5 Ways to Manifest Luck This Spring

Posted on March 28, 2019
Updated on July 22, 2021

A spring day.

​In the northern hemisphere, spring has finally sprung and many of us are starting to feel the shift in energy. Both the spring (Northern hemisphere) and fall equinoxes (Southern hemisphere) usher in a time of powerful change - and sometimes that’s all the push we need to make significant change in our lives.

While this time of March Madness is a great invitation from the Universe to begin a new phase of your life, it can be intimidating or scary to get started. How do you begin? How can we harness this energy to manifest luck in the weeks to come?

Manifesting means making thoughts and visions reality, taking ideas from the imagination and creating them in the physical world. The manifesting process often involves generating the feelings of your desired outcome as though they are already happening - using visualization. You see it, you believe it, you become it!

Today we’re talking about how you can set your intention for what you want to happen in the next few months, year, whatever your time frame. You may or may not need luck as you go, but either way, we’re going to help you find some!

Let’s get started!

1. Get Serious About Your Intention/Manifestation.

Your manifestation practice can focus on constantly feeling a certain way or sending an intention off to the universe and letting go, but in each case, you have to be sure you’re following the guidelines!

Don’t send your intention off in a pink thought-bubble to the universe only to keep obsessing over it in real life; don’t say your daily affirmations only to turn around and completely contradict yourself with your thoughts.

For example, if you have a practice of saying affirmations for luck in the morning, and spend the rest of the day feeling unlucky, wondering when your good luck will start, you’re sending the universe a very confusing message!

If you have trouble sticking to your intentions, that could be a sign that another form of manifestation would be more your style. It may also be that you need to take smaller steps at first, manifesting smaller changes that are less likely to set off that critical voice in your head.

2. Double-Check Your Feng Shui.

How you position furniture, colors, plants and more in your home and workspace can affect the flow of luck into and out of your life, and sometimes there are energetic blocks that aren’t that obvious.

Take some time to clean up your place and fix nagging problems like slow sinks and clogged shower heads (which can represent blocks in the flow of abundance in your life). Decluttering and organizing help energy flow in a more harmonious pattern in your home and workplace, which can appear to increase your luck.

If you have never practiced feng shui, pick up a few books from the library and choose a “school” - some have simpler systems than others. Start applying the principles and “cures,” or ways to adjust seemingly bad energy very slowly to your home. Add more adjustments over the next few days and weeks to gradually bring in more luck.

If you currently practice feng shui, take a look at your current cures. Feng shui energies change at the time of the Lunar New Year, so if you follow a flying-stars school, double-check that you’ve made the appropriate changes. If you follow a fixed-bagua school, it might be time to change up old cures that have been in place for a long time. Don’t fix what isn’t broken, but take a second look at those areas where your luck seems to have stagnated.

3. Get More in Tune With the Here & Now.

When you constantly live in the past or the future, you don’t have much of a present. In fact, you either stay stuck in your bad-luck past, or you place a lot of pressure on the future to conform exactly to how you want it to be - and you send a very strong universal message that you are not happy or lucky. So what do you think you end up with?

When you shift your attention and concentrate on the here and now, you reduce the worry and repeat patterns. Focus on how you’re fine now. You have food now. Maybe you have friends now. Focus on those good things that you have now so you send good energy out into the universe.

Watch out for those little “side” voices, the thoughts and feelings that pop up with a negative barb. They can be sneaky and fast, and it can take practice to calm those down.

4. Get Your Sleep.

One of the things you have to realize about being lucky is that you tend to feel luckier when you’re happier, and a key to happiness is getting a proper amount of sleep. This helps in two ways. One is absolutely practical; when you’re well-rested, you also tend to feel happier, and when you’re happier, you tend to notice things in a more positive, relaxed light, which can also make you feel luckier.

The other is a little more magical; it’s part of the concept of letting things go and relaxing so the universe can sort things out. Sometimes you can’t do anything about a problem, and you just have to let it go for a bit by taking a nap or looking at clouds. This relaxation lets you loosen your intention-grip on a problem and often makes way for a “lucky” break.

5. Be a Little More Go-With-the-Flow.

You need boundaries for a healthy life, and you should absolutely honor your preferred level of personal caution, but if you encounter an obstacle, don’t get too worked up. Instead, try to go with the flow! Too much traffic? Remind yourself you’ll still get home. Weekend plans get delayed? OK, maybe there’s another fun thing you can do instead.

That kind of inner flexibility helps us let go of the idea that things have gone wrong again, which only perpetuates the idea that things go wrong for you. When you start thinking of how things are going right, you’ll notice more going right in your life.


It may sound easy, but making big changes can be tough! The key is to keep trying until you get there. Keep track of your goals and achievements and make sure to celebrate every small little win.

Spring and fall equinox is a great time to change things up in your life. St. Patrick’s Day comes only once a year, but we can manifest luck all year ‘round if we just focus on being positive, dreaming big and being bold enough to stick to our goals!

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