3 Ways Jupiter Brings You Good Luck

Posted on October 11, 2017

Jupiter has a reputation for being the ‘Great Benefic’ of the solar system. It’s the natural ruler of Sagittarius, and wherever it appears in your chart, it is the good guy. It brings the potential for growth, learning, expansion, and above average luck. Like anything else, though, there are two sides to Jupiter.

The downside of this jovial giant is that when things are going well, it gets lazy. It shows you where you’ve got opportunities, sure, but it also shows you where you’re going to have to work hard to stay focused. Jupiter gets distracted easily, and isn’t the most responsible energy at times.

Jupiter and Luck

Jupiter is the ruling planet of Thursday, so when you want that extra boost of luck, schedule things to happen on that day of the week. This planet is associated with the colors green and blue. Wear those colors—or perhaps jewelry in those hues—when you want that added oomph.

Jupiter is also associated with different hours of the day, but this gets a bit tricky, because they are not the same every day of the week. On Thursday—Jupiter’s day—it rules 8 in the morning, 3 in the afternoon, and 10 at night.

Obviously to get the best planetary luck going for you, schedule important meetings at those hours on that day, and wear blues and greens for a bit of supplementary support.

If you really want to cover all your bases, there are some foods that Jupiter rules. You may want to ensure you’re eating them either on or just before your important issues! It can’t hurt, can it? These foods include almond, apple, apricot, asparagus, beet, currants, fennel, figs, maple, mulberry, mustard, pine nuts, tomato, and raspberries.

Jupiter and Money

Jupiter rules gain and increase, which makes it an excellent ally in money matters. There are several ways of doing this. One of the easiest is to get a dark colored balloon (black is best). Blow it up, and as you do, imagine all your financial worries being exhaled into the balloon as it expands. Tie it shut, and place it where you see it regularly.

Let it deflate, and let your financial worries deflate with it.

Something else you might try for added prosperity is done when the Moon is waxing and in Jupiter. If this happens to land on a Thursday, and you’re able to do it at one of the Jupiter hours while wearing blue and green, you’re really tapping into the positive vibe! This is a simple exercise, but one that sets the tone for you to improve your circumstances.

Simply get a blank check from your checkbook, or print a blank example check from the internet, it doesn’t matter which. Put the date at the top, and your name for the payee. In the two spaces where the amount goes, write ‘paid in full,’ and sign it ‘The Law of Abundance.’

In the memo, write ‘joy and prosperity.’ Put your name on the back to endorse it. Keep this somewhere safe, or carry it at the back of your wallet or purse to draw the energy toward you.

These little rituals can be repeated as often as necessary, but pay attention to the timing! For the balloon, dispose of the old one when it’s completely deflated and then replace it with a fresh one at the appropriate hour. For the check, burn the old one when the Moon is waning, then write the next one at the Jupiter waxing Moon.

Jupiter and Love

Because Jupiter is the planet of expansion and growth, it’s a wonderful companion to have when you’re trying to catch someone’s eye. Pay attention to the day; timing is everything! It’s not always possible, but even if you can’t meet up on Thursday, wear some blue and green to make up for it. Stay focused on what you want to achieve.

The downside of this is that Jupiter is incredibly freedom loving and will throw a fit when that independence is threatened. To ensure this doesn’t happen, use a candle to back up your intentions. In this way, you’re trusting that the universe will draw the love you seek into your life, without you having to come on strong to find it.

You’ll need a blue or green jar candle and a magic marker. Some scents to look out for are apple, blueberry, clove, honeysuckle, lavender, maple, meadowsweet, mulberry, myrrh, peppermint, sage, and sandalwood. Write your name on label of the candle with the magic marker, and put a heart around it.

When the Moon is waxing in Jupiter light the candle. Spend some time gazing into the flame, and send your intentions for love to bloom out into the universe. If you’ve got your eye on someone (and remember, your soul mate is never someone else’s partner), envision the two of you happy together. If you’re already in a relationship, see it growing stronger.

