5 Simple Ways to Clear Energy in Your Home

Posted on July 21, 2018
Updated on July 03, 2020

There are easy and inexpensive ways to clear any negative energy in your home. We recommend doing an energy cleanse of your home at least on a weekly basis and ideally on a daily basis.Your home acts like a sponge for the energy in it. Everything, even objects, vibrates on an imperceptible level. Our own emotional energy also sits around and absorbs into our homes, even in the air. That means our subconscious thoughts create a soup in which we are sitting, eating and sleeping. If you have a bad day, an argument, a difficult phone conversation, that negative energy radiates out into our space and hovers around us until we do something to clear it.

The reason you want to keep the energy in your home clear and positive is because we spend so much time in our homes. They’re like our charging stations. You want to fill yourself with energy that will activate the law of attraction in your favor right?

For rare difficult cases where you still feel negativity at home, you can call on a trusted medium or clairvoyant to help you dislodge and release an experience from your subconscious which is projecting and attracting negative vibrations.

For daily clearing techniques, use any of these time-tested practices!

Spiritual Music

One time-tested practice for clearing the energy in your home is to play mantras or meditation style music. This can be wooden flutes, crystal chakra bowls, binaural beats, kundalini yoga mantras, reiki music and much more. There’s no wrong spiritual music to play.

Find something that feels uplifting and peaceful and play it 24-7 when you’re at home. For something more personalized, find and put together a compilation of bells, chimes, bowls, flutes, mantras, and gongs that give you the variety you enjoy!

The reason this is effective is because the music is made with the intention to activate your upper chakras. Music with low bass activates the lower chakras that tie us to the physical world, whereas music played in higher octaves resonates with the higher emotional states of compassion, trust, and empathy obtained by raising your own frequency and activating the upper chakras.

Running Water

Another time-tested energy clearing practice is to have flowing water in your home. The negative ions generated by flowing water calms our nervous system, allowing us to stay relaxed and content. That’s essentially why we feel refreshed after taking a shower or spending time by the ocean, because the movement of water constantly generates a strong flow of these ions.

If you’re unfamiliar with the effects of positive and negative ions on your energy field, basically, we need to have a balance of both. However, electronics produce a lot of positive ions, creating an imbalance in your energy field that can lead to depression and a weakened immune system. To counteract the TV, computer, phones, and other electronics in your home, try out a small fountain placed somewhere central in the home, or in the space you want to focus on cleansing.


When it comes to energy that is in the group consciousness which is affected by the culture, astrological influences and prior events in a location, you can use smudging. Smudging is a sacred ritual used in many Indigenous cultures, using smoke from herbs and intention to clear the energetic imprints in the air to raise the frequency.

You can burn incense, sage, or palo santo to clear your home of negative energy. You can’t do too much either! There’s no hard and fast rule about burning incense all the time, and if you can afford to burn lots, go for it! Alternatively, you can use an essential oil diffuser, but the real healing powers of smudging come from the smoke, which is thought to supplement the negative ions as we discussed earlier.

For saging and palo santo, simply start in one corner of the house and walk slowly around the edges of your house clockwise with an intention to clear the energy and bring in positivity. You can ask your spiritual helpers to assist you in the process as well.


Another negative ion generator which can help keep your nervous system calm in your home is salt. It’s common to see Himalayan salt lamps at doctor’s offices and other healing spaces. Many people interested in metaphysical education keep a few around their homes.

The salt generates negative ions to help us feel calm and relaxed. Plus, the lamps cast a soothing, rosy light which creates a cozy atmosphere as well. It’s a good reminder that your own attitude affects the energy in your home.


Crystals have a high frequency and are great to have around your home. They can help cleanse and re-energize the environment in your home and can be a powerful source of healing and positive energy. Amethyst and selenite both generate negative ions and are known to help clear energy. Black tourmaline also absorbs negative energy. All the black crystals are great for transmuting negative energy to positive.

Crystals like quartz, yellow calcite or green calcite, labradorite, chaorite, howlite, rose quartz, citrine and many others are excellent energy lifters. They help make your home a place for high vibration spiritual guides and keep you in an elevated state because of the frequency they emit. Some people like to use crystal grids in their homes for an extra energy boost, and they make for beautiful, unique decor.

Concluding Thoughts…

Different cultures all have very valuable energy-clearing practices you can try out. Feng Shui is an entire system of interior design used to keep the vibrations in your home positive! I’ve seen a store that wasn’t selling anything quickly become lucrative after being redesigned by a Feng Shui expert. It explains more in depth how keeping clutter from your home can allow your mind to expand allowing you to be open to new experiences like love, jobs, and happiness!

Probably the simplest way to keep the energy in your home clean and clear is to clear your own energy with breathwork. Because you imprint your environment with your aura, your aura has a direct effect on your environment. Doing Breath of Fire 10-30 minutes daily will cleanse your aura and expand it, allowing you to emit an energetic Febreze all around you!

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