October 2022 Astrology Calendar

This astrology calendar outlines all of the major astrological aspects for 2022, helping you plan for the year!

You'll find the major planetary transits, retrograde periods, all phases in the lunar cycle including New moons, Full Moons, and Quarter moons, zodiac sign changes, as well as what it all means for you this month.

Note: this calendar uses the Eastern time zone.

  • Favorable or Major Transit

  • New Zodiac Season

  • Retrograde

  • Moon Events

October 2022 Astrological Transits

Any transit below that is bolded is also a notable and powerful one.

Venus in Libra Opposite Jupiter in Aries

Relationships and emotions may feel out of sync today with how you want things to go. Remain open-minded and receptive to things not going according to plan.


First Quarter Moon in Capricorn

Discipline can help with pushing through challenges, and you can work on long-term plans to make it last.

Mercury Direct in Virgo

Communication becomes clearer and more direct. Today is an ideal day for making practical steps forward and making progress in your current plans.

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Moon Enters Capricorn

This can be a good time to take responsibilities more seriously and stick to your plans.


Moon in Capricorn Trine Uranus in Taurus

Collaborate with others and listen to new ideas, and doors of opportunity may open.


Moon Enters Aquarius

Worldly and humanitarian desires can be the gateway to making progress in your connections. Think big picture, and look to the world around you for inspiration.


Moon in Aquarius Conjunct Saturn in Aquarius

What is holding you back from making change? Today is a powerful day to ponder this question.


Mercury in Virgo Trine Pluto in Capricorn

Firm, thoughtful, and practical communication leads to domino effects of positive change.

Moon Enters Pisces

You may be more compassionate with those you love, and can find new ways to be helpful


Moon in Pisces Square Mars in Gemini

Your intuitive and emotional side may seem to conflict with your actions. This conflict can feel strange, but is a learning opportunity in navigating both sides.


Pluto Direct in Capricorn

Changes that you’ve been reflecting on can now be seen playing out in the world. This energy may feel intense, powerful, and slightly overwhelming at first, but is paving the way for incredible transformation.

Moon Enters Aries

Energy may be higher now, and you can focus on what you want to get started quickly.


Full Moon in Aries

Fiery and passionate energy may wash over you, and you may feel especially called to stand up for yourself.

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Mercury Enters Libra

Your communication and thinking can help you focus on how you can find balance and understanding. For the next weeks, you can seek to find the middle ground in conversations with others.

Moon Enters Taurus

Stability and security may seem more important to you, and you can work on improving this in your life.


Sun in Libra Trine Saturn in Aquarius

Today, you may find breakthroughs in old problems and obstacles that you previously hadn’t thought of.


Mercury in Libra Opposite Jupiter in Aries

It may be difficult to control your focus, and you may want to let your mind wander with big ideas and plans.

Mars in Gemini Square Neptune in Pisces

Imagination can take over, and it may be challenging for you to focus on anything mundane. You may need to work on getting more rest and space.


Moon Enters Gemini

Self-expression is a powerful tool at your disposal today. Find inspiration in your conversations with others.


Venus in Libra Trine Saturn in Aquarius

Love and romance may show you how to resolve restrictions that are currently holding you down. Be open to leaning on others for support.


Moon Enters Cancer

You may feel tempted towards more reclusive or introverted habits right now.


Moon in Cancer Square Mercury in Libra

Think before you speak today, as it may feel like your communication is disjointed or not completely clear.


Last Quarter Moon in Cancer

Emotional intuition can be helpful in guiding you to what you need to address and let go of. There may be emotions themselves that you need to resolve.

Sun in Libra Trine Mars in Gemini

Luckily, today is a good day to exercise your drive and ambitions, which are fueled by pure intent and great ideas at the moment.


Venus in Libra Trine Mars in Gemini

Today is a sweet day for romance and love. Set a romantic date (or be open to someone else’s date idea)!

Moon Enters Leo

Give attention to creative projects and ventures to pour your heart into.


Sun in Libra Square Pluto in Capricorn

A desire to keep the peace conflicts with an equal desire to make progress by any means necessary.


Venus in Libra Square Pluto in Capricorn

It may be tempting to hold difficult conversations today, but cooperation may be unlikely.

Moon Enters Virgo

Work through a simple to-do list today and find sanctuary in the comforts of your own home.


Moon in Virgo Trine Uranus in Taurus

Your intelligence and self-awareness will be an asset in making progress today.


Sun in Libra Conjunct Venus in Libra

It can be easy to get along with others, compromise, and maintain peaceful surroundings.

Mercury in Libra Trine Saturn in Aquarius

Mental energy can be disciplined, and conversations can be practical or focused on plans and goals.

Moon Enters Libra

You may want to come together with others, and can find ways to be better balanced.


Sun Enters Scorpio

Intense, powerful, and emotionally-charged energy takes over and will continue for the next weeks.

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Saturn Direct in Aquarius

If you’ve felt restrained in the last few months, that can begin to shift as more opens up for you and you can see positive results of smart actions.

Venus Enters Scorpio

Relationships can become more intense and passionate, and you can focus on improving intimacy.


Moon in Libra Conjunct Mercury in Libra

Mental energy can be strong, and you may want to share your plans with others. Try to avoid being confrontational.


New Moon & Solar Eclipse in Scorpio

From your heart space to your general desires to your relationships with others, a deeply private, intuitive, transformative energy washes over you. Use this as inspiration for deep change.

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Moon Enters Scorpio

Take your passionate energy and channel it into something productive so you make positive use of it.


Mercury in Libra Trine Mars in Gemini

Productive conversations, especially ones involving wit and banter, can be the gateway to progress today.


Mercury in Libra Square Pluto in Capricorn

The mind may be at odds, and you may need to mediate an internal conflict that could lead to major growth.

Moon Enters Sagittarius

Keeping an open mind may be more helpful for you now, and you can see what’s possible.


Jupiter Retrograde Enters Pisces

Luck, growth, and personal expansion can now be more commonly seen when you connect with yourself intuitively and imaginatively. There may be a greater need to work on spiritual baggage and letting go.


Mercury Enters Scorpio

Communication and thought becomes more intense, emotionally centered, and intuitive over the next weeks

Moon Enters Capricorn

Your long-term plans may need a few extra tweaks, and you can work on being better disciplined.


Mars Retrograde Begins in Gemini

Drive and ambition may feel stunted, unpredictable, or backward over the next few months. However, this element of unpredictability is what can allow you to make breakthroughs if you’re capable of finding patience and inner reflection.


Moon Enters Aquarius

Today, set some intentions for your wider communities and collectives around you. You may feel more at peace surrounded by others today, or at least keeping them in your thoughts.