When you have to leave the candle, snuff or pinch out the flame. Never blow it out; there’s a reason for this. Repeat this every night until the candle is gone. Keep the jar in a safe place, and know that the love you seek is on its way to you. There’s no timing with this; success depends on you being able to trust the universe that your needs are being met.

Jupiter through the Signs

We’ve taken a look at 3 ways Jupiter brings you good luck; in general, in money, and in love. What else can you expect from the jovial giant? The information below will tell you how you can get Jupiter working favorably in your life, according to its natal position. Remember, this is where Jupiter is in your chart, not your Sun sign!

Natal Jupiter in Aries: Expansive energy. You’re going to always be looking for new ways to do things and new things to do. Physical activity is probably important to you. You value your independence and will resent anyone who tries to tie you down.

Natal Jupiter in Taurus: Material gain. Your appreciation and desire for the finer things in life motivates you to acquire them. You have the potential to work hard in order to get what you want, but there’s a bit of a lazy streak that may have to be tamed in order for you to be successful.

Natal Jupiter in Gemini: Rich conversation. You’ll know a little bit about a lot of topics and will be able to talk to anyone. You may be fascinated by the intricacies of languages and choose to study them. You enjoy socializing, and have many friends.

Natal Jupiter in Cancer: Emotional wealth. You feel things deeply and passionately. Your home is important to you, but you may live abroad, or far away from your birthplace. You appreciate traditions and customs, and may be interested in learning about new cultures and beliefs.

Natal Jupiter in Leo: Abundant creativity. You make a strong impression on others, and love to do things in a grandiose way. You’re persistent to the point of stubbornness. You may try many different activities or have many different lovers, but once you’ve found what you truly want, you’re loyal and steadfast.

Natal Jupiter in Virgo: Extensive analysis. If there’s anything a Virgo does, it’s think and think again! You’re so good at inspecting things, making sure they are what they need to be, but you have a tendency to get critical at times. Remember to pay attention to the bigger picture, as well as the details.

Natal Jupiter in Libra: Widespread acceptance. Atmospheres and unfairness really upset you! You need harmony in your life, and will strive to find it at all costs, sometimes being too indecisive about the best way forward. You’re optimistic by nature, and want the best for everyone.

Natal Jupiter in Scorpio: Incredible intensity. You’re fascinated by what goes on behind the scenes, and you will probe and dig until you find out what you want to know. At the same time, you’re quite reserved yourself. You have long-term vision, and above average intuition. You enjoy a challenge, and a good mystery.

Natal Jupiter in Sagittarius: Major independence. You need your freedom at all costs, and will rebel and resent anyone who tries to put you in a box. Your faith is strong, and you’re open-minded and tolerant. You enjoy travel, and learning about new cultures and ideas. You easily adapt to new circumstances.

Natal Jupiter in Capricorn: Vast reserve. You’re very businesslike and might have the Midas touch when it comes to new projects and ideas, but you’re sometimes a bit of a risk taker. You have to learn to balance reserve with extravagance. You’re generous and honest, but can be a bit tactless.

Natal Jupiter in Aquarius: Immense humanitarianism. You’re usually a bit of a rebel, and the expansive energies of Jupiter will feed that. Jupiter will also sympathize with your desire to do something new and maybe a bit eccentric. Aquarius is a fixed sign and has the potential to be stubborn, but Jupiter will help you to remain flexible.

Natal Jupiter in Pisces: Far-reaching dreams. You’re so creative and imaginative! Jupiter feeds that, but you have to be sure that you’re not deluding yourself, or living in a fantasy world. It’s easy for you to see what you want to see, rather than what’s truly there. You’re idealistic and kind, and unscrupulous people will take advantage of that.

The Next 13 Months

We’ve just looked at how your natal Jupiter position influences you, now let’s look at the year ahead. Jupiter is going to stay in Scorpio from 10 October 2017 to 8 November 2018. Knowing how its energy bounces off your Sun sign means you can tap into that vibe and use it to bring you good luck!

Transit Jupiter in Scorpio to Sun Sign Aries: This may not be the smoothest of years for you. Yes, there’s a lot of energy to be had, and a lot of progress to be made, but you may not be content with the way that energy wants to lead you.

