5 Must Have Healing Crystals to Bring Love Miracles

Posted on January 27, 2019

Have you been looking for love?

Perhaps you’ve been looking to move past heartache? If so, astrology can help.

Understanding how your zodiac sign works with the transits from the universe can help you attract the kind of love you deserve in your life, and to move past the kinds of love that didn’t work for you. (Find your free Daily Love Horoscope here.)

Divination tools like rune stones and tarot cards are very useful when trying to heal and to get answers on how to move towards the love you are looking for. In addition to divination tools, healing crystals can be powerful tools to help you in everyday life.

Because they come from the Earth, each kind of stone has its own energy properties and they can be used for many different things. If you’re single and looking, or single and grieving a relationship loss, or simply want your current relationship to feel more fulfilling, know there are healing crystals for all of that!

If a little more love is all you need to feel happier in life, then you must get your hands on these 5 powerful healing crystals - rose quartz, malachite, green aventurine, apache tear and citrine. You’ll never know the power of the love stones until you try them!

Rose Quartz - Pink Power

Rose quartz will be the first healing crystal experts will refer to when it comes to matters of the heart. Pink is the universal color for love and healing, and the power of rose quartz allows a two way flow of love into your life.

If you’re feeling blocked in love because you have created walls or become guarded, rose quartz opens up those gateways to help you feel more confident in love again. Wearing rose quartz or carrying it in your pocket will also help you feel more worthy of the kind of love you are looking for.

Wear it in necklaces, earrings, bracelets, or any kind of jewelry or slip a stone into your wallet or handbag, and you will have the healing power of love by your side every day. You can even keep it by your bedside and expect to receive more miracles in love and relationships.

Malachite - Attracting the Miracle of Love

This green stone harnesses the power of the heart chakra, which is also the color green. Malachite is known more for healing than for attracting love. If you’re dealing with grief, heartbreak, or pain in relationships, using malachite will be a useful way to achieve healing and peace.

Malachite clears away negativity and pain, and thus speeds up the healing process of heartbreak, so wearing it in a pendant close to your heart is one way to speed up the healing process. Many who use malachite for grief also sleep with a stone underneath their pillow.

Green Aventurine - Activating the Heart Chakra

Aventurine is another of the healing crystals the same color as the heart chakra.

This success stone will also help you with achievements in the way of money and luck. When it comes to healing relationships or attracting love, green aventurine works on your confidence, helping you feel you can conquer the world, and go after any kind of love you want in your life!

Sometimes the only thing between us and everlasting love is having the confidence to go after it - or believing we deserve it. Using green aventurine will give you that boost. Put some under your pillow for sweet dreams to help you feel bold in love and don’t forget to slip a green aventurine stone into your wallet or purse for success in money too!

Apache Tear - Never Grieve in Love Again

The magic of love healing with the Apache tear crystal comes from an ancient legend. Another name for this stone is obsidian, and it is very commonly associated with healing from grief or negative thoughts in love. It comes from a Native American ritual when the Apache women watched their men die on the battlegrounds.

Legend says they would weep “rivers of tears,” and each teardrop hardened into the healing crystal that we call the Apache tear. According to legend, those who keep Apache tears near them shall never grieve a loss in love again, as that loss is absorbed by the tears of the Apache women. Thank you.

Citrine…the Success Stone

Citrine is the color of sunshine, and that’s exactly how it’s supposed to make you feel. Considered to be another success stone, it helps you to radiate from the inside out. You can see how a boost of confidence would help you in love!

Citrine works to help you feel empowered. Sometimes when it comes to relationships, we feel hopeless, like we have no control over the outcome. That simply isn’t the case. You ALWAYS have control in your final outcome and citrine can help you get that power back.

If you need more joy and more all over good feelings in life, try using citrine on a regular basis. You will be empowered with time, and this quality alone will help you to manifest and attract the kind of love you are looking for.


Crystals are yet another tool we can turn to when we seek to understand what’s going on in our lives - as well as to take back the control we feel we have lost. Do you use healing crystals to be successful in love? What are your favorites? What healing crystal rituals do you use to attract love?

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* Editor’s note: This article was previously published June 25, 2015 and has been updated for astrological accuracy.

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