The Powers of the Lepidolite Crystal

Posted on March 17, 2019

Crystals are powerful tools, aides, and friends in helping us manoeuvre through the thickets and brambles of life, especially when these thickets have a tendency to scratch us and create wounds which can take a long time to heal. Different crystals have different abilities and properties. Sometimes, we may naturally feel drawn to a crystal that appears to be calling to us and other times we may seek them out based on what we have read or heard about them.

There are crystals for confidence, crystals for stress, crystals for protection – the list goes on! One such crystal is the Lepidolite crystal. Today, we’re going to dive deep and explain the powers of Lepidolite and what makes it such a special stone.

What is the Lepidolite Crystal?

First and foremost, Lepidolite is a mood stabilizer. It contains a high amount of lithium which is also used in some medications for anxiety. This crystal is often recommended to those suffering from stress, anxiety and nightmares. It brings relief to those with anger issues and people with low self-esteem, helping them to quell their temper or find the root cause of their problems.

It is amazing sometimes how we may propel negative energy from ourselves without acknowledging that negative energy is not actually an intrinsic part of who we are. Since the day we were born, negative energy attaches itself to us. It’s not something we were born with, only something we may attract due to our experiences, conflicts, environment, etc.

As time goes on, we grow so used to our own negative behaviour that we start to think it is normal. We don’t question it, we don’t challenge it – and yet, if we are to grow and become the very best of ourselves, it is essential we challenge the aspects of ourselves which may be harming ourselves or others.

This is where Lepidolite comes in …

How Can the Lepidolite Crystal Help Me?

The Lepidolite crystal is unique in the sense that it is not just a mood-soother, but it also urges the bearer to confront underlying issues that are affecting them deep within their subconscious.

I once knew a lady who had a profound experience with the Lepidolite crystal. Cara had always suffered from low self-esteem and a lack of confidence. Though a beautiful woman inside and out, the beliefs she held about herself (feeling ugly, worthless, good for nothing) dominated her entire being and placed an enormous strain on her relationships and self-image, often resulting in explosive rages, panic attacks or moments of true melancholy. After hearing about the healing powers of Lepidolite, she purchased a couple of these crystals and slept with them under her pillow.

The first night, she recounted the most extraordinary dream. In the dream, a couple of fairies appeared to her and said:

“We want to grant you two wishes. What do you wish for?”

Cara’s immediate thought was beauty. This was what she believed was the root of all her problems and she felt that if she was beautiful then her despair and anger would disappear. So, this is what she asked for as her first wish.

The fairies nodded and told her to go through a doorway behind them, explaining to her that when she came out of it, she would be beautiful. Cara walked through the door. When she came out on the other side, she still looked exactly the same. The only difference was that she was wearing a shiny new coat.

Dismayed because her face was still her face and her body still her body, Cara turned to the fairies and said desperately:

“For my second wish, I wish to have a beautiful face.”

At this, the fairies looked at her sadly.

“You are obsessed with how you look,” said one. “But yes, you will have your wish.”

A second later, Cara found herself transported in front of a mirror. Her face was still her face. A bag of cosmetics lay before her. Her final wish had been granted and the fairies had vanished. Then she woke up.

Later, Cara recounted the most extraordinary realization about her dream.

“It became clear to me that the fairies were trying to tell me I was already beautiful,” she said. “This was why they gave me a new coat and a bag of make-up. It’s why I still had the same face I’d always had before the wishes. I could dress differently or apply make-up, but I’d always look the same … which, according to the fairies, is beautiful.”

Cara wasted two wishes on something she already possessed, all because of her insecurities. The fairies were trying to tell her that she didn’t need to wish for beauty because she already had it. Her beauty may have already been obvious to those around her, but for Cara, riddled with insecurities as she was, she simply couldn’t see it – not until the powers of the Lepidolite crystal worked their magic on her and communicated her underlying anxieties to her in a way that she could understand.

This is what Lepidolite does: it forces you to confront the innermost part of yourself that you fear and help you find a way out of a negative maze you may be stuck in. Needless to say, Cara is doing much better these days.

How Can I Use the Lepidolite Crystal?

Like Cara, you could sleep with it under your pillow and give Lepidolite the chance to communicate with you through dreams or visions. Alternatively, you could wear it around your neck as a pendant or on your wrist as a bracelet, which is especially good in social situations as it helps calm social anxiety and feelings of angst.

Carrying the Lepidolite around in your pocket also helps, especially if you can catch moments to meditate and reflect. This crystal encourages positive thinking by confronting negative thoughts – a very special crystal indeed.


The Lepidolite crystal is a profound healing crystal and can play a vital role in ridding us of anxieties, low self-esteem and low self-confidence. In a world that allows judgement and conflict to take precedence, where society places so much pressure on us based on how we look, act, and appear to others, insecurities and anxieties run rife.

It can be hard to love ourselves when we feel unable to reach such impossible standards. Lepidolite teaches us that self-love and self-acceptance are what matter most of all. By harnessing its unique power we can begin the path towards loving ourselves, subsequently making the world a better place in the process.

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