You might even rebel, feeling that you’re being forced to compromise, while this dynamic momentum seems determined to carry you in its wake.

Transit Jupiter in Scorpio to Sun Sign Taurus: Jupiter’s transit will help to bring you a bit more out of yourself, with social events being easier for you to attend. It’s easy to relax, easy to enjoy making friends and finding lovers.

However, there’s also a lack of responsibility here, and you may find that laziness sets in and undoes all your good work if you’re not paying attention.

Transit Jupiter in Scorpio to Sun Sign Gemini: There’s a lot of expansive energy available to you this next 13 months, but it also brings frustrations. Tenacity and the willingness to see things through to their completion is elusive, and will take some real dedication on your part.

Jupiter does enhance your natural charm, but without a bit of discipline you might come across as superficial.

Transit Jupiter in Scorpio to Sun Sign Cancer: This is a fairly optimistic transit for you, because Scorpio and Cancer are both water signs. You should feel at ease in most situations, and be both generous and understanding to your family and loved ones. It’s a fantastic time for making home improvements, starting a garden, or even buying a home.

Reach out to loved ones whom you haven’t seen in awhile.

Transit Jupiter in Scorpio to Sun Sign Leo: Impatience may well be your keyword for the next year, and in your haste you could overlook some critical information. You want to improve and expand, and Jupiter will help you with that, but there is such a thing as too much too soon.

Find the balance between wishing and reality, between being dedicated and being a workaholic, and you’ll reap the rewards of your labors.

Transit Jupiter in Scorpio to Sun Sign Virgo: Jupiter heightens your mental energy and brings you extra clarity in your examination of your life and the things and people in it. It should be easy for you to communicate your thoughts without being accused of being overly critical or judgmental.

People warm to you, and look to your advice with their plans and projects. This is a great time for you to travel.

Transit Jupiter in Scorpio to Sun Sign Libra: This is an excellent period for partying and socializing, something that comes naturally to you. It’s a time for play, for relaxing and taking it a bit easier. Don’t get complacent though. You’ll be tempted to overindulge in all the good things that life has to give to you.

Never lower your standards or compromise your beliefs just because it seems a good idea at the time.

Transit Jupiter in Scorpio to Sun Sign Scorpio: Jupiter brings you limitless energy and potential. It won’t’ be hard for you to tear down what’s not working so that you can rebuild it stronger, better. Physically, it’s a favorable period to expand any area of your life where you’d like to see increase.

You’ll be motivated to make positive changes, and others look to you as you lead by example and inspire them to improve their own circumstances.

Transit Jupiter in Scorpio to Sun Sign Sagittarius: The next 13 months are all fun and games to you! You’ll enjoy relaxing, playing and taking it more easily than you usually do. There’s a devil-may-care vibe running through things, and while that opens the door for fun and frolics, it might not be so entertaining when you have to face your obligations.

Watch your self-discipline. It will be easier than usual for you to overindulge with this transit.

Transit Jupiter in Scorpio to Sun Sign Capricorn: You know your capabilities and understand the value of hard work. Jupiter is asking you to think outside the box a bit, and to explore more of your natural skills and talents. You may change jobs, move house, or make other big life changes, but you’ll never lose sight of your responsibilities.

Insecurities that have prevented you from getting what you want seem to vanish into thin air.

Transit Jupiter in Scorpio to Sun Sign Aquarius: More opportunities than you ever dreamed of are about to come your way, and this is both a blessing and a bane. There’s a restless energy when it comes to the status quo, and you’ll need even more freedom and independence than you usually demand.

Beware of completely disrupting your life while you go chasing first one thing than another in an attempt to find what you’re seeking. Humanitarian pursuits are favorable.

Transit Jupiter in Scorpio to Sun Sign Pisces: This is a good transit for you as you’re both water signs, but you’ll have to concentrate hard to keep at least one foot on the ground. It will be easy for you to run away with ideas and plans that might not be in your best interests.

Seek out newness, by all means, but test it and make sure that it is viable before you dive in completely. Your creativity is heightened, and you may be drawn to helping others.

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