted energy that can help you open to truly magical relationships of all kinds whether that’s with a partner, a pet, a friend, or with your coworkers. It can also help you love yourself and follow your heart’s inner guidance.

If you’re new to following the Moon cycles, you have stumbled upon something that will help you for the rest of your life in regards to getting what you want. If you’re already following the Moon cycles, we have the low-down about how this New Moon energy is unique, the type of projects that would be good to focus on, and what to watch out for. With the New Moon in the watery Pisces zodiac though, you may be extra emotional and sensitive. But that’s not necessarily a bad thing!

Today, we’re going to talk about how to dive deep into Piscean New Moon energy to discover your heart’s unique song, your soul’s passion. It’s always a great idea to stay on top of your Daily Horoscopes and Weekly Horoscopes with any New Moon, but this one offers something a little extra. The New Moon in Pisces is a very psychic Moon. Today, we are going to look at how you can have that extra little advantage into the psychic portal to help guide you along the way when making your New Moon wishes.

We all need a little extra guidance. That’s why we are here, but this February New Moon 2020 helps you tap into that guidance from within.

New Moon, New Beginnings

When you look up in the sky and the Moon is completely shadowed, that is a New Moon. Because the Moon is the closest celestial body to Earth, it often has the most dramatic effects on our moods and bodies. However, the reason people make such a big deal about lunar cycles is because they cause humans to act in predictable ways that we can put to use when it comes to working towards our goals.

Generally, a New Moon means the veil between the physical world and the spirit world is thin, allowing us to hear the whispers of our soul showing us our next step in our spiritual journey. Perhaps it means moving to a new city or just getting a yoga studio membership. For each of us, that next step will be a unique idea that we can easily grasp on the New Moon.

On a New Moon, the energy is ripe for planting the seeds for the new beginnings and goals you want to achieve over the next two weeks, month, or even over the course of the year. Then, for the next two and a half weeks leading up to the Full Moon, focus on nurturing those seeds, taking action, and visualizing achieving your goals. The magic really happens around the Full Moon when we’ll begin to see the results of our efforts and intentions pay off. It’s like Christmas once a month!

The Piscean New Moon & Psychic Energy

This Water sign asks you to use your heart over your head. What are you feeling? What instincts are urging you? Pisces would follow them, and now so should you no matter which of the zodiac signs you are.

Water signs are all about feelings. You probably know some Scorpios, Cancers, or Pisces, and know people who wear their hearts on their sleeve. That’s because they can read you, even if they don’t know they can. So this New Moon is giving you the chance to be a Water sign for a few days.

Let′s explore this psychic Pisces theme a little bit more, as this energy combined with New Moon psychic energy has the potential to give clarity on your wildest dreams. What is the big picture for you? You aren′t going to find it “out there” during this period, you are going to find it within.

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How to Work With Pisces New Moon Energy:

Each month, the New Moon occurs in a different zodiac sign. This time it’s in Mutable Water sign Pisces, which is ruled by the planet of dreams, mysticism, and imagination, Neptune. There’s a lot of creative energy coming to us with this New Moon being in a Water sign, it means we will be more in tune with and responsive to the energies around us. So first, be sure to protect yourself from negative people and environments or you could end up internalizing that energy and feeling all of those feels without meaning to.

Second, take time to sit with your journal and meditate on this New Moon. Perhaps consult your Tarot deck as well, as Pisces season brings a particularly mystical, psychic energy that will allow you to communicate more clearly with your intuition. You’ll probably get a lot of intuitive insights about the best direction for your life in the important areas of love, career, and health.

Try writing a question for each of those areas in your journal for your meditation.

For example, ask:

  • What should I focus on for better health?
  • What do I need to know about my love life?
  • How can I improve my health right now?

Finally, ask what goal you should put your energy towards starting today. Open-ended questions are good for meditation and Tarot readings because they don’t limit the way intuitive information can come through - we don’t know what our soul wants to reveal. Just wait and breathe deeply as you allow your inner voice the space and silence it needs to speak.

It’s probably not the best time to focus on financials and anything regarding organization or detail-oriented tasks because Pisces lives in their feelings, loves to experience, and really just loves to love. You may find you’re more drawn to building relationships, experiencing more art, and even creating your own art, whatever that means to you. Pisceans are the zodiac’s experts on going with the flow, so now is the time to surrender yourself and see where the current takes you. If you feel a deep need to rest (especially after coming out of eclectic Aquarius season), honor yourself and rest.

One more thing to watch out for is getting lost in fantasy, which can happen easily with the Piscean influence. Keep one foot on the ground and one foot in the spirit realm. Lose yourself in mediation, but also, you know, remember to eat and feed the dog, okay?

Your Checklist for the New Moon in Pisces


Pisces is the most creative, artistic zodiac sign of all. Anything that allows you to channel your inner artist or creative side will be favored.


Create a vision board and get as artistic and creative as you want.


Treat yourself to a spa day (at home or go for the real deal!) or spend the day in meditation. Focus on the areas of your body, your mind, or your soul that are wounded.


Pisces is mutable and wants you to explore the world, so do it in one small way every day.

Go With the Flow

Your mission is to act according to your soul′s desires.

Say Yes

Be open to any and all invitations that look like exactly what you want.


Pisces is also an incurable romantic, and with this New Moon you can and you should use romance to every possible advantage, in work, and in play!


Take control of your emotional fortitude and be the bigger person.


The Sun will also be in the sign of Pisces during this Piscean New Moon, and we have a Mercury retrograde in the sign of Pisces at the same time as well. This could spell a moodiness and emotional volatility for those who aren’t prepared. People around you may be acting overly spontaneous, loving, or even partake in a little too much wine if they are caught off guard by their emotions.

Know that if you do consistently focus on your New Moon goals and take positive action to make them happen, you will start seeing the buds of success as soon as the Full Moon rolls around. Sometimes it takes a few Moon cycles for a goal to reach full manifestation, but you’re likely to see the first event related to your goal happen on the First Quarter Moon.

Then, your luck turns with that Virgo Super Full Moon on March 9. We can also expect things to lurch forward on that day because Mercury retrograde ends March 9. Right now is a time to make progress on inner changes and growth so we can emotionally prepare ourselves for success and new horizons to come throughout the rest of the year.

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