5 Date Night Ideas for Venus in Cancer….Even if You’re Single!

Posted on May 09, 2015

Has romance been in a rut for you these days? If so, fret not. We’ve all been through it. Romance for everyone in any lifetime is a roller coaster of ebbs and flows. Does it feel like it’s been “ebbing” a little too often for you though? Every once in a while astrology can throw some curve balls. And many of us have been having a tough Spring! But, once in a while, Universe sends some gifts our way. And when it comes to love, it doesn’t matter what your relationship status is. You can use those gifts to ignite some fun into your love life, if that’s what you really want. We are in the middle of one of those transits right now, Venus in Cancer.

Here we have the gorgeous planet of love and beauty travelling in the zodiac sign of Cancer. Cancer is a Water Sign and this means that emotions will be readily available during all of your dating and relationship experiences under this transit. Venus will be making this journey between May 7, 2015 and June 5, 2015, which gives you a whole month to enjoy it! If you are looking to have some fun with your relationships, start right now with these 5 date night ideas for Venus in Cancer.

And, if you are single, here are 5 great ideas for you to start loving your higher Self again. Stop wallowing in single sadness! Embrace your single life, and start having some fun. You just never know what the Universe will send your way. Here are some starting points!

1. Get your water on….

Splish splash you can have a blast! It goes without saying that any date on or near water during Venus in Cancer will be a great one. Make reservations on a balcony over looking a lake or an ocean. Or, pack up a picnic and head to the beach with your favorite companion. Expect the tides to open up your hearts in a way that keeps the conversation and the love flowing all night. And, if you are single, have a date with yourself near the water. You will find both the peace and the intuitive senses flowing, and maybe you will even be inspired with direction from Universe on how to progress in love!

2. Get friendly with it!

Whether your own relationship needs a boost, or you are looking for fun new ways to enjoy romance, or, you are just looking for romance at all, focus on your friends first! For singles this might mean hanging out with friends at a new joint to scope out the scene. For couples it may mean a double date night. Or, maybe you have a friend that you are hoping to take things to the next level with? If so, Venus in Cancer nurtures friendships and opens those doors of opportunity. What are you waiting for? Want romance? Pick up the phone and get in the friend zone!

3. Get your foody on!

Cancer is the domestic zodiac sign and also known to be the zodiac’s chef! You might be surprised to learn how many celebrity chef’s are Cancer. So in an unofficial way Cancer rules food. Thus, fun food dates will be very well received under Venus in Cancer. You can do this a number of ways and it doesn’t have to be expensive. Try a new recipe, or practice one with your amour, and then spend the night in! Make sure it is a unique dish that you both have never tried before, it will create a memory that you will both remember forever. And, if you are single, treat yourself to a dinner out at the new hip restaurant you’ve been mulling over. Or, spend the night in with your Self and master that new recipe on your own. When your Prince or Princess knocks on your door, you will have something new to wow them with!

4. Get your creativity flowing….

Cancer is one of the most creative zodiac signs, and so dates that enhance or highlight creativity are favored! Find an outlet that both you and your date can enjoy together. This could be a book reading from an author, a pottery class you take together, wherever your inspiration takes you. You can surprise your date with the event, or just ask them what creative date they want to go on. And sometimes, the best dates are the most simple. Find a cozy picnic spot and just read to each other from your favorite novel. It’s a very simple way to stoke the fires of Venus in Cancer. If you are single, work on your own creativity skills. Paint, draw, write, sing, dance, wherever your creativity strikes.

5. Get your arts on….

Being creative is one thing, that is the Cancer effect in this transit. But enjoying the fruits of someone else’s creativity is equally favoured with Venus in Cancer. Venus is the planet of love and beauty, and she also rules the arts. So this includes all things artistic, the opera, ballet, any dance really, theater, music, art galleries, you name it! Visit an art gallery or attend the ballet with your date and you will find that the artistic ambience under Venus in Cancer is truly inspiring. And if you are single, all the more reason to get out there and get your culture on. There could be someone very like minded at one of these events who will be very happy to take a seat next to you. Keep an eye out for anyone that is checking you out during intermissions or in sidelong glances at the gallery. It will come when you least expect it!

And there you have it! 5 fabulous date night ideas that you can begin enjoying today. You have several glorious weeks to do so between now and June 5. And once you do, you just never know what sparks of romance you are going to create. Forget everything you ever worried about when it comes to relationship compatibility and romance, at least for the next few weeks. Venus in Cancer is a transit that all zodiac signs can enjoy if they need to explore the waters of romance. And you should, whether you are single or attached! Follow these date night ideas and watch Venus work her magic for you in love. How are you going to honour Venus in Cancer for your Summer lovin’?

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