5 Facts About How Dreams and Lucid Dreaming Could Change Your Life

Posted on July 02, 2015

Are you curious about your dreams? Do you enjoy dreaming, but find that, you don’t remember them often enough? Or do you want to dream more but just aren’t sure how to tap into those awesome messages? If so, you aren’t alone. Most of the world, even the Earthlings that don’t believe in astrology or New Age work, want to understand their dreams more. Dreams and their meanings are a popular topic at the water coolers for very specific reasons. Everyone instinctively knows that dreaming can be a powerful tool in life. In fact, some of the greatest dream researchers and scientists in the world will say that just knowing dreaming exists can change your life. Lives have changed because someone said to somebody, that didn’t even believe in New Age or astrology, “You know what? I had a dream about you last night.” It’s a game changer. Are you paying attention to yours?

If you are having problems remembering yours, you may just need more practice. One particularly powerful method of dreaming that helps you to remember your dream content is called lucid dreaming. And it is exactly what it sounds like. You are dreaming, but know that you are dreaming. This gives you more dream recall for one thing, but also gives you the super power of being able to control your dreams as well. Wouldn’t you love to chat with your Twin Flame or meet up with one of your soul mates while you are sleeping? Who wouldn’t? Here are some facts about lucid dreaming, with some practical tips, to help you get on that path and explore this exciting portal of your mind, soul, and body!

1. Dreaming is a thing. And so is lucid dreaming.

As we say, simply believing in dreams and their power could change a life. Could be yours. Could be someone else’s, if you tell them your dream content. Could be…anything in your wildest dreams. Carl Jung, Edgar Cayce, and Freud will all say, “Yes, dreaming is a thing.” What you do with that information now, that is all up to you.

Lucid dreaming is a thing too. Now we know that everybody dreams, and just about anybody that you speak to will testify to that and say “Yes, I remember a dream where such and such happened. It happened as a child and I don’t really remember my dreams anymore.” Every human can recall an anecdote that provides enough scientific data to explain that yes dreams a thing. Lucid dreaming is too, but we as humans get caught up in trying to over-understand the concept, and thus we experience this magical event less often than we do our every day or every night dreams.

2. Everybody dreams a lucid dream.

Lucid dreaming is the act of dreaming, and knowing that you are dreaming. So you are having a dream, while you are asleep, but you aren’t really asleep. You are “lucid” enough to know that while you are “mostly unconscious”, a higher level of cognition has kicked in and you are also somewhat “conscious” at least to the extent that we call lucid enough to realize you are dreaming. There’s a very small part of you that is awakened, that realizes what is happening. And because you are lucid then yes, you can then control certain elements of your dream. That’s why it is so exciting!

And yes it happens to all of us if we really want it to. A study of 2004 undergrads in Germany revealed that 82% of the dreamers reported a lucid dream experience at least one time in their life. Researchers like Cayce and Jung would say, knowing that it’s happened is the first step in making it happen again, and more frequently. Japan replicated the results of the 2004 study with 2008 undergrads with another alarming finding. At least 19% of those participants reported they were lucid dreaming at least once a month! Being open to the possibilities is the first step in replicating those results in yourself as well.

3. Lucid dreaming is not actually a rocket science.

It is a science no doubt. Decades upon decades of peer reviewed studies suggest that it is a science indeed. And because it involves the brain, it is not an exact science by any stretch. That being said, there is enough data on the shelf to suggest that every human does it. Some are simply better at recall for whatever reason. They may be studying lucid dreaming and experience it more via day residue exposure more.

Or some people may just be more open to all experiences and find lucid dreaming simply a matter of fact, because that’s who they are. They lucid dream a bozillion times a month, and those are the lucid dreamers the actual rocket scientists want in their labs. For research purposes. But you don’t have to be one of those to experience it. It doesn’t matter who you are. If you study it, if you don’t, or even if you don’t care. You don’t need to be a rocket scientist to figure out how to lucid dream. Basically, you just need to want to, and that begins to send the brain signals and the higher vibrations in motion.

