3 Easy Ways To Strengthen Your Relationship Using The Law Of Attraction

Posted on February 05, 2015
Updated on August 10, 2020

Have You Hit A Slump In Your Relationship?

No one’s relationship is perfect, but if you’re feeling like you’ve hit a rough patch don’t give up just yet. Even if you’re happy most of the time, there are things you can do to add extra positivity and bliss.

The Law of Attraction states that we attract the same vibrations that we put out into the universe. Therefore, if you’re frustrated in your relationship and you don’t change how YOU feel, nothing is going to get better.

Let’s take a look at how you can put the Law of Attraction on your side, so you’ve got the qualities necessary to attract more vibrant, healthy and happy relationships of all kinds into your life ....

1. Know Why Your Vibration Is Important

When using the Law of Attraction for love or anything else, it’s super-important to understand this: what you send out to the universe is what you get — whether you’re doing it on purpose or not. That’s why, if you want your partner to be more thoughtful or caring, YOU have to be more thoughtful and caring.

Now, the first step for most of us, when it comes to improving our “love vibration” is to clear away any resentment or emotional baggage we may be holding onto. If you don’t let these toxic, negative feelings go, it won’t matter how many nice things you do because your anger will still set the tone of the relationship.

2. Put Your Own Thoughts Under The Microscope

Think back to the beginning of your relationship during the “honeymoon” phase when everything seemed perfect. If your partner forgot to do the dishes, it didn’t turn into World War III — you’d let it slide.

How are things different now? If your partner slacks off on the dishes you may feel anger and frustration. This is because relationships begin with optimism and kindness, but when expectations and responsibilities are introduced ... that’s when baggage starts! That’s when you start feeling resentment, which sends negative vibrations to the other person.

This underlying resentment not only attracts unhappiness, but actually expands it ... no matter what other “nice” things you do or say!

So when you start feeling those negative emotions, set yourself apart from it for a minute and remember what you would’ve done in that situation when you were first dating. Then ask yourself: What expectations do I have that aren’t being met? And what kind of communication do we need to have to clarify who is responsible for what.

3. Making The Actual Change

Whatever you’ve been doing that isn’t working, it’s time to start doing the exact opposite. Stop thinking about everything that’s going wrong and all the things you dislike about your partner. Instead, put all your energy and focus into all the things you love about them and what is going well between you.

When relationship problems present themselves, we all have the natural tendency to focus on them and even look for more where there are none. Pouring all your energy into what isn’t working makes it almost impossible to notice anything good. These negative vibrations grow over time and take over.

Turn things around by nurturing your relationship and appreciating the good. Eventually, the negativity will dissipate enough for you to have a conversation about those critical expectations and responsibilities that every relationship has.

But The Dishes Are Still Dirty…

Accept there will always be days when you’re expectations aren’t met, but if you really get upset, don’t repress your negative emotions. Never forget that healthy communication is a very powerful tool. Avoid language that puts blame on the other person. Instead use statements that start with “I feel…” and work out a way for you both to be happy together.

When you speak and think in words that attract togetherness and positivity, you will grow closer.

Has underlying resentment had an effect on your relationship? Have you ever used the Law of Attraction to patch things up? Please tell us your story in the c

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