Venus in Aries - Sparks Fly in the Bedroom

Posted on March 07, 2018
Updated on July 03, 2020

On March 6, we get the planet of relationships, Venus, meeting the straightforward and vibrant zodiac sign of Aries. This is a playful, flirtatious influence, so for those shy folks out there, this energy can really bring out your confidence! When the planets align like this, we can expect to feel more intense, passionate and very, very excited to show off our skills in the bedroom.

Venus is the sign of partnerships and softness, while Mars-ruled Aries is independent, bold and even a little aggressive. For more introverted water and earth signs, this combination could bring out a more feisty side of your personality, while extroverted fire and air signs might start thinking more about toning it down to let their partners have a say.

Let’s look at the recognizable traits of both social, creative Venus and the fiery first sign of the zodiac, Aries, and see how this combination can bring out our sexy, bold and sensual best when it comes to slipping between the sheets.

Venus Traits

  • Goddess of romance and lust
  • Charming and seductive
  • Rules relationships, the arts and money
  • Focus on beauty and attraction

Aries Traits

  • Ruled by war planet Mars
  • Independent
  • Impatient - wants to do everything now!
  • Spontaneous

This combination also brings a chance we could make choices we may regret down the road. With those who are already pretty fearless and direct when it comes to love and relationships (Aries, Leo and Gemini, Sagittarius, we’re talking about you!), you could be emboldened to go for exactly what you want - and get it - but may be a little red-faced in the clear light of day.

The thrill of the chase will come out, but that doesn’t necessarily spell out l-o-v-e. It does however, bring out some sexy vibes!

Aries has a childlike and playful approach to life and they get themselves in trouble by reacting without considering what they should do - they have no filter. We need to remember that this comes from an innocent point of view - there’s very little strategy to this personality, what you see is what you get with rams, and they are simply being true to themselves.

Attraction + Impatience = Lust

All that said, what can each of the signs expect from this sexy combination?


You’re all about the romance, but you have an amazing ability to be creative. You might be inspired to apply that artistic flair to the bedroom. Don’t be afraid to play out the fantasy you’ve had swirling around in your head. It’s unlikely you’ll have a one night stand, but pulling some tricks out of your bag can make your lucky partner feel like it is!


You’re not exactly a wallflower, but this influence can set you into high gear when it comes to getting what you want - in love and especially in the bedroom! You have a lust for life as it is, but this energy will intensify your natural desires. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself diving into a hot and heavy session, but be careful not to confuse love and lust.


Tap into your sensual side under this energy - you can be a little shy, but when you are attracted to someone, your affectionate and sexy side comes out. Think about tantalizing every sense you have - soft sheets and skin, scent your hair, feed each other a la 9 1/2 weeks, get in the hot tub. Do seduction your way and don’t worry about what the neighbors would say.


Fun and flirty Gemini, you are the master of communication - so use this influence to experiment with some dirty talk! You have the ability to be shocking, so depending on who you are targeting, you can really go for it. Use your charm, but be direct about what you want - and enjoy every sexy minute.


As the romantic of the zodiac, you might have a different take on this energy. You’re a little protective and shy when it comes to giving away your heart, and you might tend more towards sweetness than S & M. Shake things up with some satiny lingerie or whisper some sexy ideas into your lover’s ear and see what happens!


As the entertainer of the bunch, this is a great time to do a little role playing. You love the spotlight, and the natural performer in you can really run with this, so pull out all those creative ideas you haven’t dared to spring on your partner - or if you’re single, start fresh with a totally new you and attack like the lion you are!


You can be just as precise in the bedroom as you can when cleaning the bathroom, but that doesn’t exactly win you the award for best lover in the zodiac! Venus in Aries can help you loosen up, and let your partner take the reins. To spice things up a bit, but still keep it clean - try some sexy shower time and focus on the experience - not how dusty the windows are.


Expect to flirt your face off under this influence, Libra! As much as you love to be in a relationship, you also enjoy the beginning stages of getting to know someone - the thrill of the attraction, the chase, the innuendo - it all speaks to your social, intellectual side. Tease, taunt and show off your best side and bring a playful, sexy energy to your sex life.


There are no limits for you Scorpio - as the ruler of the sex organs, you already have a sexy reputation. When you want something, nothing is holding you back, so you’re basically unstoppable right now. Use your mystery and natural seductiveness to entice someone into your sexy web. Don’t think too much on this, let your body do the talking.


Spontaneous Sagittarius, this energy should kick start your delight in discovering new experiences! Venus in Aries can bring out an even wilder and more impulsive side of you which can be memorable to be sure, you are one who says what they mean, so make sure the person you’re playing with can handle what you have to give.


You might not look it on the outside, but under that calm and cool demeanor, you are more than willing to prove your love to someone worthy of it. As an earth sign, you are more practical than emotional, but that doesn’t mean you don’t like a good skin session. This energy can leave you more open to trying something new, and veering off the usual plan.


Wacky Aquarius, you come up with some pretty out there ideas - so why not bring them into the bedroom? Venus in Aries is about getting what you want, so when it comes to love, put it all out there and see what comes back to you. You have an ability to separate your feelings from your ideas, so that can all add up to a experimental session you’ll remember forever.


Venus in Aries can bring out positive qualities in all of us, but most especially in our relationships. As long as we keep in mind the qualities of Venus that set us on a path of love, acceptance and finding balance in our relationships, this period of time can be extremely satisfying.

If we find ourselves tending more towards the Mars influence of conflict, try to catch your behavior before you say something you can’t take back - and take the opportunity to have some hot make up sex!

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