So You Pulled a Court Card in Tarot, What Does that Mean?

Posted on July 01, 2014

The Lover

We are going to switch gears a little bit again today folks, as many of you are starting to enter the exciting world of Tarot! And we are so glad that you are, because one thing I always say is, the Tarot never lies! You will always get very clear answers from the Tarot, whether you understand those answers or not. And believe it or not, sometimes even the most proficient readers are confused by the cards that come up, even if they have looked at those cards millions of times.

One of the most confusing set of cards in the Tarot are the court cards. The Tarot is divided into 2 groups, the Major Arcana, or the Trump cards. And the Minor Arcana. In the Minor Arcana are the 4 suits, wands, cups, swords, and pentacles. We have discussed those in the past, examining the suits by the elements.

Today we are going to look at the 4 cards in every suit that are called the Court Cards. There are 4 Court Cards in every suit of the Minor Arcana, pages, knights, queens, and kings. Most of the time the court cards represent people in your life, or people coming into your life. But these cards are so confusing sometimes that even experienced Tarot readers are confused by them. So let’s clarify that confusion right now, tying in our work with Tarot by the elements, we will look at the court cards today and what they mean for you when you pull them in a Tarot reading. Let’s start with the Pages.

Pages in the Tarot

Pages are message bearers, and so if you see a Page in your reading, you can almost bet that you will be receiving messages about your experience in question. When you will receive that message is determined by what page you pull up. The Swords and the Wands move very swiftly, so expect those messages to come quickly. The Cups and the Pentacles on the other hand represent long term success. So, those are messages that will appear but may take some time. They are always worth the wait though! Pages also sometimes represent people, and because they are the first in the court cards, these are young folks. So your Page may not only represent messages, but also people in the 18-25 age bracket.

The Page of Swords represents change or messages from words or communication. You can expect someone to bring this message to you, or you may be the one creating change. The Page of Wands represents creativity and passion, so when you see this card, expect some very exciting and passionate news in either work or love. The Page of Pentacles bears messages of work or practical matters, and may take some time to get to you. The Page of Cups bears a cup of gold, suggesting you will soon get a lovely love token, an apology, or loving message.

Knights in the Tarot

If you pull a knight, you can almost bet that a young male is about to help you out in your current situation. Knights are also message bearers, but as opposed to the pages, they also bring action with them. So when you see a knight appear in your reading, you can expect movement in your situation with the help of someone else. If this knight represents an actual person, they will be in the 25-40 year age range.

The Knight of Swords is the only one you need to be careful over, he acts quickly and sometimes recklessly. Expect some big changes, and sometimes some double talking if you see this knight. The Knight of Wands is a passionate one, and symbolizes very quick movement, sometimes even traveling. This is a fond knight, but he often does without thinking. So be careful with this one, but know he is harmless. The Knight of Cups is your classic knight in shining armor, but may rely more on emotions than he does practical matters. For a knight for the long haul, the Knight of Pentacles arrives to assure you that he will stick it through with you through thick and thin.

The Lover

Queens in the Tarot

As you can imagine the Queens of the Tarot will represent women in your life. Most of the time these are older women, and can sometimes represent yourself. The age group for these court cards is over 35, so if you see these cards and they do not represent you, know that a woman is about to enter your life or your experience and offer her own specialized assistance. What assistance will that be? Depends on what queen shows up!

The Queen of Swords can help you with legal matters or matters where communication are concerned. She is not the most emotional, but she cuts to the truth and it will set you free. The Queen of Wands is exciting, warm, passionate, and will bring out all of the vitality in the world that you want. She may even help you in love! The Queen of Cups is intuitive, psychic, creative, and very emotional. She wears her heart on her sleeve and it often serves her, and you well. Follow your heart when you see this Queen arrive. The Queen of Pentacles is going to help you remember your values, your responsibilities, and will reward you financially if she arrives in your spread.

Kings in the Tarot

The Kings in the Tarot are the accompaniment to the Queens, and bring all of the same riches and glory that the Queens do, but with a masculine energy. When you see a King appear, you are going to experience or receive offers of help from an older male in your life, likely over the age of 35. Sometimes, even if you are a woman, this energy may be you. And the Tarot may be telling you that you need to spend some masculine energy to rule over your domain in question. Where will the King you pull help you?

If the King of Swords appears you may receive help in communication or legal matters, or maybe even help from someone in authority. He will use rationality and logic to help you cut to the chase in the matter at hand. The King of Wands is a little more relaxed, and uses fire energy to inject passion into your life. He will help you improve your sex life, ignite your inner creativity and passion, and maybe even help you land that promotion! The King of Cups, like his partner the Queen, is all about love, love love. This is a man who is not only fond of you, he can’t stop thinking about you! He will arrive to settle all matters of the heart for you in a way that you will enjoy. If you see the King of Pentacles arrive, know that you will not be worrying about finances anytime soon. This man is practical, responsible, and excellent with money. He will either provide a windfall for you, or lead you in the way where you can find that yourself!

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