5 Essential Oils for the Holidays & Their Healing Properties

Posted on December 01, 2018

Looking for the perfect holiday gift, stocking stuffer, or a natural way to combat flu season? Look no further than essential oils. Plus, if you haven’t tried incorporating scent into decorating, essential oils can be a festive addition to your holiday decor!

Essential oils, being organic and non-synthetic, are able to duplicate the cell structure of our bodies. They are able to heal and comfort us without side effects.

Today, we have a rundown of our favourite holiday-inspired essential oils and their physical and spiritual healing properties. These oils and their scents will bring more magic into your life this holiday season.

Peppermint Oil

Peppermint can help clear your respiratory tract and is great for your throat chakra. If you feel you’d like to speak up and share your ideas more, peppermint is a great oil for you. It is also a great digestive aid for after those big meals. It’s also nice to put on your temples and forehead to help soothe a headache. It’s great for relieving stress and anxiety as well as mental exhaustion. It can be used for dermatitis and skin irritation, too. It’s great to rub on the chest for colds and under the nose for nasal congestion. Spiritually, peppermint oil is great for clearing energetic blocks because it helps improve clarity.

Pine Oil

What’s more Christmassy than the smell of pine trees? Pine oil is a strong anti-virus, anti-oxidant oil that can help reduce painful inflammation and kill bacteria. It’s another oil that’s great for the skin and scalp as well. It’s also great for headaches, congestion, and will boost your energy when you’re out with a cold. The Christmas tree dates back to a Pagan tradition where the branches were used to decorate homes during Yuletide to remind families of Earth’s gifts that will return in the spring. Even the bark was chewed for vitamin C. It’s supposed to ward off evil spirits too!

Cinnamon Oil

Cinnamon oil can help reduce inflammation, heart disease, and respiratory issues. It’s great for improving brain function and blood circulation. People also like it as a mouth freshener. It is said to stimulate the kundalini and a spiritual state of mind. It has an uplifting and strengthening effect and has been used for spiritual healing. It was used in China, Egypt, and even medieval doctors used it for sore throats and coughs. It can also help reduce holiday sugar cravings!

Clove Oil

Clove oil can strengthen your immune system, reduce toothaches, help with digestion, and reduce candida. It’s antifungal and helps heart health and blood pressure. It can help with acne and skin health as well. The spiritual benefits of this one are fun: It’s said to help stop gossip and raise the vibration of an area. It also has strong protecting energy. It’s even said that it will help ensure your intention manifests (so be sure it’s a pure and loving one).

Frankincense Oil

Frankincense oil is known to be used in many spiritual rituals and was one gift said to be given to baby Jesus. It comes from Africa and India and tombs in Egypt were raided for this valuable plant. It can be used to promote relaxation, reduce inflammation, boost immunity, disinfect, help soothe skin, and improve teeth and gum health. It purifies your frequency and aids in spiritual healing. It’s known to help purify and increase intuition.

Concluding Thoughts…

There are many ways to use essential oils in your home, try incense or diffuse them. Essential oils are becoming very popular for preventive healthcare and for mental health therapy. Oils that are pure without anything added are going to be most effective, so read the labels before you buy. Always check to see if the one you want to use is safe to use while pregnant or nursing and if it interferes with birth control or other drugs. Do your research and you’ll find people have had incredible results with essential oils for all kinds of ailments.

What essential oils do you like to use during the winter months? Let us know!

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