Sun in Scorpio 3-Card Tarot Spread

Posted on October 22, 2019

On 23rd October, the Sun leaves Libra and enters the magnetic and intense sign of Scorpio. This Water sign is one of the most intriguing signs of the zodiac, for it encompasses an astonishing amount of depth in character and often a Scorpio will have to battle between their light side and their dark side in order to reach wholeness and ultimate satisfaction. Anyone with their Sun or rising sign in Scorpio will understand this fully, but even if you have a lot of Scorpio in your natal chart which is not the Sun or rising, you will still feel the effects of it in your life.

This is a Fixed sign and their determination to see things through is one of their greatest strengths. Of all the signs, Scorpio is able to go through some of the most horrific storms of life and come out on the other side, stronger and wiser than ever before. They are loyal to the end and excellent to have around in a crisis; a Scorpio will never abandon you in a time of need. Though they are often a bubbling pot of emotions, Scorpio always plays with a poker face, making them difficult to read at times.

But those of a Scorpionic nature often come with a dark side; intense rages, obsessive jealousy and depressive torment are not uncommon to them. This is why Scorpio is viewed as the sign of transformation – by transforming their dark into light, they achieve the pinnacle of their purpose and can then help others going through the same struggles.

So, what does the Sun in Scorpio herald for us in the months of October and November? A time of transformation, a time of facing our shadow side, a time of challenge for many – but ultimately, a time of opportunity and growth as individuals. A Scorpio transit means it’s time to face whatever we have been burying or hiding in our lives, whether it’s an aspect of our lives or an aspect of ourselves. Surrender is an important theme of Scorpio, as often we win by surrendering.

Tarot online can certainly help us prepare for this intense period, as can checking out your daily Tarot. We can also prepare our own personal Tarot card readings in order to make the best of this powerful energy. Read on below to familiarize yourself with a spread dedicated to the Scorpio season and find out how you can use the Tarot card meanings to wield the transformational energies to your greatest advantage.

3-Card Tarot Reading for the Scorpio Sun:

Question: How can I use the energy of Scorpio to help me?

  • Card 1: An aspect of myself I am hiding
  • Card 2: The best way for me to deal with it
  • Card 3: What will happen if I choose to face it

Below is an example spread that I did after shuffling the Tarot cards, so you can see how the reading may pan out:

Card 1: Queen of Wands

The Queen of Wands is a bright, confident person who is comfortable in her own skin and is often the life and soul of the party. The card in the position of something I am hiding indicates that this is a side of me I am repressing. It could be due to insecurities or fears of being my ‘true self’. This indicates there is a Queen of Wands inside me that I am not releasing for one reason or another.

Card 2: 3 of Pentacles

The 3 of Pentacles is about working with others to achieve a goal. It is a card of teamwork. The card in this position indicates that the best way for me to deal with my repressed Queen of Wands is to reach out to others for help. This could mean joining a group or forum of people who can help build my confidence. It could mean taking part in a discussion group where I can talk openly and freely about my concerns, without fear.

Card 3: The Empress

The Empress is someone who ‘has it all’ so to speak; the Empress is comfortable in her own skin and loves herself and others in equal measure. The Empress knows her own worth and doesn’t seek validation or approval from others. She accepts her virtues and flaws in equal measure and possesses a quiet sort of confidence that radiates to all those who come into contact with her.

Overall: This reading tells me there is work to be done on my confidence and insecurities. If I should choose to reach out for help, then I can blossom into the Empress with time.


Remember to keep an eye on our Instagram today to check out a live reading using this Tarot spread to see how it works in action!

The season of Scorpio is not always the easiest, but it is a time of great transformation when we can finally root out whatever we have been burying under the surface. A Tarot card reading can help assist you during this transit and help you become the best of yourself. Try the reading above and let the intense and captivating power of Scorpio make changes in your life!

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