The pisces zodiac sign in black.
A red heart compatibility symbol.
The pisces zodiac sign in black.

If there is one match that has all other matches beat in the game of romance, that would be the Pisces and Pisces connection. This is the mating of two Mutable Water Signs, and so all of the love and romance that anyone needs is tied up in one very emotional bow in this match. The Pisces and Pisces match ranks very high on the love compatibility. These two Water Signs are emotional, intuitive, creative, and spiritual, and thus know exactly what the other needs and wants almost all of the time. The air of kindness from both also serves this romance well, and neither will like drama so this will be at a minimum as well. Of course, as always, when there are this many emotions in play the waters can get rough. But Pisces and Pisces will be able to get through it, if that's what they both want.

pisces and pisces Compatibility - The Pros

The Pisces and Pisces match is another match that to many will feel like a soul filled connection. This is a romance where two signs are influenced by Jupiter and Neptune, so we have double Neptune and double Jupiter energy coming into play here. Both Pisces and Pisces will explore the big wide world, and the entire universe, together, and will enjoy every delicious second. This is one of those relationships where both will always be amazed at just how easy the relationship feels, and how easily the other one "gets" each other. Each of the Pisces in this pair adores how kind the other one is, and is only too happy to show them their gratitude. At the same time, we have two Mutable energies in play here. This means that both of the zodiac signs in this match are very flexible with one another. There will be little drama here, as both are so easygoing they get along with each other splendidly, even when they don't!

pisces and pisces Compatibility - The Cons

As easygoing as both of the Pisces in this match will be, sometimes they can be a little too Mutable. Whenever there are two Mutable Signs together, a romance could have problems lifting off the ground because both signs are on the wishy-washy side. So with Pisces and Pisces we do see this problem as a potential, as neither Pisces is really thinking too far ahead. If one is in the relationship at a different pace than the other, this could cause some problems in love. Additionally mutable signs, and particularly Pisces, have a sense of wandering in love for this very reason. When conflict arises Pisces disappears, and sometimes even when it doesn't. Both Pisces will need to be sure they are putting into the relationship exactly what they want if they want to keep their Pisces by their side.

How to Maximize Your Zodiac Compatibility

The Pisces and Pisces match is a very laid back relationship and one that may be the most easygoing relationship in the zodiac. Both Pisces and Pisces are generally nice people, and don't like to rock the boat too much in anything, and this includes love. There will be a little bit of drama with all of this emotion from the dual Water Signs happening, however it won't necessarily be enough to squash the romance. Where this couple will likely have the most problems is in taking off. This is a couple that will be slow to start, and even slower to commit, so it is best that this conversation is had early on. If they can make it past this point, at the end of the day, there is enough love and romance flowing between this easygoing couple, that smoothing out any wrinkles will be relatively easy for them.

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