Sun in Gemini: How To Harness Gemini Energy

Posted on May 15, 2018
Updated on August 28, 2020

The sun will be in Gemini from May 21st until June 20th when it enters Cancer. Gemini is an air sign which is known to be talkative, curious, and playful. There’s a duplicity to the theme we have from this sun sign, it’s both intellectual and full of childlike wonder. People will often find a new interest or want to do something outside of their routine to expand their thought process (many people plan vacations during this time). For those who have their sun sign in Gemini, you’ll feel like you shine and have extra energy.

As with any of the planetary movements, it’s important that we take into account the other major astrological happenings to get an overall snapshot of what the month could bring instead of just looking at one single ingredient.

For an update on some of the other current cosmic events, check out Everything You Need To Know About This Pluto Retrograde. You can also read the new moon and full moon articles on Mystic Mamma which bring together insights from many astute astrologers on the energy of specific days. The full moon is May 29th is the new moon will be June 13th. Let’s get a grasp on some of the energy that will be available to us in this Gemini Sun. Here are some ideas on how we can use that energy.

Using Intellectual Curiosity

When the sun is in an air sign, we have more mental energy. This means we can become a bit scatterbrained if we aren’t prepared for it. We can over-commit in our plans and easily double-book ourselves or forget appointments. It’s important to take extra steps to stay organized and grounded so you don’t stand people up because of feeling overwhelmed during this time. Keeping a calendar for your appointments and using crystals like fluorite and hematite can help you stay focused and grounded.

Sometimes we are more interested in romance (sun in Taurus), and sometimes we are more interested in work (sun in Capricorn). But the cool thing about the sun in Gemini is that learning becomes easier! We will have ample energy to expand our knowledge and skill sets at this time. It’s a great month to sign up for classes that interest you, get some new books or magazine subscriptions, or attend seminars. I say, when the energy is there, use it!

The Gemini Symbol Decoded

The Gemini symbol, unlike many of the other zodiac symbols, is not an animal. It’s symbolized with the Roman numeral for the number 2, twins representing duality. This can refer to the synergy and interaction that can come when people bounce ideas off of each other. The duality within the symbol can also depict the way in which Gemini energy can flip flop and change rapidly.Experimenting with different energies is sort of like trying on costumes to see if you like the mindset that goes along with it. It can be a great time to have a new adventure and make friends with diverse types of people.

Gemini’s ruling planet is Mercury, known as the messenger of the gods, and the planet of communication. It rules how we express ourselves to others, so we can improve upon our communication skills during the coming month. If you’re introverted, take time to be in social situations to work on your interpersonal skills that may have atrophied. As our society has begun spending exceedingly more time on social media, we must take time away from electronics to practice the art of Mercurian communication.


If you find yourself or others engaging in long-winded conversations, recognize this as a symptom of the Gemini energy. Prepare yourself to read other people and make sure you’re not overstaying your chatty welcome. On the other side of the coin, don’t feel bad or rude if you need to wrap up someone else’s musings. Ask yourself what information you want to know better as the sun approaches Gemini so that you can direct all this energy in a way that will bolster the knowledge you want to use in your career or in your lifestyle. Maybe you want to know more about using herbs to heal and balance yourself, maybe you’d like to learn more about a spiritual topic. You can always do a meditation and ask your heart to show you a good area for your curiosity to explore.

Words are energy and when we talk with intention, we can build relationships and opportunities. When we talk without thinking, we drain our own energy and others’. When we speak we only know what we are saying and why. That is because we are often trying to impress an audience or fill the silence. Make an extra effort to have intention when you speak and this month will be even more fruitful for you. Being that we are in a communication themed month, you may look to improve your own style of communication by being more present with people in real conversations and less hidden behind the veil of social media. That alone has a huge value for our own wellbeing and for our friends’, who, as social creatures, thrive on human interaction.

We will ride this energy through the beginning of the Mars retrograde and during the Saturn and Pluto retrogrades. Mars stations June 27th to August 27th, but its affects could begin as early as mid May. If you find your energy levels dwindling slightly or passions bubbling up that have been suppressed, it could be the Mars effect. Needless to say, it’s going to be an interesting month. My best advice? Think before you speak.

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