Stephen LaBerge is a scientist who researched at Stanford University and is known in the lucid dreaming circle as a “godfather” of sorts to the field. He studied those actual physiological changes the body undergoes when one is in an active lucid dreaming state. Everything changes. Your heart rate, your circulatory function, your neurological state and even your respiratory function. Many of his studies provide anecdotal evidence of some of the life changing effects lucid dreaming had on participants. Reports of a better board meeting, or relationship conversation, occurring after “practicing” it in a lucid dream the night before can be found in scores of LaBerge’s studies on lucid dreaming.

4. Alpha waves can change your life.

The physiology of all of the neurological and respiratory and cardiovascular stuff with lucid dreaming boils down to one key ingredient in study after study. That is alpha wave presence. We sleep in stages, and in each one of those stages is a different brain wave pattern. When you are just falling asleep in the hypnagogic stage, your brain begins to move from alpha into beta wave mode. This is brain activity slowing down. We see this brain slow down from stage to stage. Beta waves get deeper and deeper until we reach the delta zone! This is a lovely and deep stage of sleep more commonly known as the REM stage, where the deepest dreams begin to set in. These actually are the hardest dreams to try and lucid dream in, according to most lucid dreaming studies.

Lucid dreaming is just that, lucidity. Brain research shows time and time again that a small part of your brain needs to be awake, and conscious, in order for you to lucid dream. This is actually a stage of the “sleep” that is early alpha waves. Alpha waves are the most ‘alert’ stage of sleep and actually really aren’t sleep at all. They are present in meditative states for example, but lucid dreaming is a much deeper experience, because part of you actually does “black out” enough to have a dream. But part of you doesn’t, which is what makes the lucidity so exciting. You control the outcome.

A 2008 Erlacher and Schredl showed that people that had lucid dreams about working out, actually had better results in their waking life at the gym after the fact. In their studies, they had lucid dreamers performing standard gym workout routines like squats and activities involving reps and counting. When participants data before and after the lucid dreaming of these squats and reps was compared, athletic performance actually improved after lucid dreaming! Other scientists are looking for more and more waves that alpha wave function can be trained in order to accomplish even more life changing results from lucid dreaming.

In a nutshell, if you want to use dreams of any kind to change your life, brain waves matter. The delta waves in deep sleep will bring you to a stage of dreaming that is very powerful. The more dreams you have in this stage, and write in your dream journal, the more direct messages from the Divine you will have in your tool box. Lucid dreaming in the alpha wave stage offers a different use of dream content, because you get to control the message, and thus your final outcome.

5. If you can dream it, it will come.

Again, it’s not rocket science. If you can dream it, it will come. That is true no matter what stage of sleep your dream is in. It is happening to you for a reason. Either you entered the lucid dreaming state and spun your tale, and saw that manifest in better gym results weeks later. Or, you imagined it in your REM stage of sleep where you simply watched the story play out. Either way, if you dreamed it, it will come. You don’t need to believe that for that to be true.

Whatever you are dreaming, whether it is sleep stage or lucid dreaming, is one of three things. Something from your past that is coming up; something that is what you have experienced right now, also known as day residues; or something that is going to happen….to you, to someone else, to someone. You may or may not know them, but that is why you are having that dream. The dream symbols and their meanings help you to pinpoint which of those three things you are dreaming about.

Scientists have uncovered the very distinct part of our brains that handles our past cognitive brain maps, our current cognitive levels, and our pre-cognitive levels. Whenever you think something it creates its own map in your head, whether it’s a passing thought, in deep delta wave sleep, or in alpha wave lucid dreaming. When you factor in all of your lifetimes, that’s a lot of brain maps for billions of people. It’s very close to impossible to specifically identify each one in the field of brain science, at this point in time. But what research has uncovered is that dreams actually do come true, in some way, shape or form, over time. And they do have meaning.

There are many ways that mind, body, and soul experiences can change your life, and dreaming is just one powerful tool in that tool kit. You will dream and could have life changing experiences from dreams by not even believing in any of this at all. But now that you know, why wouldn’t you want to improve, and possibly even change your life by including dream study into it? Dream journals and sometimes just paying attention is all you need for your dreams to begin coming to life for you too! Have you had any dream experiences that have changed your life? We would love to hear those stories!

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