5 Easy Ways to Use Runes

Posted on April 26, 2018

At Astrology Answers, we talk a lot about having tools in our toolbox. When it comes to spirituality, the number of things you can put in your toolbox is as infinite as the universe! There is no one tool that fits all, and most tools are useful when combined.

Today, we’re focusing on the divination tool known as the ancient runes. Once you’re familiar with them, runes will become your daily go-to for quick and easy answers beyond astrology and tarot. From one-rune draws to grid layouts, these rune reading methods will help you uncover more about yourself and life path.

Runes are wonderful little things, and they work similarly to the tarot but in a different medium, as they are stones with symbols placed on them offering a meaning. Each symbol means something different, and this is how the runes give us answers. Like your tarot cards have symbols that tell you something, so do runes.

With so many planets in retrograde right now, runes are a beautiful little tool to rely on for a different kind of answer. As such, runes are used for divination, and they have been in use for centuries. Originally they were used as letters before the Latin alphabet was developed, and used as symbols for communicating in Germany in 1 or 2 AD.

Today they are used for divination, which means, communication with the divine. You can even start to be more psychic every day by becoming one with your set of runes. As with everything, it just takes a little practice.

The Younger Futhark rune system is one of the most commonly used, as it was one of the first, but many rune sets have developed over time. One set contains 24 stones, or runes, and each one will give you the answers to your questions, just like the tarot, but with stones!

Is there a right and a wrong way to do it? No, actually. Here are some guidelines for you if you want to add this tool to your toolbox. Reading runes is very easy, and because it’s been around so long, also one of the most popular! Here are some great ways to begin using your runes you can try today. Have fun, and report back and let us know how it went for you!

1. One Rune Draw

This is a great way to start practicing with your runes and begin getting to know them a little better. Pulling an Isa or a Ansuz can be very weird to see when you first start. It’s confusing to see, but easy to do. This is as simple as it sounds. Put all the runes in the pouch they came in, and toss the pouch to mix them up a bit.

Now, open the pouch and put your hand in and just get a feel for what the stones feel like. As you do, concentrate on the question you want the runes to answer today. Keep concentrating until a rune kind of ‘jumps out’ at you, or in some cases, even into your hand! Draw this rune out, and use a handbook to determine its meaning, or even look up the symbol online.

This is the answer to your question!

2. The Full Rune Spread

This is a one card rune draw as well, but instead of keeping your runes in the pouch, spread them all out, symbol side down on a silk scarf or a table in front of you. As you are doing so, think of your question again. Then, when all of the runes are faced down, move your hand, palm down, over all of them while thinking of your question.

As you do, you’ll notice one or two runes seem to “pop” out yet again. Once again, there′s your answer! This method and the one rune draw method are the two of the easiest ways to begin learning and understanding your runes, how they work, and how they answer those important questions!

Compare your answer with your daily horoscopes at Astrology Answers to validate the intuitions and messages you are getting. They should feel fairly close. Everything is connected!

3. The Grid

This method uses all the runes once again, and instead of just scattering them in front of you, make a grid with them. First, put all the runes in the pouch and toss them a little bit as usual. As you do, think of the question you want answered. Now, once that is complete, set up the runes in an 8 x 3 grid. 3 across, and 8 down.

You should have three rows. The first is your “yes” row, the second is your “no” row, and the third is your “maybe” row. Using your dominant hand, move your palm over the three rows. Again, you’ll get a rune that seems to stand out to you. Draw this rune and you’ll have your answer!

What column did it come from? Yes, no, or maybe? There′s one part of your answer. The symbol on the rune now is giving you more information about your answer. Why is it yes? Why is it no? Or what do you need to do if you pulled from the maybe column?

4. 3 Rune Draw: Past, present, and future.

Here’s where your astrology rune reading is going to get a little more advanced, and exciting! This spread is much like a 3 card tarot spread, but instead, you will be using 3 runes. Each of the runes will represent a timeline. One for your past, one for your present, and one for your future.

Put all of your runes in your little pouch and gently toss them to mix them up a bit, as you have done in your previous readings. As you toss or shake them up a bit, think about the question, how the past has played a role, and what you’re wondering in this situation as far as the future is concerned! Now you’re going to draw your runes one at a time.

As you do, place them in front of you side by side, and pay attention to any special or specific feelings or thoughts that come your way. This is your intuition speaking, it′s telling you your answer! Use the symbols on the runes, either with your handbook or through symbol guides you see online.

You will find answers about your situation for the past, present, and your future outcome! It′s really that easy!

5. 4 or 5 Rune Draw: Timeline Questions!

Have you ever had an astrology question that started with the word ‘when’? Of course you have, it′s part of being human! A 4 or 5 draw with some astrology runic magic is great for those questions. I like to do 5 runes for these kinds of questions, with the first 4 runes representing 4 weeks of time, starting with the present. The final rune will be the overall picture or outcome.

To do this reading, you follow the same steps you would for the 3 rune draw. Put all of the runes in the pouch and toss them gently while thinking of your question. Then, one by one, draw 4 or 5 runes and again lay them side by side.

The first rune is week 1, the second is week 2, the third is week 3, the fourth is week 4, and the fifth is your overall outcome in this specific situation. It doesn′t get any easier than that!

Concluding Thoughts on Runes & Astrology

There you have it. Now you know how to get immediate answers to your everyday questions using the runes. Spend some time getting to know them and making them ‘yours.’ You will get so accustomed to them, and learning these draws is very easy and quick. It should only take a few minutes for each one.

Keep repeating them, and you will enjoy your relationship with your runes. You’ll soon find they are jumping out of the bag to tell you your answer! Try these out and become one with your runes. You will be pleasantly surprised with all of the astrology answers and exciting revelations that come as a result, and of course, we want you to come back and report them all!

Compare your rune drawing and interpretation to your daily horoscope at Astrology Answers to see how all the pieces fit.

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