4 Easy Ways to Use Dreams to Improve Your Love Life

Posted on December 30, 2014

Everyone dreams. Whether you remember them or not is something entirely different. There are easy ways to use dreams to improve your love life, and when you start to work with them, then you can unlock the secrets to a whole other dimension of fulfillment. It may sound crazy, but it does work. Dreams are the language of the unconscious, and they are telling you valuable secrets. The key is to uncover those secrets, and put them into practice. Here are 4 easy ways you can use dreams to help improve your relationships today!

1. How to Remember Your Dreams….

Before you can understand your dreams, though, you have to work on remembering them. My favorite method is to have a bottle of water on your bedside table. On the label is written the word ‘remember.’

• The last thing you do before you close your eyes to sleep is to take a sip of that water.

• The first thing you do when you awaken in the morning is to take another sip of that water.

• Then, immediately start to write down anything you remember about your dreams in a notebook or dream journal kept next to the bottle of water by your bed.

Save this bottle of water and this notebook only for dream work. In time, you will start to remember more details, and recall things more clearly. Once this becomes second nature to you, then you’ll be able to read through your dream journal and see where patterns are repeating. All of this can help you understand your dreams in greater detail.

2. How Dreams Affect Your Mood….

It’s no secret that we get along better when we’re in a good mood. No one wants to make love to someone when they’re crabby or sad, now do they? Dreams can affect your mood, and that can have a knock-on effect when it comes to your love life. You may not even remember what you’ve dreamed (which is why a dream journal is so helpful), but what happened in that dream may affect you throughout the day.

Nightmares can have a strong impact on your mood. When you have bad dreams, you toss and turn and are very restless. You may even have a broken night’s sleep from waking from your dreams, trying to break their storyline. This can make you feel tired and irritable when you awaken. You may feel grumpy because you’re tired, or have an unsettled or nervous energy due to the resonance of the nightmare. This can be a hard energy to shake off, particularly if the dream was ominous or even sinister.

Conversely, a good dream can set you up for a great day. You may have dreamed of doing something fun with a good friend, or you may even have had a dream where you were having great sex! Oxytocin, a ‘feel good’ chemical that the pituitary gland releases during sex, can occur during sexual dreams just as it can during actual intercourse. This can set you up for a great day ahead—and set the stage for a physical encounter later that night!

3. Dreams and Your Relationships….

People who dream about problems in their relationship are more likely to have problems with their partners than those who do not have these dreams. Nightmares about your partner can sow seeds of doubt, creating friction between you. Even though dreams happen in the unconscious, and you may not remember them, the residue of the negative energy is still there. You may feel restless, or unsettled, and not know why. Perhaps it is something you dreamed.

61 people were studied at the University of Maryland with regards to how dreams affected their relationships. The studies were significant in their findings. The study found that dreams can have a predictive influence on a relationship. If you dreamed that your partner was doing something bad, it could have a bad effect on the connection between the two of you.

These kinds of dreams can be manifestations of your fears. Perhaps you don’t feel secure in the relationship and are frightened your partner is going to find someone else. This scenario could be played out in a dream, reinforcing your fears, and driving a bigger wedge of insecurity between you.

If these dreams become more frequent, or if they keep replaying a previous indiscretion that you and your partner are trying to overcome, you may need to ask yourself if you’re doing the right thing in staying in the relationship. If your relationship is strong, then you’re more than likely just going to be able to shrug off the dream as a silly dream. You may even be able to use it as a catalyst to kiss and cuddle and prove your dream wrong by increasing your physical intimacy. However, if your relationship is already wobbling, you may find that your sex life suffers, too.

4. The Magic of Lucid Dreaming…..

Lucid dreaming means to be half awake and half asleep, and so that you can control what happens in your dreams. Obviously, this makes it an excellent tool for fulfilling your sexual fantasies. When you’re dreaming of sex, particularly when you’re somewhat controlling the setting or the partner, then a climax in your dreams is just as real as a climax in reality.

Having dream sex about your partner is one thing, but what if you are in a relationship with someone, and yet you’re having orgasmic sex dreams about someone else. Once again, if your relationship is strong and healthy, there’s nothing wrong with this; it can actually strengthen your sex drive, and that can only improve your intimacy, right?

But what happens if you dream about someone else that you know, or perhaps you’re even having a climactic sex dream about a parent or a sibling? There’s no cause to get weirded out. Often when we dream of other people, we’re dreaming of different aspects of ourselves. There’s a school of thought that says that having intercourse with someone is assimilating those qualities into your own psyche. Therefore, if you have a sex dream about your dad, it doesn’t mean that you want to copulate with him! You’re probably either coming to terms with his role in your life, or assimilating the qualities that you admire in him. Yes, it can be unnerving, but it’s not that unusual.

Lucid dreaming can be used for much more than sexual satisfaction. You may not even think you’re having a sexual dream—and then all of a sudden, there’s your orgasm. Of course the very best lucid dream sex is when you are dreaming of a wonderful and sensual connection, and you can reach out to your partner and bring your dreams to life.

The realm of dreams is a huge world to explore, and we’ve only scratched the surface. There are foods you can eat to stimulate your dreams, there is clothing you can wear, there are tasks you can perform before going to bed, and more. There are many easy ways to use dreams to improve your love life, and one that you can put to use tonight is to turn off all electronic devices in your bedroom. Don’t have the TV or the stereo on, and don’t take your tablet or your phone to bed. If you want to read last thing before sleeping, then read a book or a magazine that is not on an electronic reader—and if it is about an erotic subject, so much the better! You really can use dreams to spice things up, but like anything else, it just takes a bit of time and patience.

How about you? Have you ever used dreams to improve your love life? How? What is your favorite way to remember your dreams or enjoy your dream world?

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