Year of the Dog: Time for Business Partnerships

Posted on May 07, 2018
Updated on July 03, 2020

You may know your Chinese Zodiac animal, but did you know that each year is linked to an animal that sets the theme for the year as well?

2018 is the year of the earth dog. The year of the dog comes around every 12 years while the year of the earth dog only comes around every 60. That means our last year of the dog was 1994 and our last earth dog year was 1958.

But what does this all mean for you?

The theme of the year, the essence of what’s afoot, is accurately captured by this ancient astrological system. Years ago as I began to see the accuracy of astrology, I started tracking each year and noticing how the themes of the animals really did reveal what would happen that year. These themes are often too vast for many people to recognize, but we all notice when an overwhelming amount of people have a great year in business or even a year full of challenges; we saw this in 2017 during the year of the fire rooster.

What Type of Business Shows Promise This Year?

The dog has four qualities that colour this year in terms of business aspects that will likely do well. First is an element of fun, which could lead to success in the childcare and entertainment businesses that have to do with children or entertainment.

Next is the obvious friendliness of the dog, which suggests that it’s a good year to team up and work together with new and old friends. Maybe you’ll partner with another department or company when you find that working on your own makes things more difficult. It’s a good time to find consultants who can help you see your own business in a new light.

The loyalty of the dog means it’s a good year to take on large projects that require dedication and good old fashioned hard work. If you’ve been wanting to start something that requires sustained effort over time, now is the time because the energy is there for it.

Finally, the dog has a strong sense of right and wrong, so businesses that are built on good ethics will resonate well with the public. We will see more people clinging to people-first businesses that have a soul than those that are out sheerly for profit. If you’ve been wanting to launch that honeybee ecofarm in a yurt, 2018 is probably a good year for it.

This leads us to the characteristics within yourself that will be strengthened to aid you in business this year…

Business Characteristics to Utilize in 2018

This year is all about justice and equality. We’ve already seen a lot of protests that are bringing a new sense of revolution to society because it’s the sense of a noble cause and fairness that the dog naturally seeks. Being that 2018 holds the earth sign as opposed to any of the other elements (there are 5 in total), expect from yourself more stability and a stronger work ethic. The real question is, what do you feel passionate about putting all this energy behind?

You’ve probably already noticed this energy stirring within you and maybe you’ve been seeking out people who uphold your values to team up with. It’s time to start working for what you believe in because this year, you can actually be successful in that venture. You have the motivation now to do what is right for humanity and humanity is hearing that call as well. We will see a shift starting this year in the way our economy demands ethical business practices. You’ll see businesses that are not operating on a fair playing field fall apart and make way for the good-hearted little guys who have been there all along.

This is great news for those who haven’t yet lost their morals in the business industry, and even though many mom-and-pops lost their companies in buy-outs, they will rise to their feet again. Even international companies are seeking ways to feel good about every step of the supply chain and treat people more like human beings as opposed to a means to an end. I guess we are all saying hello to our consciences this year, realizing we can live in alignment with our cores, becoming successful when we choose to make our consciences our guiding light. We are getting the ball rolling for a life that is both successful and fulfilling this year.

Cheers to the start of something great!


Traditionally it’s not always the most prosperous year for people who have the sign of the current year. Of course that’s no reason to be afraid. It’s a great time for self reflection and becoming conscious of your behaviours. It seems that our behaviours can come back to bite us or bless us depending on how well we have gotten to know our own inner shortcomings. A year to work on yourself is a blessing, not bad luck. However, those who do not have this perspective could certainly see the energy they’re putting out coming back at them.

There is so much to learn from ancient Chinese culture. Taoist Astrology, Confucianism, the I-Ching, and Feng Shui are all systems that can help us understand the world and give meaning to the larger cycles in life that often go unnoticed to those unfamiliar with the secrets of mystics and seekers.

For a more in-depth understanding of the variations on the year of the dog based on different elements, and what it means if you’re a dog this year, check out this article. It’s interesting to see how this year’s Chinese Zodiac predictions are in alignment with the themes found in numerology as well! Check out this year’s numerology forecast and see for yourself.

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