5 Things For All Zodiac Signs To Expect During Neptune Retrograde

Posted on June 04, 2015

We are in retrograde season, my friends. I know a lot of Earthlings are anxiously awaiting the ending of this Mercury retrograde period. We will see Mercury retrograde come to a close in the coming week. Mercury begins its forward motion between June 11 and June 12, but we will still see a shadow period that may cause some Mercurial wrinkles. They won’t be anything like the ones you’ve been experiencing over the last few weeks however, and you should feel some relief. Along with that, you can expect some deep insight and clarity to come forward with the next planetary retrograde that is right on Mercury’s heels. That is the transit of Neptune retrograde, that will begin on June 12. Yep, that’s the day after Mercury begins moving direct again but fret not. Like Mercury retrograde, Neptune retrograde is a blessing in disguise that, if you are playing your cards right, can truly manifest miracles.

Neptune is of course the planet that rules dreams, fantasies, and heightened psychic experiences. So when Neptune energy is high, often we feel confused and muddled because our secondary consciousness is taking over. When Neptune is retrograde, the blanket is pulled off of our thoughts, psychic experiences, and awarenesses. This means that during Neptune retrograde, your thoughts, dreams, fantasies, and feelings will come to you with more clarity and perspective than ever before. Are you waiting for a period of true enlightenment? Then get giddy over Neptune retrograde, because it is about to give you just what you want. Here are the 5 things you should expect, and make the most of during Neptune retrograde, no matter what zodiac sign you are.

1. Key dates for Neptune Retrograde.

The entire transit is not going to be a 3 week trend like Mercury retrograde. Neptune moves a little slower than Mercury on a good day. This transit will begin June 12, and will last right through to November 18, 2015. But it’s a good thing! And there are some dates in this time frame where the energy will be highest.

September 16 to 17, Neptune and Jupiter are going to face some opposition. By this time Jupiter will have left Leo and entered Virgo. Before this transit hits, make your boundaries with whoever you need to make your boundaries with, or you are going to experience some wrinkles. By October 6 and 7 we are seeing Neptune oppose Mars, who will also be in Virgo. Expect criticism from all sides to come your way, your mission will be to choose NOT to be discouraged over it. Virgo is a perfectionist, but no matter what zodiac sign you are, all zodiac signs will be amped up to be perfect critics during this period. Start practicing being the bigger person now.

2. Spidey senses are on high alert.

Whenever Neptune energy is present, psychic senses and energy are always abundant. This does not change during Neptune retrograde, but instead, amplifies those feelings. Sometimes during normal transits, those spidey senses confuse us. We don’t know what information is real, and what is based on our hopes and fears. During Neptune retrograde, this confusion dissipates. This means, all of those spidey sense hunches that you are getting? They are spot on. This is a gift to many, but just remember, the truth is not always sunshiny. If you are exploring the psychic world to receive more clarity during Neptune retrograde, be prepared to meet the truth. Fret not however. If you approach this transit wisely, this truth will set you free.

3. Listen to your inner voice, but don’t be ruled by it.

We all have that still small voice that talks to us every day. It’s called your instinct, or your intuition. During Neptune retrograde that inner voice is going to be screaming at you, and it is going to be telling you the truth. You will have light bulb moments and ah hah experiences more so than ever before. Explore every one! Miracles grow from light bulb moments. Explore every truth that your inner voice dictates, as you just never know where those truths will take you. Discount nothing, but don’t spend hours agonizing over something that takes you nowhere. Be your own investigative reporter and follow every lead. But, be prudent about it. When the trail goes cold, it’s time to move on.

4. Turn paranoia into a positive thing.

Clarity and understanding will be high during Neptune retrograde. You will begin to see truths on matters that have been plaguing you since last year. All zodiac signs are going to experience heightened psychic senses, and this means you will be getting a LOT of information. Much of this you won’t know what to do with! And, to be real, some of it is going to leave you really paranoid. This is true no matter what zodiac sign you are, though some zodiac signs are generally more paranoid than others anyway, and will feel this more. Again we say, discount nothing. It will feel like a psychic overload, and some information you receive may feel too big to deal with. Talk it out with someone, or use dream journals and Neptunian pursuits to let go of excess psychic energy that does not serve you well.

All psychic receive an abundance of information every day, and all of that information is the truth. But we don’t ALL use ALL of the info we get all day every day. If we did, we would all be exhausted, burned out, and useless to the people that we serve. You are going to experience this during Neptune retrograde as well, even if you don’t consider yourself a psychic. Sort out the information, use what you need and what will serve you and those you love, and discard the rest. Otherwise, you are going to be paranoid…a lot. But you can turn this paranoia into something positive by sorting out the information that is relevant to you, and discarding what isn’t.

5. Dreams become more real than ever before.

If there is ever a time to start examining your dream content, it’s when Neptune is retrograde. Again, the blanket of confusion will be ripped off, and instead, the gift of clarity arrives. You will begin to remember your dreams more, and certain pieces of them will enter your day in the oddest moments. You will also receive much clarity on these dream snippets when you are least expecting it. Use your dreams and their meanings wisely, as you are being given information that you can use that will yield productive results in your life. Neptune retrograde is a period of action and doing. So while it is great that your dreams are more influential than ever before, they won’t serve you at all if you don’t create action with the information that you are given.

If you are looking for a period in your life where you can start getting clarity and answers on the life matters that have been plaguing you, Neptune retrograde is one transit that can help you. But, it’s important that you use this clarity wisely. When Neptune is direct, it’s a lazier transit that focuses on dreaming, fantasizing, and visualizing success. Neptune retrograde then is the transit for all zodiac signs to start taking those dreams…and doing something with them. What will you do with your dreams during Neptune retrograde?

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